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Introduction/ My experience so far...
  • Hi guys, been lurking for a while and finally decided to join. I'm 25 yrs old, and mostly hetero but have always had an interest in anal play. This forum actually sealed the deal for me on getting my first aneros (a helix classic). I knew these devices had to be something special, with this many guys posting about fantastic experiences. Predictably, I didn't have a whole lot happening on my first couple uses of the device, it felt vaguely pleasant, but nothing orgasmic. After that, It started to get more interesting; involuntaries, the aneros feeling like it's getting sucked waaaay in, twitching, tingling, etc. 
    Once so far, I would say I've experienced something orgasmic, though only sort of, I think my body may still be figuring out how to process the signals as pleasure. I recently got a progasm, and the sensations are surprisingly different from the helix. The sensation of fullness is awesome, and I like the tab design much more (although the k-tab was fairly uncomfortable at first, causing a sensation more akin to an ache than pleasure). I can't say I feel like either is better for me at this point though.

    Using either model, I usually get to the point several times in each session where I feel like i'm on the cusp of something amazing and it never quite makes it "over the top" or past the point of no return. It starts with a sort of warm tingly buzz (almost like if I were to imagine white noise as a physical sensation) in my perineal area. I focus on this, because it feels nice, and it often expands to fill up my body, radiating through my chest and extremities to fingertips and toes. My heart will start to pound, and sometimes I twitch or shake uncontrollably. I also often get a sort of painful feeling inside my chest at this point, it feels almost like something is cramping in the core of me, right where the top of my stomach or between my lungs (beneath/inside the area of the xiphoid process). As the intensity of the "energy" filling me increases, so does the painful feeling, but to a lesser degree. I also occasionally feel disconnected from my body, and get a feeling of motion/spinning around.  At this point, If I do nothing besides breath and concentrate on what I'm feeling, it all fades away leaving me at baseline. If instead I contract (occasionally this happens involuntarily) I get a sequence of strong rhythmic contractions that pull the aneros in deep and firmly stroke my prostate, and the "energy" winks out. These contractions and the accompanying sensations are more pleasant than with an ordinary contraction voluntary or otherwise, but not to a large degree. It feels nice, but nowhere near as intense as the feeling I've described of being filled to bursting with energy, about to explode or something. I feel like if I could just tip over the edge that I seem to teeter on at the pinnacle of this feeling's intensity, the reaction would be powerfully pleasurable. It's like being at the point of no return in a traditional orgasm, but magnified hundreds of times, and my whole body is in on it.  
    So how do i fall over the edge? Any pointers would be most appreciated :) Also, anybody experienced or have some insight into the weird slightly painful chest/stomach feeling?

    On another note, partially due to another thread on this forum, my most excellent and open minded girlfriend and I have recently begun to explore pegging. The other night, she really got into it, which really got me into it, and I experienced a powerful orgasm centered in my prostate. Oddly, (I think) this orgasm had very little in common with the experiences I've gotten with the aneros so far. It was similar in intensity and duration to a very powerful traditional orgasm, but I did not ejaculate, and the pleasure did not arise in/emanate from my penis. To add to the oddity, this seemed to be followed by a  physical refractory period of a sort (mentally I was still ready for action), as I had a little difficulty regaining and maintaining full hardness when I resumed my normal penetrative role. Needless to say though, it was very cool, and the first thing I would truly describe as "orgasmic" originating from somewhere other than my penis. It did not seem like what I imagine a super O to be, but certainly very pleasant. 

    Most recently (last night), a few hours after finishing a session with the progasm (I finished things with a traditional orgasm, without the aneros in) I made a discovery. As I laid in bed waiting to fall asleep, i started thinking in great detail about the orgasm I had whilst being pegged. I started to concentrate on the the area that the sensations arose in that night, and lo and behold, I began to get the same sensations as I do with the aneros (sensation of prostate engorgement, tingling, energy, etc.). I wasn't even particularly aroused!  It was different, I would say less intense and more ephemeral than with the aneros inserted, and didn't involve any contractions. It was pleasant though, and I seem to be able to do it almost whenever, given a few minutes to sit or lay down and concentrate. I guess I must be starting to get rewired in earnest...   

    Thanks for reading guys!
  • Hi @Embers welcome to the forum.
    Keep at it and practice those kegel exercises. 
    The ride just gets better and better but to be truthful "you are along for the ride" you dont really get a say in how you progress. Your body and mind do it all by them selves.
    Many will suggest that you put aside the progasm for the moment and concentrate on your helix.
    I dont own a progasm yet so cant comment but the helix should be easier to use with undeveloped PC muscles.
    Its up to you do what ever feels good as this is what you are programming your brain to feel. 

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Embers -

    "So how do i fall over the edge?"

    By just allowing it to happen and not forcing it. Like braveneworld said, you can't force progress, it happens at it's own pace. Although, you can practice more often. My own experience is that there has been many, many different levels of me thinking I've almost reached a peak where I could almost fall over into super-O's. But it keeps changing and my progress continues.

    Congratulations on the pegging experience with your girlfriend! And very cool that you had a prostate orgasm from it! You may be further along than you think. :)
  • @ braveneworld & Love_is

    Thanks for the insight guys. I do think I may be a little guilty of trying to force things, not physically so much but mentally. I'm having trouble with the whole "suspend expectations" ideal. I have an easy time going with the flow and just enjoying whatever I might be feeling, not trying to consciously affect things too much, until it starts to get really intense, then I start kind of "looking" for a super O. I feel like maybe that's holding me up a little.
  • @Embers Yes I hear you when it gets intense its so hard to stop yourself try and take control. So far it is the hardest part of all.
    What Love_is said about "the edge is never then edge" is so true too.
    Start thinking about this super O as mythical just enjoy what comes or maybe you will never find it.
    I still have not so I have stopped trying to look for it. It will just happen when it happens and even then I might not know it happend. Who knows!
    Just practice and practice and after your done practising the practice some more!
    I bet you have been practising masturbation ever since puberty and never have given up. Its similar but with a 180 degree twist. The harder you try the worse it gets so therefore if you dont try then better anerosing gets. One hell of a concept to get your mind around. Thats why they call it rewiring.
    A whole new way of thinking and acting and accepting. 
  • @braveneworld
    it is a hell of a concept. lately it's almost seemed like a wrestling match in my mind, between trying to surrender to whatever my body is doing and just experiencing it, and doing something, anything, to amplify the feelings. It just ends of being a lot of distracting internal chatter as one side or the other gains and loses the upper hand.