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The Adventure Thus Far...
  • So, I have used Aneros for about 3 weeks about half a year ago. I had some frustration not being able to get anywhere, but had some slight buzz going on, on my later sessions. Now that I am out of the training environment, I am back to Aneros. Last time I used a Helix with little to no result, so I got the MGX, the recommended beginner model. I have had 2 sessions now over the last week. The first session was basically nothing. I followed all the guides, and tried the "do-nothing" as well as contraction methods. I'm also using "ID Glide" lube. I believe I am using enough.

    The last session, I had a very good buzz going after trying the "Do-nothing". What did I do? I fell asleep. Okay, so relaxation has a lot to do with it. Got it, not a problem. - - However, when I got the buzz going I still did not have involuntary contracts, and the buzz would go away as soon as I recognized it, subconsciously. So I tried to assist with small contractions, which worked!

    However, this is where my problem lies. The frustration gets VERY intense, because when I feel the buzz coming on, I either contract or *sometimes* I involuntarily contract. The problem is, when the buzz gets going, forgive my crudeness, but my sphincter muscle or my rectum or something, feels like it gets VERY full or VERY tight, and it makes contracting impossible. There are no more involuntary contractions at this point, regardless of what I try to do. I just feel... "Full".

    This is the further I have gotten. After going in-and-out of buzzing and not being able to feel open enough to contract anymore for about 2 hours, I give up and go to sleep frustrated.

    How do I overcome this barrier, what am I doing wrong? I'm very relaxed when the buzz comes on, usually achieved by sleeping for 15-30 minutes. I have also had a leg-shaking buzz come on by sitting on the edge of a chair and contracting hard, but it never evolves past that. I know it's not an orgasm. When I sit on a chair and contract hard, I will usually get stiff and leak, but that shortly goes away.

    It just seems like I can't get over the buzz barrier and have an orgasm. I keep reading stories about how people voluntarily act on the Aneros but then it takes over on it's own. Help? :)
  • Sounds like you are contracting your sphincter muscles (ass muscles).
    These are not the muscles you should be contracting.
    PC muscles are ones you need to practice on.
    Its hard work. The PC muscles are the ones you use to stop your pee.
    It is very hard to separate the pc muscles from your ass muscles.
    This does not sound like help but if you get frustrated stop. You will get nowhere fast.
    I started with the helix as it is recommended for beginners as well but is more aggressive on the prostate.
    You will need to use the helix every few days for a month or two before anything even starts to happen.
    For most people it is a very long road.
    Keep on keeping on.
  • Well, I took your advice and tried it out. Still stuck in the same block I was before. I know for a fact I was using the PC muscles this time alone, and nothing.

    However I did experience something knew this time.. When I would completely relax all of my muscles "down there", I would clamp down with my sphincter just a tad bit, lifting it up. When I contracted my PC muscles after that, I felt a very faint sensitivity that I haven't felt but randomly before.

    I did have a very sudden build up while watching a porn that made my hands tingle as if they were asleep, and at the peak of the build up I was tense from the waist down involuntarily, and the tingling became a buzz. My breathing got VERY heavy and rapid, and then it went away. Nothing more than that. I've had this before but this one was definitely better than before. No orgasm though, I don't think I would doubt it if I had one.

    I wasn't able to produce anything out of this yet.. This adventure was a little better but still not over the top. I experienced the same sudden drop in feeling and muscle tightness this time. As I said, it builds up, it plateaus, and then I can't physically contract anymore, and it dies.
  • It took about three months using the helix every second day or more in a row before anything really started to happen. Even then it was slowly slowly.
    Your expecting too much way to soon. Never fear most newbies expectations are the same. I was too.
    For most of us it takes months. Then there are the ones that just put it in and have this magical super O straight away. You can be pissed with theses guys if it helps :)
    Just practice and practice often. Do lots of reading of the forum  and wiki too. The more you read the better understanding you get and a more balanced understanding too.
    You might have 20 or so bad sessions and then one that something new happens, its very hit a miss to begin with.
    The reason you need to practice pc kegal exercises is to strengthen those muscles.
    Your body and brain subconsciously learn how to work the aneros and create pleasure. You can not force pleasure. Its not like wanking (faster you go the quicker you cum) Your body/mind decides when it is going to start working.  

  • This is a old post of mine It might help give you direction. look at the milestone list.

  • Sounds good. I slipped out of having a session tonight. Had one already and I'm not aroused. Heard it's not worth it if you're not aroused.

    I'm staying with it, definitely. I just wish the day would come soon! Haha. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I'm just in for the ride until it... "cums".
  • Info from the wiki
    This might clear things up
    There is so much info in this wiki I still learn new things each time I look at it!

    Contraction exercises

  • I finally had a little taste of what is to come... I finally found the muscle group to work and I actually felt what seemed like a penile orgasm come on but then my entire body got hit by what felt like a 9V battery, and then it broke my concentration and it stopped there.

    I think my journey is almost about to become an adventure. I'm almost there, I can feel it (quite literally)!
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @TheFyre13 when you say "Im almost there" you mean your almost at the beginning! The pleasure you will eventually receive will be centred in the anus area and sort of bounce of your pubic muscles.
    Keep practicing it will be worth it in the end. It will blow your mind when it actually happens.
    At its best it is like your bum becomes a vagina and you feel all those good feeling the girls get.
  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    My experience is that the journey is a two part process.  The first is the many sessions of not much happening as you build, develop and tone your anal and sphincter muscles.  The second is a physical to mental rewiring where you learn how to recognize the good feelings and channel and build them to a Super O...all without trying too hard. 

    Knowing how to relax and allow the feelings to build and over take you is/was the hardest part for me.  More details here:

  • Thanks for the reply Hellyes.

    Right now I think my issue is placement of the P-tab. Not sure it's hitting the right spot. I have constantly moved it around, and one time I got a really good response out of it, and can't find that spot again. I'm not sure the MGX is hitting my sweet spot, and I definitely have learned it is vital to the use of this thing.

    going to try the "pen & mirror" trick with it today, but I don't seem to feel it when pressing on it either.. We'll see.