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How a woman sees a cock
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    As we all know, I have been deep into exploring my feminine receptive side.  Each night I have been "getting fucked" (virtually)  by a different cock in my Cocks blog:

    Watching a video in which an alluring cock was getting a blow job, I had a realization.  Up till now when I saw a cock getting pleasured in porn I saw it from a male perspective.  That cock played the role of my cock.  Maybe I imagined touching it too, but, still the focus was on cock pleasure.

    But now that I know the beauty of being (virtually) fucked by a cock, like a woman, I see them differently.  They are instruments that not only get pleasure but also that give great pleasure.   Just as we want so much to pleasure a vagina, make it wet, squirm and come, while also having our cock inside to partake, a women sees our cock similarly.   

    Watching a cock getting a wet hand job now means something different to me.   It means getting that cock wet and hard and bothered so that it wants to be inside me plunging my g-spot and making me grip and come against it.   The head will dive into me and settle deep, resonating its sensitivity and longing against mine.  I want to pleasure it to urge it to take me.

    Its pleasure inside will drive my pleasure inside.  We will fly together.

    I think that is how a woman sees a cock.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035

    "Its pleasure inside will drive my pleasure inside. We will fly together"
    My thoughts:
    It is hard to portray visually the connection between the penis and the vagina enjoyment, as it happening internally. I also don't think the vagina is particularly impressed when just before the male orgasm his penis is whipped out for a hand or blow "money shot". It devalues the penis- vagina connection. It sort of spoils a melding of the two parts into a whole moment of completeness. It bring the focus back to penis orientated enjoyment and leaves the vagina forsaken. The external "money shot" makes it much harder for the male to understand/ share the females response to the penis as an instrument of connection, release/fulfilment and enjoyment. It is not everyone's idea of porn, but for the penis to cum inside (come with me inside with me) then on a finished withdrawal to see some evidence of that melding should be the ultimate "money shot".
    This is one males attempt/struggle to understand the dynamic in the reverse roles. The Aneros experience helps deepen the vagina perception, though as with the Aneros there is the understanding it is not as localized as it sounds, but is a whole body/mind experience. I apologies to any females reading this..
  • Darwin, I think that this way of thinking is a breakthrough. I have only been using my aneros consistently for about a year now and have had ery pleasing sessions but no orgasms as of yet. As a back ground, I am a married man in my thirtys that is crazy about porn. However when I watch it with my aneros in my body naturally tenses up like I am about to have a traditional orgasm hence leaving me horny and unsatisfied. I have studied neuro linguistic programming for a couple of years and hear lately and it has helped me remove myself or visualize what it would be like to be on the receiving end of things. I generally start by choosing Shemale on Shemale porn. I think the transgender thing confuses my body and also it easy to switch from imagining being the giver to the taker because they look the same. Then With the aneros inserted I " punish" myself by not sucking it in every time I se a blow job or cumshots instead I relax all my muscles to the n'th degree and imagine I'm te taker in an anal scene. This helps me invision how a woman or a gay man must feel during intercourse and i hope it has gotten me closer to a super o and also a better lover with my spouse. Her response and mY own leads me to believe im on the right track. The relax exercise has allowed me to feel my prostate swell inside me and radiate a calm pleasure throughout my groin legs and lower back. It feels great.
    Happy anerosing
  • Hi @darwin,

    I wish to thank you for your Cocks blog featuring an assortment of men with their cocks :D :)

    You wrote:

    "Its pleasure inside will drive my pleasure inside.  We will fly together.

    I think that is how a woman sees a cock."

    This quotation says it all when it comes to genital connection between a man and a woman, ideally a husband and wife. Sexual intercourse begins with connection and process to union. As a gay man, I have never known this type of traditional sexual intercourse, so I do not know what a woman must think of a man's penis, but I would think she would certainly think of her husband's or lover's penis. That is central as it is intimate in the same way a husband or a lover must think of vagina of the woman he loves.

    Your Cocks blog demonstrates rather clearly that a man feels a connection with his penis. If he is sexual, he will look upon his penis with a great deal of affection. Quite a few men, especially gay and bisexual men, admire and even look upon with awe the penises of other men. They make us happy and fulfilled.

    The Aneros adds a new dimension to all this.