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  • GAguyGAguy
    Posts: 8
    I'm new to the forum but not the Aneros experience. After a brief, albeit awkward discussion with my wife about the pleasures of the prostate, I started with a SGX a couple of years ago. After some slow starts I slowly learned to listen to my body and let things happen. I've had some amazing sessions!!
    While spending some couple time, my wife would sometimes hold her vibe up against it while I had it in. Blew my mind! So the next obvious step was the Vice. Totally different sensations during those sessions.
    For my birthday in October I treated myself to the Syn. I enjoy all three for different reasons and occasions. The Vice is a little aggressive to be used during a lot of activity, ie intercourse while the Syn is more comfortable while doing activities.
    I use all three alone and every once in a while with my wife.

    I've experienced many SuperOs and just let them roll through me like crashing waves. I enjoy testing new positions and techniques.

    One thing I have to say is that I'm on a med called Celexa; one side effect is it can be nearly impossible to cum. I've found the Syn is perfect for "couple time".

    Anyway, just wanted to drop in and share a little about my experiences. Happy to be part of the community!
  • Hey GAguy,

    Didn't want you to think your interesting post was overlooked. Sometimes people are in more of a "reading" vs. "replying" mode here. I have been on my journey for 2+ years and although no SuperO yet, I have enjoyed the MGX and Helix models. All these positive reviews of the Syn have got me saving my pennies.

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!
  • GAguyGAguy
    Posts: 8
    I understand, I was a lurker myself before I finally jumped in.