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10 steps back, going in the wrong direction
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hello guys,

    Im writing again. I have some problems, my last entry was about how I had found away to explore and continue the journey. But everything goes wrong. I will try to make this as short as possible and I could really need some insight, advise from you guys how to approach this.

    I was lucky on my second attempt, I had great results including trembling feelings thru my body, nipples, prostate, anal, nipples and what I think a strong Super-O. I was floating and warm wave of plessure went thru my body.

    Next session no Super-O, nothing in my nipples, only concentrated in my prostate and anal.

    I have had many sessions but the sensations is going backwords from great to minimal feelings. The thing I felt in my whole body from legs to head and in my nipples, I dont feel that anymore. The nipples seems to be a one timer only :(.

    I have no contractions any more, even if I try to develope them nothing will happen, no auto contraction. I have tried different breathing and that helped. Sensations in my prostate, but now that wont work any more.

    My last new sesnation is that my body goes out of frenzy, start to shake really really powerful. But I dont feel anything good. No sensations at all. It starts in my PC muscle, it's tensing and tensing, Then my body start to tens, and then it's start to shake like a machine, but something is missing. I dont feel anything good at all. It's like my body skips many steps and jumps to shaking. I lay there trying to relax, but cant really since it's bugging me instead. It's like watching the end of the movie but you dont know anything what it is about, do you know what I mean?

    In my second session I also had a tremending feeling in my sweetspot, a few sessions later it was more less. Now that is also gone.

    To me it's like Im walking backwords in my journey.
    Great sensation, 10 steps back.
    Amasing sensation, 10 steps back.
    Good sensation, 10 steps back.
    Almost no sensation, 10 steps back.
    Anything? Dont know, im worried, what is happening, 10 steps back? I sure hope not.

    Have any of you guys experience this? I would rather have a dead beginning and harder to develope and explore with new small feelings on the way and to know the light in the end of the tunnel that im reaching, instead of start in the end of that tunnel and go backwords. My case is actually like the movie The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

    Thankfull for some feedback.

  • A random shot in the dark.. Inserts device at night. Spend about 10 minutes doing voluntary contractions. Then go to sleep. And see if you are awakened with.involuntaries. If so, work them with deep breathing, progressive .contractions trying to do anal and rectal simultaneously. Concentrate and see where this takes you.

    Btw.. I am using the smallest peridise very successfully.
  • You maybe just going through a phase. Dont give up! I went through a phase where it all went bad. I put it down to bad health. It righted itself after a few weeks and then there was a marked improvement on top of everything that I had learned again.
    Try maybe masturbation with the aneros in. If you super t you will be stimulating your prostate with the aneros so still sending your brain the signal "Hmmm aneros, feel good, must have aneros".
    It is important to just experiment and keep the feeling good what ever they are you can manage. Negative  thoughts breed negative feeling You dont want that!
    Your already very anxious about it all I can tell. Let go and trust (have faith it will get better).

  • PS try different positions your body may have changed its mind!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Like @braveneworld, I've gone though multiple dry spells. This summer was way too long. Things tend to restart again, often with a new twist. His recommendations to relax, not have preset expectations, and to enjoy whatever is presented is often repeated on the forum and for good reason. This is a mental journey as much as it is physical and a positive attitude is essential.

    I've learned that stress can really toss cold water on a session. The success of my sessions have become a pretty reliable indicator of the amount of stress I'm experiencing in the rest of my life, even when I don't notice it otherwise.

    It's hard for many of us to learn to let go and trust, but the skills you develop to relax are well worth it. When successful, you may find your new skills are changing other areas of your life as well.

    Enjoy all that is offered,

  • Hi Malmo,

    I am going to reply to your post as to your recent difficulties in your Aneros sessions. But from what I know of your Aneros practice, it is rather different from mine.

    First, I have not experienced a Super-O in my nearly seven months working with the Aneros.

    Second, I have had my sessions in the daytime, mostly first thing in the morning after having breakfast and bathing and shaving. I have never slept with my Aneros, although I hope to do that soon.

    Like @Xileh, I believe that relaxation is the key to having a great time with the Aneros. Also I come to my sessions with the anticipation of having fun and enjoying lots of pleasure. Every Aneros session I have now is unique and is filled with lots of fun and pleasure. Hence I savor and enjoy each one.

    A program of Kegel Exercises outside of sessions have been very helpful to me. Plus from my experience, the Aneros (especially, the Maximus and Progasm models) is made for Kegeling within sessions.

    I'll reply to your private message later on today.

    Take care,


  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @Malmo, are you using the same Aneros each time. What model(s) do you use. Also do you have any erection in the session or outside the session. Can you easily ejaculate. There may be other contributing factors: such as health, T levels, stress and age and the dreaded expectations. Please note I am still a beginner.
  • The possible Super-O was probably a fluke. You happened to be in he right mood, right place, right time etc.

    Saying that, often the best moments only happen once because you weren't expecting it. The next time you try simply won't happen because your body has better prepared itself for any surprise attacks (even if it's pleasurable) - it has 'armoured' itself up.

    Odd analogy here, but imagine being tickled. If someone did to you out of no where, it's (typically) unexpected and you really feel those laughter-inducing jolts. However after learning from this your body naturally tenses up to numb the sensations for next time. It's the same principle with surprisingly good moments when using Aneros, just unintentional.

    That's my own personal insight, so it could well be wrong - BUT it does very much fit in on why sexual tantric practices are so potent. Breathing, yoga, and the likes are very good at relaxation. That is, relaxation of the body and less the mind - unless you're under stress. Relaxing the muscles in your body is paramount to allowing the pleasures to flow and course around you. The shakes you experience will subside with enough Aneros use, but breathing exercise and embracing the pleasures in your pelvic region will help stop this.

    Ah - and just to add. Adrenaline/fast heart rate can not only play into keeping the arousal going, but pushing it higher and higher. Again, this is the surprise factor. 
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Thank you for your replys, all of you.

    Isvara, I have Helix Classic, this gave me my first good experience, after awhile i tried the Progasm and it was great, but it fled out of my backdoor :), The Tempo gave me a great enjoyment, I tried the Helix Syn, but that is a no go for my. It slides in and get stuck, nothing happens. It's more like I have glue instead of lube. I have the peridise full set, have only tried the largest and the second smallest. Oh, that is alot of toys :)
    But I do try to change toys from session to session because I have a slipped disc and back pain, so from session to session the various models works well compared to another session. It's like my back welcomes example The tempo that session but not the next one and then I go for the Heix classic. I have oredered the Eupho cause I think I need 2 different Aneros in normal size, I will work more with the Progasm when I more eperienced. I dont have any real erections outside session, I can wake up with an erection, but im not hornay or feel any araousement outside the sessions. Surely I can easily ejaculate, startting to look on some porn, get horny ant then ejaculate after some stimulation. During sessions, sometimes I get an erection, sometimes I dont.

    Thick75, I think I will try a nighter, im going to take a week break from sessions and no Penile etimulation and see where this gets me.

    BigGlansDC, I will do Kegel exercises during the day. I can only do my sessions when it is time for bed.

    Xileh, I guess I have to start from the beginning some how. I am relaxed and I surely dont expect anything, that can be positive but also negative at the same time, I guess balancce is the key for me now.

    Braveneworld, I sure hope it is a phase, and you are truly right, a negative approach is a no good. I have tried different positions, it have worked best when laying on my side, it's hard for my to lay on the back because of my slipped disc. Hmm maybe all this is the cause of my slipped disc after all. All nerves that is supporting the Pelvic, legs and back is affected when having a session and maybe my body is struggling when having a session and block me instead of having a good time?

    Darkengine, You happened to be in he right mood, right place, right time etc - You are probably right, and since I experienced a great session I probably unconsciously is expecting the same thing to happen even if I try not to expect.

    I will take a break for a week, no stimluation at all. But maybe it is my slipped disc that is affecting this. And now I have a cold too.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Malmo - The only other thing I might add to this discussion is that you are not the only who has experienced this. There are a number of men here who experienced a super-O very early on in their practice, and then nothing for many, many months. B Mayfield being one of them who wrote a lot of the early stuff that you see in one of the forum stickies. At least you know it's possible having experienced it.

    Like others have mentioned, you'll definitely need to drop any expectations in future Aneros sessions.
  • I had a cold of sorts when it went bad for me too. Thats all it takes to go bad! The funny thing is another time later I had foot surgery in hospital and that did not stop things at all. I was heavily medicated and although it had a affect it did not stop session. Being ill could be all that is wrong. Lets hope. Sorry to hear about your back, not good news.
  • It is possible that anxiety gets in the way. I have found this to be the case. At one time, I was so keen to get there, that I would try two, three and even four sessions a day. Only got more anxious and sore too! I am sure the prostate needs to rest from time to time. A day or two skip could do the trick. I have been Anerosing for about four years now. I am sure I have not had a Super O yet. Maybe I never will but I live in hope.
    I agree that poor health ie. colds, coughs, headaches etc. can lessen the experience and cause you to feel flat and depressed when your sessions are poor quality.
    Also, obsession. I have been there. Thinking of it all the time and wanting to go at it in every opportunity. There is no hurry. No need to push ahead. Wait until you feel up to it. Don't rush in. Love yourself and be gentle with yourself. Take joy and delight in the little things, the sweet sensations that seem to rise up from out of the blue. Smile and laugh with pleasure when the exquisite moments occur and pass. They will return and you will thrill in the
    antiscipation? of what might arrive unexpectedly. This may sound "over the top' but I am still around the edges trying to get in. The above is what I tell myself every day, every week and every month. Best wishes to you for an Aneros Happy 2013.