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Is errecting a hinderence?
  • Happy holidays all! Hope you all enjoy Christmas Day.
    But yes, just to ask - is errecting during aneros use a problem? I know people mention it during Super-O build ups, but for me...

    Erections are sort of 70-80% the of the pleasures for me, which I don't think is the intention of the aneros. I know pleasure is actually going somewhere when an erection develops, but that should'nt be the case...I think? It should come from within the pelvic region - minus the feelings from the erection right? (Maybe none at all?)

    I do got warm, sexual build up akin to nearing an orgasm, but again that's when the hard-on is being pushed to the absolute peak. (To a point where, in a sense, the feelings can't interfere anymore) it's also quite brief and uncommon.

    Is this normal, and ok? Or am I not feeling the right things? To note: I'm still not sure I feel the prostate aside from super-T's and one a case from one session last year.

    Thanks all!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    IMHO, having erections during an Anerosession is not a problem in and of itself. It is perfectly normal for some men to not experience any erection, it is also normal for some men to sport hard erections and it is equally normal to cycle through flaccid to erect states. The point here is your erectile state need not effect the amount or degree of pleasure you receive from your Aneros device unless you put added importance/focus/concern on your penile state.

    If you expend mental energy focusing on your penis and its sensations, you are simutaneously taking focus away from prostate generated sensations. It is your choice where you put your mental energy focus of attention, this choice is neither 'right' nor 'wrong', it is simply your choice. However, if you wish to perceive the maximum amount of pleasure from your prostate massager, doesn't it make more sense to maximise mental focus on that part of your body?

    Your body is going to generate a great variety of sensations as a direct result of prostate stimulation. One of those sensations could be affecting your penile state but this is just one of the possible sensations you are likely to experience, there are many more. Enjoy the adventure you are on and don't get too caught up in what your penis is doing during the ride.
    Just "Go with the Flow"
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  • Love_isLove_is
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    @DarkEngine - I find for myself that erections can be distracting towards the more subtle sensations from the anus and prostate. But again, this may be just me. Be absolutely sure that your penis is not touching anything even in the slightest of grazing against anything during your session. As it is often quite highly sensitive during a session. For me when erections do occur, I take several deep breaths and focus on relaxing more, and it usually goes limp again and I can continue without being distracted.
  • Big thanks for the advice, Rumel and Love_is!

    I'm still not sure what the prostate feels like, and I've used the Aneros for just over a year and a half now. (Albeit on and off for a month or two) I can feel the prostate with the finger, but the prostate itself can't seem to feel the finger - the same goes for when using the Aneros.

    Had a session this morning with, surprisingly, no erections! However this in turn meant little to no sensations so I fear it might be the entire time I've been using the aneros was simply to stimulate penile feelings indirectly. Red herring of sorts, like I've missed the point; Anal/rectal/prostate sensations are key which I don't think I've had much or any of.

    Then again, I say this but 'do nothing' usually works a treat and gets my abdomen tense/stiffened from pleasure overdose - along with shaking. Sometimes I contract rectally as well like I want to excrete from the overdose pleasure as well. 'Doing nothing' didn't seem to work this morning however for whatever reason - oh well.

    Next time, I'll try a session holding back erections and another with!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @DarkEngine - I remember the same feeling of disappointment years ago when I finally realized that all the pleasurable sensations I was getting from my Aneros sessions was because my penis was lightly grazing the bed from laying on my side. I then switched to having sessions while laying on my back with my knees up to keep the covers from touching my penis. And sessions from that point on were quite disappointing as there was very little pleasurable sensation until I learned pay attention, relax, and feel the really subtle sensations that my anus and prostate were generating.

    So don't give up. It took me long time to find much pleasure from these devices. But it doesn't have to be that way for you. :)
  • Thanks, that means a lot!

    Actually made some nice progress last session. (Typically I do on the day I moan about no progress) I started off very simple and did contraction + breathing exercise. The sensation I got was mild, but possibly the key 'subtle' sensation. It was a warm, tickling sensation deep in my abdomen. (Is that the p-wave or different?) Brief though. I guess I was simply out of touch on how to sense things last session, having not used the Aneros for two months.

    It got better when introducing erotic imagery in my mind. My mind seems to do a lot of the work - but it does work regardless. I also crouched bent on my knees. Funnily enough, when I got a hard-on, that's when the warm, tickling sensations then started to grow. (Like the boner is a pre-cursor) It reached a high point when I semi-naturally shook my pelvis.

    Last session made me realise, though, that it really is a tantric experience. It's crazy how you can direct sensations by simply massaging erogenous spots. Keeps the flow going.

    Some questions: My abdomen tends to harden/tense strongly when pleasure goes high. Is this normal or should it be avoided? It tends to get in the way of my rhythmic breathing. Also does Super-O get easier based on knowing/remembering the key feelings leading to it?

    Sorry to keep treating the General Discussion like an external blog by the way, and repeatedly ask questions over ones answered. It just helps to ease my mind, and affirm that I'm on (the right) track.

    Hope you all enjoyed Christmas Day by the way!
  • Well, an interesting subject. Many of you will recall my early-on "Penis NOT!" post, which I wrote back in March of 2009!  Yikes, how time flies. 

    In that post, I postulate that Aneros enjoyment may be enhanced by a paradigm shift from our life-long emphasis on penile stimulation (adulation/fetish, etc.) to a more spiritual and open minded realization that true pleasure can be had without the involvement of the penis.

    That said, as I have become more and more adept at Aneros play, I find that my penis has become more  and more an integral part of an Aneros session. Again, I'll emphasize that it's not the key factor, no, that's still the prostate and all that goes with it, but rather I find that the highest points of my Aneros session almost always involve an erection.

    To feel the early stirrings and to feel the blood coursing to my penis as it grows tumescent is really a turn-on for me.  I don't manually stimulate myself, mind you, but I thrill to the rise to full erection and the coordinated seeming enlargement of my prostate at the same time.  This can happen multiple times within a single Aneros session, too, by the way, which makes for both the anticipation, reality and aftermath of the erection extremely pleasant and part of the whole Aneros process. 

    So, while erections are not by any means the goal of my Aneros session, I have come to look upon them as "necessary" within the scope of the session.  I look forward to one or more each session and find them stimulating and thrilling on many occasions.

    Additionally, if a session is not proceeding quickly, I see no reason, that if it feels good to stimulate my penis, especially with a little nipple action and some very subtle contractions and hip movements, that things can be moved along quickly to a more satisfying conclusion.  YMMV.

    So, and I'm sure it's different for every one of us, erections are simply part of the equation.  As Rumel said earlier, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy your Aneros sessions.  Relax, respond and go along for the ride.

  • @cockadoodle I would have to agree with you on all points above.
    I have found my penis is paramount, after all it is one of the main parts of my sex (male).
    The muscles and nerves are all integrated towards it too.
    I have found that if all feeling is dead down there that some stimulation will always get things going in the prostate area.
    My penis was essential to making the aneros become sexual, That is being hetro associating the aneros with sexual feeling so that I get aroused just thinking about it.
    Super-Ts were the way to connect the two together at the very start.
    Although some months in I found that erections during contractions would mess up the whole show and cause havoc now further down the track I find it is definitely part of the arousal.
    For me ejaculation abstinence was a hindrance and seemed to slow down my arousal.
    I always have my best session after ejaculating a day or so before. However if ejaculate more than once this slows things down. I find myself addicted to use quite often and the ejaculation helps control this desire. I find it a very fine line to master.
    The use of the word erection in a session is different for me than in masturbation too.
    In masturbation it is rock hard fully erect.
    In a session my erections can be only a semi in size but full on purple bursters. I can feel like my penis is fully erect but if I break concentration there is no erection but it is still hard and purple. Other times it is 90% errect but not purple and as hard.
    Very weird but I put it down to the way the blood flows and which blood veins are being cut off by the grinding of  the aneros.

    For a newbie "penis not" is a good idea but as the journey continues this idea is diluted quite a bit I feel.

  • The hyperlink to my previous post (Penis NOT!) was not working before, but is now fixed.  Sorry.

  • petardpetard
    Posts: 27
    I find that having an erection feels much better than not because the buried root of the erection applies pressure to the prostate and pushes it toward the aneros (see a cross-section anatomical diagram for a better idea of what this looks like). In other words, pressure is applied to the prostate from two opposing directions. You can subtly massage your prostate using the root of your erect penis alone by masturbating with more of a stirring motion than the standard piston motion. 
  • Agreed, Petard - often find now that once the erection grows the prostate feels great!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    "Penis not" may be a good idea, but enjoy your erection! Why? Well I have ED and a spontaneous erection is but a memory!