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Finally something without question
  • I've had my Syn for a little over 5 months now, things have been progressing by baby steps and I do mean baby steps, but today I finally got a glimpse of what's in store.

    I was having a pretty good session and my arousal was pretty peaked. I've been approaching "something" for months now. Well something real finally happened. I got a single real orgasmic contraction in my rectum. Not the gentle twitches rumblings or pulling, this was a *hard* contraction that was unmistakably from orgasm, which literally jolted my body. I saw stars for a few seconds. I tried to get it to come back but sadly we all know where trying gets you.

    Still on the path, and this is a really high mountain to climb.
  • Keep up the good work dude!  You will get there it just takes time and practice as you know.
    Just when you think it has all gone to shit something cool happens and your faith is restored.