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what is this?
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    hi guys. This may be for gay guys but I need help to understand what happens to me. After having even a little bit of anal sex I get very butt horny. While the guys recover I cant help but having to use dildos or the helix as my ass starts throbbin asking for more. It has happened twice that maybe after an hour of anal sex and having a dildo or the helix inside me that a switch flip inside me. My heart starts beating very fast and I cant control my breathing. Almost instantly the whole area inside my anus feels swollen and alive while it seems like all the blood leaves my penis (its the smallest it ever gets, like when you swim in ice cold water) - its then that I get totally nuts and just need to have someone or something bigger inside me. I will  carry on non-stop all night riding whatever I can find in whatever position possible unable to relax as my hearts races, my prostate contracts rhythmically and my breathing uncontrollable - I get really wild with this intense need to have my prostate massaged all the time as if it controls my actions. The last time I didn't stop for 8 hours switching between anal sex, riding various sizes of dildos and grinding on the helix - I feel insatiable and as if my anus controls me!
    As I get ready the next morning it doesnt subside even through my shower and breakfast - it feels like this: as you climax there are a few seconds when your body takes over and you cant stop but cumming while your prostate start pumping the cum out and you feel it throbbing just below your balls, well, I stay in that climax state with all the physical symptoms. It get worse when I get into my car as the vibrations of the road intensifies everything: my prostate starts contracting harder and harder like a pulse and my breathing gets even faster - my hands start to get numb. Recently I had to stop and pull of the raod several times, push back the seat and just try with all my strength to breath slower and relax - it can take up to 30 minutes. As soon as I start driving again it all returns untill I stop completely and sit or lay still for a long time. It is frightening. Does anyone know what happens to me? Does my prostate controls all of this symptoms and responses? am I in an orgasmic state? All the while I am totally incapable to get my penis back to normal size or erect as if all the blood has moved to my anus and prostate...what if I get a heart attack - it feels like my heart will jump out of my chest.
  • @busco NO SEX FOR YOU! But seriously as just a suggestion maybe try some of that anal desensitising lube, maybe that might settle things down.
    Are you really sure you cant trick mr penis into getting hard?
    Get one of the guys to suck it. If you can get it hard enough and then get it to ejaculate then this would no doubt slow your anal hunger down.
    I get ass hungry too but not to the extent that you do and also I am hetro but I only have one way to stop the hunger.

    If I want the anal hunger to stop or at least slow down I have to ejaculate at least three times within a few hours.

    Even using the aneros every 2nd night or more I end up ejaculating every two to three days once.
    This keeps my body in check so I dont slip back into what I call a aneros orgie loop.
    A (Aneros orgie loop) is a little like what you have described where in, I can not resist having a aneros in me almost all the time. If I take it out and just ride the afterglow it just makes me hornier to the point it has to go back in as I end up not being able to handle it.
    My ass cries for it until its pacifier is put back in. I think we all suffer from this but some more than others.

    I know what you mean about driving around in the car and I have been almost in the same position but some how managed to ignore the feeling when it mattered most. lucky it was not a long trip.

    Maybe you should try putting the aneros in and try to have a super-T if you can manage it. Then you can try ejaculating a couple more times naturally. All things to try at least.

    Good luck.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    I thought its only me! Thanks, now I can relax a bit. Will try the ejaculate suggestion if I can get hard but I still dont know how. I've tried massaging blood into my penis from the base up but only manage a semi. I'm super horny but cant get it up until my prostate stop pulsating.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    Your reference to the Aneros-orgy loop is so spot on!
  • @busco dont forget to try masturbation with the aneros in, it may make it easier.

    If you are interested this was my discussion at the time when I first encountered this madjor addictive orgy loop.
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    yes please i'd like to read it
  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    thanks, its a good read. But how on earth can a single gland, the prostate, have such effect on the body. Does anyone actually know what happens physically in our bodies to have this effect on us??? Bloodpressure, breathing, hormones, muscles - all are effected
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    I was about to post on this same topic. I went through this about six months into my journey. I was getting worried then things calmed down. This month, five months later it came back, stronger than before. My sessions have increased in intensity as well. As @busco has wondered, what causes this??

  • buscobusco
    Posts: 25
    it will be interesting to know which hormones has such an effect on us