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Blogs are BACK!! **Win a FREE Helix Syn**
  • I just started my blog, I am excited to share my experiences on the off chance other people find it helpful! I will also keep an eye on this thread to hopefully win that awesome prize :-) 

    In order to stay on topic, my idea for a blog improvement is to add a summary section for each user to fill in the broad strokes of their journey so far including details such as first super o, amount of time it took to rewire, total models owned, etc. 
  • Just a question, on our blogs are there any restrictions as to what brands/items/products we use? I know some companies prefer that they are the only ones mentioned, and seeing as how it is a blog hosted on aneros, I thought I may as well ask, even though I think it would be okay.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It is my understanding that patent law requires the patent holder to take reasonable measures to protect their patent rights. Permitting patent violators names to exist on the Aneros website might be construed as tacit approval of the violator, so that would not be permitted.

    It has been my observation that the Aneros ownership has been very tolerant of name references to products which are NOT in violation of the Aneros patented product line so I think you may safely use those product names. However, promotion of those products here for the purposes of sales would be considered SPAM and is also likely to be deleted as a violation of your membership agreement.

    Just remember this site and Forums focus is primarily on the information related to the use of prostate massagers, as long as your posts keep that relationship in mind there is likely to be no problem.
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  • CTCT
    Posts: 75
    @aneros44309 - Ah, that IS a  bit strange... I will get this looked into as soon as possible.
  • @CT just lately during December while in the forum I have noticed that if someone @Braveneworld me I get two notification for the same thing. This did not happen before? Just though you might like to know.
    Another thing to add to your list of never ending tweeks to the forum and blogs.
    Its a big job and we all appreciate the fact that you are open to being contacted.