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2nd Super O last night!
  •      I had my first Super O a couple of months back laying on my side in the fetal position, but wasn't able to get back there until last night. I think one of my problems has been that I wear some baggy athletic shorts, and when I get an erection it's rubbing up against the shorts it puts the focus back on my penis. One thing that really gets me turned on is watching porn where the couple is doing it doggy style and I can see the woman's anus moving in time with the man's thrusts. I try to get a really good mental image of that as I'm playing with my nipples, and when I feel really aroused I'll put the laptop down, so I can focus on what my prostate and anus are feeling while keeping the mental image of the woman. Usually my arousal level goes back down and I'll have to go back to the laptop, or finish off with a traditional penile orgasm out of frustration.
         Last night I was lucky enough I guess to have my shorts in the right position because when the rock hard erection came it wasn't pushing against them. My attention momentarily went to the penis with the thought of how hard my erection was, but I immediately brought my attention back to the feelings in my prostate and anus because I knew I was close. I read the 'penis not' thread last week and that really helped me get my mind right for the experience. I have found the most difficult thing is keeping the mind clear of talking to myself 'in my head' while the session is going. The mental image thing really gave me something to focus on so my mind wouldn't start trying to compare the session, or think about what my level of arousal was. When you are at the Super O, there is no questioning whether you are there or not. Oh, I was laying on my back with the knees up position, which I prefer to the side-fetal position. I've had both Super O's with the Syn and have pretty much given up on using the Vice at the moment. 

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello luciddreamer,

    And welcome to the Aneros forums. :)

    Congratulations on achieving super-O's!

    "I have found the most difficult thing is keeping the mind clear of talking to myself 'in my head' while the session is going."

    Totally agree with this! I find that the more vivid and arousing the fantasy, the easier it is to not have random mind chatter. But also sometimes just focusing my attention on either my prostate or just the sensations I'm feeling from the Aneros can be something to that keeps the mind chatter at bay.
  • BootBoot
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    I agree with the point about attention being diverted if my penis is touched by anything, like clothing, during a session. Last session, for the first time, the device led to an erection that I hadn't experienced before. There was a little more cum, but not much. I am really working at trying not to let the movie in my mind go to the races.
  • Thanks for welcoming me into the forums, guys! I had a third Super-O last night. The endorphin cascade on my second one spread out to about my elbows and knees, but last night it made it out to my finger tips and I could feel it in my ankles. I actually felt a tear trickle down out of my left eye, and I'm definitely not a cryer. 

  • that good lucid? :)