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Thick in my head !!
  • Had a good session last night with no expectations as  usual - but the collateral effects were definite, both mentally and physically. I've read so many accounts of what arrival at our destination has been like for many of you. But I must say, for this older newbee the Journey so
    far has been one of the most serine, enlightening, stimulating and rewarding
    experiences I could expected... Leaving me wondering how good will this get?

    Maybe a little back story first. As a Catholic kid of the fifties, reaching puberty in the sixties, sex was never discussed or even mentioned for that matter, we were all pretty much 'on our own' as far as sex ed. was concerned. So much time, so much energy, so much miss information, so many 'Legion of Decency' rules and so, so much guilt. I was the kind of kids, that even if the wind blew strong, I was up and at attention... cock wise that is. So, no surprise masturbation became a favorite pastime... funny how some thing never get old!  Twenties by the seventies, art school and life drawing gave me an appreciation for the human form, but Aneros sessions have given me back the 'Wonder of it All'.

    I browse the Forum a lot, looking for keys or hints you guys have experienced. Came across Darwin's discussion on 'How a woman sees a cock' and his tumbler posts... At 63 anal play is fairly new to me, the act of being penetrated led to fantasy, and the sheer delight in the image of a body at peace with itself, male or female, in this case male, was the unexpected arousal missing from my previous sessions. Raising wonder of sexuality... and perfectly comfortable in the diversity of us all... Humans attracted to Humans, what can be more human? Sorry I digress!

    I know, finally, he gets to the  point...
     Has an Aneros session left any of you feeling more verile, more sexually aware, more at peace in the body you've been in, your entire life... Now that's an Epiphany!! The 'humming' I felt last night, I had felt before... but this morning, I awoke actually refreshed for the first time in like, five years. I know Aneros does nothing for physical size, and being of average endowment, my cock has been feeling 'thicker' for lack of a better term all day and I've been very aware of a tingling in my perineum all day as well... Curious huh!! or is it the edge of discovery?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    In short, yes. This journey with my Aneros prostate massager's has become far more than just trying to achieve super-O's.
  • Well, JustBreathe, you're not alone!  I'm 63; and, I started my aneros journey 3.5 years ago.  My background is very similar to yours --- knowledge re: sexual matters was lacking to say the least.  My journey has opened many many doors --- some for both my wife and I and others for myself alone.  I am constantly amazed as to how each session unfolds AND the appreciation for my created body and life overall has been magnified!  tingling in my perineum has come to represent a whole new and fantastic aspect of life I never could have imagined!  Would love to compare our experiences if you would like to PM me!
  • NeuroNeuro
    Posts: 42
    Yes, I have experienced a fuller feeling in my cock the day after an aneros session.  I have attributed this to an increase in blood flow and energy due to intended conscious awareness of this area while doing my sessions.  (i.e. breathing into the prostate, contracting/relaxing the PC muscles, etc.) I also think the erections that come and go with an aneros session are very strong and the blood pumping into the glands can stimulate the blood vessels to expand overtime, thus increasing cock size and thickness. I could be wrong as to why we fee fuller after sessions, but that is my conclusions, based on what I know of physiology as to why this happens.  Thanks for sharing!