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Effects on sexual stamina?
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    I have read a fair amount about how the aneros prostate massagers promote good prostate health as well as some accounts of it leading to harder longer lasting erections. However I have also read about increases to sexual sensitivity and would like to know if anyone (preferably those engaging in sex not just masturbation) have noticed any effect negative or positive to lasting time? 
    Thanks for any help you can give me!
  • Hi ACLD,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum! I speak as a confirmed bachelor, aged 63, recently retired. I have been working with the Aneros since early last June. My prostate began to awaken just three weeks after I began my sessions. Soon afterward I began experiencing walkinggasms, chairgasms, and bedgasms. While my sessions have not given me rockhard erections, they certainly have made my masturbation sessions pleasurable.

    My prostate now has that constant buzz or purr. Often it feels like a revved up V8 engine. I just love to Kegel both within sessions and outside them. My Aneros sessions also unlocked the sensitivity of my erogenous areas, such as my nipples, pecs, and abs. The end result of all this is sheer pleasure!

    But I am sure there are many married men here on the Forum who can share with you their experiences with the Aneros.

    Take care,

  • Sorry @ACLD my wife is broken at the moment so I cant really answer your main question. :) One day she might get better if I am lucky.
    I did get lucky once a few months ago and thought I would last a lot longer but I have not had IT is such a long time it was all over pretty quickly if you know what I mean. :D

    I have defiantly noticed a difference in erections though.
    I am a average 40 year old, not fat but not fit either.
    My erections had become less ridged and when standing it would sit at about 45 degrees.
    After about 9 months of aneros work the erections are like I was 18 again. I could use it for a crowbar if you know what I mean. I stands straight up and is straining to go further.
    I will have to wait for my wife to get off the medication she is on before any other experiments.
    That will be a long time if ever :( Thank the Aneros gods for their wonderful tools.

    I will never be unfaithful but it is a good tool to help get rid of the unfaithful type urges for anyone that is struggling.

    Masturbation became a let down until I worked out that I needed to reverse my hand grip to thumb down instead of up. This gives a mind blowing wet orgasm still.
    This was a relief as I though aneros had messed up my favorite past time.
    Dont get me wrong sex is great but a good wank if done right is even better.
    Then again maybe I have never had the right partner or I am doing it wrong!

    You cant help who you love. And when you find a sole mate somethings just dont matter.

    The aneros is definitely unlocking erogenous zones for me too.
  • Hi ACLD.

    I started using Aneros SGX more than 2 years ago and I never passed the door of a Super O. Three weeks ago I exercise myself for a couple of hour during the night and I had a very pleasurable session.

    The next morning my wife and I spent two hours making love like never before. I was under the impression that our bodies melted and we were one.

    I completely lost the sensitivity of my hard penis and I started to have an incredible orgasm but that started inside of me, behind the penis and that grew to the level of the prostate.

    It has been a growing, I was firm inside her, I did not move. In the end I almost moaned and exploded with pleasure: it was the first time in my life and in her, my first dry-O. It happend twice time and it was fantastic.

    This thing happened another time with her, and then I hope will become a pleasant interlude.

    I also felt an increased sensitivity to other areas just as the chest, abdomen and groin, especially when she is touching me

    Also in my case, Aneros has brought great benefits both personal and as a couple.




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    Thank you all for such full responses. Bravenworld I hope your wife recovers soon. So am I right I17days in thinking that not only should I not worry but in fact it could have very positive effects? 
    I have only tried a couple sessions myself (new user) but to little success. The problem I am having is isolating anal contractions from kegels. I have done kegels a fair amount in the past and find that especially in the recommended position it is very difficult to not perform kegels rather than the contractions, in fact the kegels are much stronger contractions even when I perform both together by mistake. The result seems to be relatively pleasant if I keep the kegel tensed lightly until it spasms continually but the feeling is not in the prostate but in the penis like when kegels are performed. Can anyone give me advice?
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    Side note - I own the progasm. I chose it for the size because I have reasonable anal experience through some pegging with my gf and have always found taking the size of the dildo (5.5in girth) easy with no warm up. I imagine this comes down to my size making it relatively smaller (6ft 4, muscular large) and also find relaxing before it easy.
  • ACLD

    What I would suggest, and as many others have suggested to me, is to try to do anything and to put your mind exclusively on all the sensations that your body gives you, without force and muscle contractions.

    Just try to stay, relax and let things go by itself.

    It is an attempt that we can and should do, considering that we are not all made the same way and then certain techniques may work and others do not.

    II did like you, I relaxed and then after some 10/15 minutes I began to contract the muscles pc, but I have never achieved significant results.

    Then, in the last few weeks, I followed the advice of other users and put into practice the techniques learned during the yoga relaxation: slow inhale and let your abdomen expand, slow exhale and completely empty the abdomen gently using your abdominal muscles to flatten completely: this breathing technique called yogic breathing, will help you relax completely. In addition, this breath will produce an automatic movement to your aneros, massaging slowly your prostate.

    Hope you will add some new feelings to your travel.