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Question about aneros and possible problems
  • Hi guys. Im new here. W wanna buy aneros for me for my health.

    So i have a question to you guys. Can be some problems with urinary incontinence? Or urinary system when i use aneros in long time?


    and sorry for my bad english...
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    Some feel that the use of an Aneros and doing Kegel exercises bring better muscle tone and health to all parts in the pelvis area. I am not medically trained but I can say I work so much better in that area since I started using an Aneros. The big question is which Aneros. This can depend on your age, height, and any previous anal experiences.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    If your question is will an Aneros prostate massager cause urinary incontinence? The answer is probably not, in fact as @isavara noted, usage of an Aneros device is likely to improve urinary function after a short period of regular use. Improvement in ease of urination, flow (amount) and control are frequently reported effects of regular prostate massage.

    FYI, High Island Health LLC is the parent company & manufacturer of the Aneros ® brand of prostate massagers. This patented device was originally and is currently offered for sale as the Pro-State ® line of massagers on the High Island Health website. The HIH website is primarily oriented toward the health aspects and benefits of prostate massage in accord with Oriental medicine for prostate related issues. A forum for users to discuss practice with these devices also exists on that website, I encourage you to check out that site to learn more about the health benefits. You may also be interested in reading about the ongoing Columbia Medical School study using the Pro-State massagers. The High Island Health website also contains testimonials from users regarding their experiences using these wonderful little massagers. The Aneros® website, by contrast, is oriented toward the sensual pleasure aspects of prostate massage.
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  • @john133 Hi  and welcome to the forum. 
    I am 40 years old and for the last 5 or so years have been having problems urinating.
    I might have to go a number of times a night and I would get there knowing I needed to pee but I just stood there nothing would come out. Some times if I sat this might help but it was a big problem.
    If there was pressure to get it done fast then forget it, it would retreat back down only to come back and say I need to go to the toilet again as soon as I gave up.
    Often I could only dribble too, no decent flow.
    It was a bit scary for such a young bloke and all tests for prostate cancer were negative.

    I have been using the aneros for about 9 months now and I can say there is a definite improvement.
    I can almost hold on indefinitely with actually going to the toilet even though I know I need to go.
    If I go to the toilet then its instant. I am now in charge at last. I can stand or sit no problems.
    There is a good flow and sometimes even a powerful one.

    Now I had been having this trouble for 5 years and it had been getting worse but with aneros use it has got all better. I can not put it down to coincidence because of the long time with the affliction.

    I believe my problem was caused by having very weak pelvic muscles, however I am no doctor.
    Then again the doctors tested for cancer but did not offer any other help what so ever which is really bad news as far as my welfare went. I was very anxious about it and was too scared to go to the urinal in public.
    Blokes think you are a perv if you stand at the urinal and do not actually pee.

    I now feel much better in myself, I want to tell the world about this device but cant because of the anal stigma. At least my experience might help you in someway make your decision.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    I hope this translates okay for you:

    Good pelvic health with Aneros
    Poor pelvic health without Aneros

    Please ask questions if our answers are not easy to understand .