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How many of us are there out there?
  • I now know that there are several ways to go about trying to become multiorgasmic. In my opinion the Aneros method (prostate massager) is the best. I am having over 100 orgasms each and every day. They are very intense, almost drive me to the floor, and even one orgasm can last many minutes. And the time between orgasms can be as short as a few seconds and I start again.  I am not an expert on KSMO or other methods.  But I think that what I am experiencing is even greater than those other methods can produce. In my case I have an advantage in that I have a bionic dick that can stay as hard as long as I want. The result is that at any time I can stop what I am doing, and in a 5 to 10 minute quick session have many orgasms. I think about this and I get on the internet and I can not find any examples of what I am experiencing. You would think that there would be one video showing a couple fucking where the man is having both continuous and consecutive orgasms that are obviously overwhelming. Not one. Why not? I do not think that I am the only person on the planet who can do this.  I bet there are MANY on this site that can do this.

    So my questions: I assume there is not absolute way to know, but how many men do you think that have Aneros experience can have these many consecutive and continuous orgasms that can last a half hour or more?

    Second question: Forget the Aneros qualification... how many men to your suppose that similar capabilities. 

    Just how unusual are we?
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    There are approximatly one million aneros units in the world, and calculation that about 50% of users have more than one unit,people giving up and discarding their units etc.. i would say there are roughly one hundred thousand people using aneros regulary. And doing a gauss distribution there would be around thirty thousand newbies, similar amount intermediate users and around thirty thousand advanced lot of people....? =) Most ppl arent forum lurkers though...But considering there a six billion people in the world i would say that we're close to invisible...but we're out there..

  • But all invasions have to start somewhere! LOL
  • Great math, @cyrz, and probably pretty accurate.

    The real answer is:  Not nearly enough.

    As to orgasmic intensity, that, naturally, varies by individual.  Just let me say this, for me, it can be enduring and also exhausting.  The other night (and I actually count!) I had over 1300 "surges" (full erection, too, bty) over more than 30 minutes, with some of the orgasms lasting minutes and more.  Absolutely fantastic.  I was using my MGX at the time, but I've had the same experience or better with all my models.

    I still struggle with how to tell other men about Aneros.  One method I have found is by using  and video chatting, (Spoiler alert:  Lots of men wanking) to spread the word more or less anonymously.  I've told lots of guys about it, and :\"> even demonstrated it.  Kinda voyeuristic but kinda fun, too.

  • using statistical algorithms you estimate there may be 30,000 advanced aneros users who can experience multiple orgasms. If there are 6,000,000,000 people on the planet and half are male, of which three fourths are old enough to experience orgasms,I estimate 2,250 000,000 who might be interested in MMO. This would indicate that less than .000001.5% can do what we can do. For example you would probably be the only one at the Super Bowl who could claim this ability! WOW!

    Just an interesting factoid.
  • One more point.. The current definition of MMO is the ability to have a second orgasm without losing an erection. While this would have been a big deal before the Aneros experience, I almost laugh at this now.

    My point is that when it comes to sexual endurance or "competitive fucking" we are the leaders in the clubhouse. In my case I am so busy having orgasms I do not have the time to worry about things like this. My constant battle now is to get enough sleep because I am spending the whole night in orgasmic bliss.

    I just thought this would be a fun comment.
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 747
    I totally agree that the definition of MMO is a boring and misleading understatement. I am not there yet but definitely on the way of what thick75 describes... It as been my goal in coming here and so I'd want to alter (in my mind correct) the definition.

    First, there's no reason on earth we should limit this to male. Second, it is not mainly the multiplicity which is interesting but the relation between consecutive orgasms.

    Hence I suggest to keep the acronym MMO but to make it stand for Multiple Merging Orgasms.

    What do you guys think ?
    Or maybe there is already an other word for this...
  • Count me as one!