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Anal cleaning
  • PhilipPhilip
    Posts: 18
    I use my wife's douche bottles to clean my rectum with warm water i do this on a regular basis can you do it to often , i feel really good afterwards and like being clean usually i use 3 bottles of regular warm tap water.
  • VydoVydo
    Posts: 7

    You should do it every time use the aneros.  No you can’t do it too often.  Put a little borax in the water.  Good old 20 mule team borax is something that
    kills bacteria, fungus and parasites without harming you.  The water temperature should be the same as
    your skin.

  • I would have to agree with you @philip I feel yucky if I have waste in my rectum now.
    It is sort of like I am addicted to having a empty rectum.
    In Australia we have chlorine put in our town water so I do not use it for anal clean outs.
    I boil rainwater and the add a dash of salt to make the water saline.
    That way I am not putting chemicals in my rear.
    I dont know if it is a good Idea to be doing it all the time but I guess I have no choice if I wish to continue aneros use.
    Oh and yes I will not stop using the aneros It is becoming awesome!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Philip - I agree that it can be helpful when there is enough fecal matter in the rectum but that doesn't give you the urge to defecate. Particularly when using the larger models. e.g. - Progasm, Maximus, Vice. But I don't suspect it's a good idea to do it all of the time, and only just enough to clear out the rectum. (I never use more than one pure water filled, small disposable enema bottle) You should not be doing a full enema, and particularly using nothing more than pure water. Your digestive system has naturally occurring bacteria in it that keep you healthy. You don't want to kill these off through additives in the water or over frequent cleaning out.

    That being said, before I ever experimented with cleaning out my rectum occasionally, only a few times over all these years have I had an issue with fecal matter getting in the way with comfortable usage of my Progasm. And it was obvious, whether from discomfort or lack of free movement due to a bowel obstructing the Progasm. And never with the smaller models. Though you're own experience may vary.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Although I try for generous fiber in my diet I like a brief cleanse before any session with a toy larger than Peridise, Tempo or SGX.  Lube seems to work better and there's less abrasion from particles like popcorn residue.  Usually I tend to have a mall chunk or two kicking around "up there." Perhaps though, younger guys will have fewer such issues.

    Two years into the Aneros Journey I figured I was "hooked" and sought to speed the douche process. I tossed my douche gear and bought a Shower-Shot. Aside from five extra feet of hose it looks very 'civilized' when the douche nozzle is swapped to a regular hand held shower.

    In addition to the diverter valve this rig has a valve to throttle flow down to a trickle and a push button valve on the douche nozzle for bidet duty over the toilet. 

    Our water softener has a chlorine filter and I regularly drain the gunk that accumulates in the bottom of the water heater.  I'm not overly concerned about water quality considering that my regular douches total less than a pint or two of warm water.  YMMV !

    Thoughts on larger enemas (if you must do this):  I'm rather fussy about my occasional colon cleanse.  I pick up a jug of distilled water at the store then boil it to kill "anything" that might have crept in following distillation. For a balanced osmotic pressure [ ] a Tablespoon of Salt or Morton's Salt Substitute helps me avoid electrolytic imbalance.  For more info, check comments regarding hazards of hypotonic and hypertonic enema solutions.  [ ].  Osmotic effects are on the flashcards near the bottom of the page.

    There's some information on Borax in the following resources... perhaps worth a review:

    As Love_is notes, it's important to keep a healthy flora in one's colon.  Some of the newer Yogurt products are produced with probiotic bacteria that can endure the trip though stomach acid.  So, for a naturally happy lower GI system you might try something like Activia or one of the other probiotics.

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Its kind of embarassing but it never seems like my rectum keeps itself very clean, or at the best, waste tends to be waiting a finger lengths in. This doesn't seem normal, anyone else?
    Even after bowel movements I've maybe had ONE single aneros session work out without prior cleaning, otherwise something inevitably gets in the way 30-60 minutes in or else there's an unpleasant texture.

    My cleaning process right now isn't the safest. I use my shower hose on low. I try to use as little as possible and just do a rinse, but often still leaves residue behind and I have to repeat. Water here is generally really clean but there's a tiny bit of choline still. I don't have a lot of options as I still live at home without a lot of privacy.
  • @Zoop yes zoop It can be like that. I have even had it where I have a clean out ready for bed and within half a hour I need to go again and so have to clean out yet again.Like you say there are little hangers ons just in the sphincter.
    There are a number of tricks I have learned by mistake which have seemed to help.

    1. Your privacy problems. Do you get time alone in the toilet? I have my wife popping past the toilet yapping things at me.So I tend to have sessions and cleanouts when she has gone to bed or is out.

    Instead of using the shower thing maybe this might work better.
    Get your self a bottle that holds about a litre of water.Best if it has a large lid area. Must be clean.
    If you have clean rainwater then use that but if only tapwater ok filtered would be better.
    Pour the water into the electric jug and boil it.
    Pour the hot water into your container up to the top and get a couple of pinches of salt to drop in it.
    Lid on  shake well. store it in a secret place, where easy to get to nearest the toilet.
    You will workout where is best.
    The salt is to make the water saline and replace and salts you loose by cleaning out all the time.
    Dont know if it helps but that is just what I have read.
    Next thing you need is one of these, could be a different brand  what ever is easiest to get.
    Sold at sex shops or aneros maybe ebay .

    I have the colt brand. not from here but like this. I dont use the knobly bit but it did feel nice sliding in and out :)

    The only other things is waterbase lube and a 5ml syringe for your prelube. Vasaline is good but we will get to that latter.

    Right the trick that best works is to time your phoops to the time you have sessions if at all possible but does not have to be.
    Take your lube,water and anal douche bulb along to your toilet visit.
    Empty yourself if you can, clean your butt with paper.
    I find it best to use a (wet one) type wet towel last and poke it in a bit to get rid of the bit that just wont go.
    I actually use a similar brand which is balanced for girls vagina's as it is what my wife uses.
    Think it is dove brand...

    put lube on finger tip shove up hole, clean finger with toilet paper.
    Now fill your douche with some of the water. (of course you have left it for many hours to cool down).
    I know its cold water but it is room temp so it should not be that bad. I do it fine it feels good after a while you get used to it. I live in Australia warm climate.
    At the beginning I used to cramp a bit but never do now.

    Anyway douche filled, stick in lubed butt hole and squeeze until empty.
    DO not let it suck back while in bum or you end up with unwanteds in bulb which you then have to sterilise.

    Pull it out while the is bulb is fully compressed. 
    sit and clean tip of douche while you hold the water as long as you can.
    When you expel the water it is best to put some push into it as it seems to empty the junk out better.
    Ok so now clean butt with paper as we did before and repeat process if it needs to be.
    HOW many times? good indicator is when you wipe your bum with paper if there is mostly only water and  lube on it then that is good enough.
    The last thing I do is prelube my butt hole again with finger so I am ready for prelube injection in bed.

    empty douche water that is left in bulb if any.
    If there is back wash then it will need cleaning if not then as long as the tip is clean you are ready to go next time.

    You can top up you bottle anytime you can before your next session.(just allow cooling time)

    For prelube all you will need is the5 ml syringe. You dont need the tip.
    Put comprest syringe in top of lube bottle and suck it back.
    your bum is lubed already so gently poke it in and compress. remove and clean with tissue. Job done.
    I roll the syringe in tissue paper to keep dirt dust away and soaks up drips.

    Now why Vaseline? Apply Vaseline lightly to aneros all over insertable part.
    I did not agree to begin with but once its coated and the coated again with waterbase lube. 
    Your set to go.
    The Vaseline is important because it keeps the aneros clean as well as lubes.
    It does not dry out so your hole never hurts.
    Every time you pull the aneros out you will notice that shit dont stick to it!
    Every now and then you might have shit on it but it does not stick to it. It just wipes off.
    When I used just waterbase and slept with it after removal I had to use a jack hammer to get the shit off.

    The Vaseline seem to be easy to clean and does not irritate the bowl so far. I am certainly a convert.

    I would also say the Vaseline + the water base lube really really makes thing slide too.

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Wow I have to applaud and thank you for such a long and excellent post!
    I'm kind of worried about having a proper douche around the house, but that mini-douche does look manageable. I /do/ have some privacy, yes in the bathroom, just I'm living with mom at the moment, and she sleeps sharing a wall to the bathroom, so Its hard to be discrete at night and I worry about the sounds. I'll try to move towards something like what you've suggested though for sure. I really appreciate it!

    For Lube I've actually already started using Vaseline as of a month ago (usually with coconut oil though, haven't been able to try a combo with waterbased yet). I do think it's helped! The coconut oil is good for pre-lubing in that I can use a spoon and get a solid round lump or two in a small bowl, which I can just later plop inside and let melt. For me coconut oil keeps things from getting dry, but it sometimes doesn't seem like it allows the slickest movement for long. Vaseline improves things, although the right amount/balance is hard to strike sometimes, too much is too sludgy!
    I do want to try the Vaseline/Waterbased and also the Coconut/Sheabutter combos sometime too.

    Thanks again!
  • @Zoop For extra, extra slide and lasting Vaseline +water base  +silicone lube
    coat aneros as before but drip little drips of silicone on it too. Its hard as it will bead off if it hits too hard.
    I change the prelube syringe mix  to 1ml silicone and 4ml water base.

    Toilet noise is a bugger. 
    The wall between... I know what you mean instead of pushing out hard in the middle of the toilet move forward on the seat so your balls basically sit on the front of the seat and push out more controlled rather than flat out.
    The water hits the front of the bowl more and sounds more like having a leak. Guess it depends on the shape of you loo :)
    Only other thing you can do is clean out after tea but before bed while mum is still watching tv or what ever.
    Have early night, go do study or what ever the excuse ;)

    Note no silicone if using a syn or vice though. Not recommended.
    Glad you enjoyed my post :)
    Sent you a PM too check your inbox
  • I use a regular enema bulb, fill it with warm water and a sachet of Neilmed Sinus Rinse (basically salt and bicarb).  Link here:

    It's an American product so no problem to buy in the States.

    I use the Neilmed satchet in the water because it helps prevent the 'sting' that you sometimes get with just normal tap water, and I figured anything that's safe up in the mucus membrane of my sinuses should be fine downstairs round the back door (why am I speaking in euphemisms?!  I mean my ass!).

    I have also found that too much fibre makes for messy times in the bathroom.  You can overdo the fibre.  I found when I was eating low carb that I never had problems pooping, and everything came out clean, with hardly any wiping needed.  I can only assume this was because I wasn't eating 'wood' based fibre like oats, wheat, etc.

  • VicVic
    Posts: 99
    The STRESS
    The SECRET

    Oy Vay ... after reading the above(s) I'd be ready to slap myself over the head with a cast iron skillet. How 'bout trying this: lay down, take a nap for 20 mins with device inserted (do nothing), wake to the glorious waves emanating below and gently begin by flicking both nipples. Feel the wondrous sensations building within Rectal City and relax into the flow. Unless you're clogged up and constipated, by all means take whatever measures necessary to free-up the space, but please, please, don't make a habit of doing these 'clean-outs' they're not healthy in the long term and way, way too much work put into something that shouldn't require such lengths in order to attain the beauty and sustained orgasmic pleasure.
  • A diet of fruits and vegetables and lots of fiber will clean you out. I personally never douche and I am clean 99% of the time. I gamble and win.