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Feed back from older guys
  • mackmack
    Posts: 40

    I am and older guy in my 60s and i enjoy my sessions with my Helix.

    Just wanted to hear from some older guys out there to what there sessions are like,I know that as we grow

    older our bodies change and I would not want to be looking for something that is not possible


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    "... I know that as we grow older our bodies change and I would not want to be looking for something that is not possible."

    I'm 65 and am also aware of the gradual changes occuring in my body as I age. Likewise, I have noticed how my reactions to my Aneros use have changed as well. This is where it gets complicated though. I have noticed a lessening of intensity of feelings over the years but I am unclear about the cause of this effect. It could be age related, it could be health related (I had radiation treatment for prostate cancer a few years ago), it could be habituation related, it could be an evolving psyche pulling me toward more spiritual pursuits and away from my past physical pleasure pursuits. It could be any combination of those factors or others (unknown) which alter the experience.
    In any event, each Anerosession is still an adventure in which I embark trying only to look for what appears, not look for something specific. I am, of course, desirous of receiving pleasure in this voyage (and I almost always do) , it is the mystery of the unknown feelings yet to be experienced which fuels my continuing sensual quest. I am not concerned about what may or may not be possible because that just contributes to thoughts of expectations and more 'mind noise' which is ultimately non-productive.

    Really, there is no way of knowing what is or isn't possible with your Aneros use unless you close the door on the possibilities with your own thinking. IMHO, if you remain hopeful, optimistic and open to all your sensations, your body will continue to astound you with unexpected feelings and revelations.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • mackmack
    Posts: 40

    I just enjoy the feelings i get now.


  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I am 73 and embarked on this journey just over three years ago.

    I like to think that I have been able to experience what most Anerosians less than half my age have been able to experience and even believe that I have had a super-O or two.

    I have to admit that most of my sessions result in not much more than some very nice body buzzing. Most sessions involve the use of a Peridise (ostensibly) for control of haemorrhoids. (In these sessions I expect nothing but at least receive some nice feelings along the way).

    If I have abstained from sex for a week or so, I can expect to have a special session with my Eupho or Helix and this can result in some wonderful AOs.

    To 'mack' I would say, 'if you believe that anything is not possible, then it probably is'. I seriously believe that anything is possible.

    There is a member of this forum who goes by the name of 'mog' whom I believe to be close to 80. He has been my inspiration since I am sure he regularly experiences super-Os. If he can do it, I am damned sure I can!

    While I commence any Anerosession without really expecting a mind-blowing outcome, on those occasions when it actually happens, I count my blessings in extremis!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    In my 50's here, mack.  Been doing this 3 years.  Got started as a way to help prostate congestion symptoms from less frequent sex and to help keep mild hemorrhoids under control.  But like so many, got intrigued with seeing if I could have prostate orgasms with it.  Took almost a year of training to get "re-wired" but man are they fun and helpful to the old sex life when you're in that down time in between sex with your wife but you'd like to keep your sexual responsiveness "up" and going without masturbating and getting off your load with the "uninterested in sex for awhile" refractory that follows.

    Biggest two things I've noticed are incredible urine flow with the ability to sleep through the night without getting up to pee and also an incredible increase in morning erections.  I literally feel like a teenaged guy again in the mornings.  Don't know why it does this, but it's a big boost to how you feel as you're older.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    mack, I'm in my late 50's, and like slimjim, started out for health reasons about a year ago. After one session it became clear there was more to this thing than expected and found this forum.

    As for my sessions, I haven't a clue where I am so I just wander from session to session. When I think it starts to fit in with what others describe, it changes. I can say, it is intense, it varies, it plateaus, then takes off again. Always fun.

    I am experiencing age related changes too. Prior to finding out about Aneros, the only thing I knew about my prostate is that biopsies hurt. Since starting with the Aneros, I don't think I've ever been this aware of my body and sensuality. What a blessing to reach this point in life and find something new and so wonderful to explore.

    Thank you for reaching out. You have found the other, unexpected pleasure of your new toy, this group!

  • I am a recently "retired" man at age 63. I heard about the Aneros last fall as a device to enhance my Kegel Exercises. I roused enough courage to begin my Aneros session with the Helix Syn on June 3 just past. Three weeks later, I began experiencing P-waves. The Helix Syn has been a great instructor for me in helping experience the pleasure of my prostate. Things got even better when I started using the Maximus in early August. Then about a week ago, I started using the Progasm Classic for the first time. rook has given me many helpful instructions in how to use the Progasm.

    I look with great anticipation to each Aneros session. In recent weeks, my walks have been more buoyant because of the Aneros. Often now, I experience chairgasms, bedgasms, and walkinggasms. The Aneros has improved my general health and even my physical and mental health.


  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I love the sound of a "walkinggasm"!

    I guess you would have to select your venue for this with some care. You wouldn't want to be in heavy traffic or be in a crowd would you?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    To answer your aging question.
    I have used Aneros for 10mths.
    I get nice feelings with a suggestion of more to come. Prostate has made good friends with my various Aneros but nothing more.
    I am 73, BHP, ED, partnered
    It is all working so much better now. Easy wee, less stressful/painful ejaculation, improved PC/BC muscles, better sphincters, hemorrhoids reduced to almost gone, soothed prostate. I use an Aneros almost every night. I am much more creative, happier, more positive. I enjoy sex even more now, partner pleased and and happy for me to care for my prostate! All this since I began my Aneros journey.
    I sleep with Aneros, or she puts me to sleep when I am restless. Helps focus away from problems, helps centre me on my core self.
    I am on a plateau at the moment rewiring an old house takes time!!

    It is a dawning of a new day when thought the sun was setting.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Now in my fourth year of the "Journey," I am within arms reach of age 80.  I feel 'chronologically endowed.'  I had my first Super-O's in my 13th month and now enjoy a rich variety of orgasmic paths.

    My experiences are much as described by Isvara and Pommie.  At one time we formed a sub-group of the Forum for the 'over 60' club.  It tended to wither as we found that while there some physiological differences between guys 20 and 70 our mental processes, preferences and Super-O responses are not much different.  If anything, us "oldsters" seem to have excellent focus on very subtle feelings.

    While my physical and energy reserves do not support long periods of time in intense orgasm.  I savour and perhaps more deeply appreciate what I experience in the "pleasure and joy" department.   Spirituality counts !

    My responses to sensual stimulation are better balanced than they were in my 60s.  I've grown from simplistic stimulation of my penis and anus.  Now, nipple, thigh, perineum, prostate, testical, lip, mental imagery and even foot-sole targets play major roles in my Aneros and sexual practices.  I'm starting to work on Artform's soft-pallet routines.

    I can now enjoy rolling over into a belly-down position without triggering an ejaculatory orgasm... a pretty hot anal-f***ing sensation that plays well for me but that I'd not have been able to do when I was in my 50s.

    Another advantage... I've realized how important aerobic reserves are in this game and that's put me back on the jogging path or treadmill on a daily basis.  Byproduct... I'm 15 pounds lighter and sex is a whole lot better than it was ten years ago... my wife likes that !
  • I'm 62 and starting using an MGX in July and then this month the Peridise set . I've made steady progress and just this week have been experiencing orgasms better than anything I have ever felt with penis stimulation. I think the answer to your question is, it IS possible at our age and beyond. We don't have to be distracted by the raging hormones of a younger body.
  • mackmack
    Posts: 40

    Thanks for the informatin guys,makes me feel alot better knowing

    there are still bright and exciting sessions a head,can hardly wait.

  • I'am 69 started using my progasm 4 weeks ago and also bought a helix 2 wks ago .I like them both ,but pefer

    the progasm. I have never felt this kind of feeling before. I have been very close to having a super O.

    I just need to practice more. Having alot of fun learning. Thanks for all tips that are posted here. 

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I agree with chuckN about the decreasing distraction from the raging hormones of youth.  You reach a point with this that you can explore the sexual responsiveness of your body without getting inevitably focused on your penis and that's where the adventure can really begin.  I couldn't imagine in my 20's, if such a thing could have existed at the time, allowing myself to get focused enough anywhere but on my penis to have something like this work.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I am 73. My Aneros history has been posted as A 73 year old: Adventures Unlimited. This sort of expresses my 10 month almost daily Aneros experience. My age has coincided with 4 major opportunities. 1. An opportunity to consider we have a body to enjoy. 2. Just as ED was coming upon me Viagra arrives on the scene. 3. Easy testosterone supplements available and a friendly GP. 4. Just as BHP was making life painful and difficult Aneros arrives as a properly thought out Prostate stimulator that has the added bonus of providing the amazing sort after life fulfilling experiences. This is probably an older persons order.
    I have not had any of the amazing experiences that occupy much of the forum but my prostate certainly is beginning to respond and giving me experiences I never thought/dreamed possible. I have sex ttw but don't stress myself if I don't Ej. This is good because I retain all the build up, retain the interest, libido kept on track, the 'wanting' remains and my partner is happy if I don't and happy if I do Ej. I am very happy. So I look forward to another day, another base energy experience and feel so much more whole?
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Soooo comforting. I'm 75 and in need of reassurance. This post gives it .Thanks all.
  • I'm right behind Rook at 77, with much of the same as he, "
    Now, nipple, thigh, perineum, prostate, testical, lip, mental imagery and even foot-sole targets play major roles in my Aneros and sexual practices."   However  I  have the added grief to old age of suffering for some years now from ED due to 49 years of Diabetes.  I don't even know exactly when it came on, but must have been gradual because I was masturbating regularly.  I guess it was a case of, "oh that can happen to anyone now and then," which became always.  I can get it up with my pump and a cock ring to hold it if I really want to, but am less inclined now since with Aneros for a couple years, and rewired early in the game, which I attribute from having done Kegels for a number of years prior, as well as dildo experience, and 
    Mangina, learned on here, with or without aneros in, brings all the pleasure I can sometimes barely stand.   I have always been single, so have been involved almost exclusively until recently in self-pleasuring.  Nothing like skin-on-skin though which I am experiencing only recently exploring life long neglected attraction to men.
  • Howdy, you old farts!

    Wow, what a great thread.  Here, the old Cock is 66 and still ticking.  I'm told that I don't look my age, I still shoot in the upper 70's in golf (at 6500 yards) and wake up in the morning with an erection (most days).

    I have been on the Aneros journey for about 4 years now, and I'm a self-confessed addict.  I use it everyday, sometimes twice (go to sleep with either Helix, MGX or the heavenly Eupho) and pop it in in the early AM and "glide" my way to morning wake up.

    I don't give a damn about Super O's.  Do I get them? Yes, I do, and love each minute when it occurs.  For me, the Aneros session is more about a "zone" or perpetual high-intensity pleasure that flows from my prostate through my lower back and throughout my body.  It's an absolutely amazing feeling of contentment, warmth and complete relaxation.  It's difficult to explain, but those of you who have been around for a while know exactly what I mean.  It can start on the right side of my prostate and move across it, from middle to left and then back.  It's amazing and soooo damn all encompassing.  Oh, by the way, along with this amazing prostate pleasure (now remember this is for completely rewired boys) a little penis play can add scrumptious and really awesome pleasure from time to time, especially when the erection is caused by the Aneros session.

    I worry sometimes that I'm too dependent upon it.  It's like a drug without taking a drug...I love grass, and sometimes use it in conjunction with my Aneros for a truly relaxed and glorious session.

    So...unless someone can come up with a reason why we shouldn't indulge as much as we want, I'm in...or it's in (to be more precise).  ;)

    So, my fellow senior citizens, have at it.  It makes me feel like I'm 18 again at times.

  • JediJedi
    Posts: 5
    Know it or not, you guys inspire me. I consider myself lucky to have found prostate orgasms at 25 years old.  I definitely look forward to experiencing prostate orgasms for the rest of my life.  C doodle  I totally understand what you mean about having a prostate orgasm to start the day.  Definitely puts me in a good mood the entire day. Seems like every time I cum like that in the morn' that all day I can feel my pulse in my prostate and it calls for the Aneros until it gets what it wants...
  • Hello "old guys". May I join you?

    I just turned 76 three weeks ago. I have been really successful with Aneros. About 80% of all my progress has occurred in the last week.  For about 5 days I have followed a routine of going to bed between 10 PM and midnight and going to sleep with,at first, the largest Peridise and then the Helix.  i.g. Peridise first night and Helix following nights. I leave it in until the next morning. My results have been mind blowing.

    Each night has been an improvement over the prior night. Let me begin my briefly describing my orgasm,.  I am not sure whether this is a Super O or not.  At first I really needed to know.  Now I not care what it is.  It is about all I can handle. After insertion I then use a Vaccumn Tech device to do penile enlargement.  Actually to add to my girth. I then do my voluntaries to kick start my session.  I then remove it and use a Fleshlight to stroke as if I am just masturbating.  But I focus on the feelings in my prostate.  My routine is just as described by Mayfield. Use increasing PC contraction until I move into anal contractions. Then I start my deep valley breathing and allow myself to "growl" with low pitch guteral sound (ala Jack Johnson). When the anal contraction starts to reach the maximum I then do a rectal contraction and strain hard. I try to alternate between the anal contraction and the rectal contraction.  I will do this for 5 or 10 times and then go "do nothing" and wait to see if any involuntaries start. I am trying to  get a session really started and generally this does not work well. I am probably trying too hard and wanting faster results.  SO... I then decide, screw this, I am going to go to sleep and see what happens.

    Invariably I am awoken at around 1 AM with an involuntary.  Now the fun begins. I really concentrate on my feelings and try to time the degree of my supportive contractions.  Almost from the git go I move into my more intense pre-orgasmic state.  Very quickly I start to orgasm.  I have learned that i should really bear down with my alternating anal and rectal contraction and when I seem to be peaking, start to max out my rectal contraction. I then concentrate on trying to get that "jolt" of electrical energy that "shoots" out the end of my penis. I am in extreme pleasure.  This is more intense than the orgasmic spurts associated with the traditional wet orgasm.  If I do not hold the tension I will slide backwards and to repeat the cycle.  I describe this as "rolling thunder". Alternating contractions ending with the rectal max out.  This process would give me the feelings of an orgasm every 10 secs or so.  I was keeping this up for almost 2 or three minutes.  I would then give in and release my tension.  I would go dormant and try to do to the :do nothing" stated.  Within a few seconds I would get hit with another involuntary and the process starts over.

    But I have moved on from this.  I found out that if I really strain with my tension I can hold my orgasmic "spurt" for as long as I want.  I have achieved almost more than two minutes of a solid uninterrupted orgasmic spasm.  I wet orgasm would time this spasm at about 1 sec before it moves to the next one.. Maybe 4 to 8 times before the orgasm began to wane.  So I have moved from a 1 sec spasm to a 120 second spasm!  I feel like I am cumming forever.  The intensity is much more than the traditional wet orgasm. I am really maxed out with body contractions, I am moaning, breathing really hard, thrashing about, grasping the bed, my shoulders, anything nearby.  I do not think I could take any more stress or pleasure.  As far as I am concerned I have maxed out. 

    Now the kicker... I will do this for HOURS.. not minutes.  That 7 hours I mentioned? I did this last night without stopping. (actually I may stopped and not know).  All I know is that this went on forever. I was asking myself how I could stop.  I had very little if any control. The involuntaries just hit me WHAM and off I go into orgasm. But truthfully I never wanted to stop.  I had reached Nirvana(?) and did not want to leave it. Now I do not know whether I reached the magical Super O. Someone made the point, with which I agree, that it may be different for each person but that it is exceptional and exceeds the feelings you get from a traditional wet orgasm.  I have decided that what I have is so some damn good I do not need anything better;

    Now my first observation... I do not think we are age limited.  i am optimistic I can keep this up until I die or my prostate gives out.  ( I sure hope that I am helping my prostate and not hurting it). 

    Second point.  I made my quantum leap when I decided to go full bore.  Every night.., for hours. 

    ANOTHER point to make to the "older guys". A few years back I had ED. I was taking Cialis and Viagra with some success which declined over time. By fighting this ED I found my wife and I were having troubles. I tried to "super" concentrate to keep my erection to the point that if my wife did anything to distract me she felt I was criticizing her. This problem became larger. So after much research I took the step of getting a inflatable penile implant. To the :\"Older Guys" THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE! Today when I fuck the last thing on my mind is whether my penis will stay hard.  I can last forever until my partner cries uncle. Literally hours.  For those of you who are have ED problems think about it.  I will be glad to go into more detail either on this site, private email or just a phone call.  I am available.

    I admit that I have probably gotten off point, but I thought it might be interesting to some of you.

    This site is invaluable. I have to believe that most of the "older guys" worry whether they are too old for this stuff. You are not.  Moreover this works.  Stay with the program. as they say "Stay calm and carry on".
  • Wow!  Great post, thick!

    I have often said, Super O is simply a state of mind.  Pleasure, ecstasy, really, is what we're after here.  Different for every man, of that, I am convinced.  It's the awe of the sensations and the totality of one's submission and submersion to/into it that is the real key here.

    DO NOT seek Super's unattainable, really.  What is attainable is an unquenchable fire that glows in your guts as Aneros stimulates your prostate.  What results is magic, whether it meets the classic definition of Super O or not.

    Carry on, men.  Sounds like you're all on the right path on your journey.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    This is one of the most rewarding threads I have seen in a while.

    @thick75  I did try having sessions every night for a while and also took to sleeping with a Peridise all night for a while. Both of those approaches led to eventually becoming quite fatigued by the whole process and I had to persuade myself to back off to no more than 3 sessions per week.

    I have no settled on a prostate massaging session on Sunday night/Monday morning, a haemorrhoid control session using a small Peridise on Wednesday night and a "Fun" session using whatever takes my fancy early on Friday morning.

    Problem with this is that I often feel tempted to insert another "fun" session at other times and it's really hard to resist temptations.

    Woe is me!!
  • I had another great night with MORE advances. This was the sixth night of my week total immersion into my Aneros journey.  I wrote a post in another comment on this site:

    This post is lengthy and covers a lot of subjects. To quote just the part that is relevant to this discussion...

    At another time I want to tell you about my success in my Aneros Journey. Everything has happened within the space of one week and each night I conclude that I have maxed out in my development and very happy with my results.  Then the next night occurs and I take it to the next level and I then declare that I have maxed out again. 

    Without all the details I can summarize thusly.  For several years I would occasionally insert an Aneros really for the sole purpose of enhancing a traditional masturbation. Then recently I decided to really see if I could achieve a hands free orgasm.  This last week has been my awakening.

    As I speak now, after last night, I can now say that I can have more than 100 orgasms in a single night with such intensity that I can hardly stand.  The night before I actually caused a muscle pull in the right abdomen and hip area as a result of the straining and contortions resulting from my intense orgasms. This night, last night, I had these orgasms even though my muscle pull was painful. So much for the concept that you have to be totally relaxed and free from thoughts that might interfere.  I was fucking hurting and still had these great orgasms. THEN, in a rare case of discipline, while enjoying these orgasms I decided to stop the session and remove the Helix so that I can give my muscles a chance to recover from my muscle pull. My plan was to try to go to sleep and wait until another day. 

    I removed my Helix and returned to bed. WHAM.. I got the next orgasm.  Nothing was different. WHAM again. All of this without my Helix. WHAM, WHAM etc. So I then  thought about how to stop this. I COULD NOT STOP. The result was that at for at least the next 5 or more hours I continued with Aneros free MMO. I really got worried that I might not be able to stop this at all.  Let me point out that I apparently can keep an orgasmic peek (as if I was actually shooting out my cum in a traditional orgasm) for as long as I kept my max contractions. Yes.. whereas a traditional orgasmic spasm may be one second in duration (bam bam every second for about 5 to 10 spasms) I was able to hold this spasm for minutes!  I cannot time myself since I was so absorbed by my pleasure.  But I can truthfully say that if I was so physically fit to hold my contraction for any extended time (yes e.g. an hour!)I could do it. Moreover as soon as this spasm ends (I am really cumming hard.. not the ejaculate.. just the feeling) the next spasm starts within a couple of seconds. This went on for hours.  I knew that eventually I had to stop but I had no idea how to do it. I got up and walked around and I continued to have the orgasms. My fear was that the option of removing the device was no longer an option.  It was already removed.
    What finally worked was slow and took some time.  I tried to concentrate of doing the OPPOSITE of what I had learned to get the orgasm.  I tried to NOT hold my contractions.  Since my contractions were essentially involuntary this was not small feat.  But slowly the orgasms began to ebb in intensity and duration. Eventually I return back to a more placid state. Still feelings but not overwhelming.  I then walked around some trying not to concentrate, attempting to fool myself that  life is normal, what do I want to eat for breakfast, am I going to go work out at the gym, who is playing tonight etc. I calmed down and returned to bed.  My session was drawing to an end. Finally I was free and not trapped by my desires .  Remember that Confucius supposedly said “we are not totally free until we lose our desire for sex”.  I really understand that now.

    Here is the best part. Having said and thought of all of this, what was my pressing thought for the moment before arising from my bed? “Shit that really felt good, I wonder if I should keep going?”.  Am I crazy? I just worked so hard to quit and I was to start up again? Yup. I realize that I may well be beyond redemption. Am I a pervert who needs treatment? I do not know the answer but my best guess is that there are many of you out there that have had the same question.  So my way dealing with this is that I think I may be the luckiest guy on the planet.. a well-endowed dick that stays hard forever, an ability to have unrelenting continuous orgasms so intense it can bring me to my knees, a desire to please women, to have sex, and acquiring the skills to be a great lover.

    So for those guys still on their journey. “stay calm and carry on” as the British say. It will happen for you.
    I am aware that I may be making a fool of myself.  But I just feel the need to “pay back” by telling others out there about my experiences for whatever value they may be. I probably have put most of you to sleep but there may be others who can relate to what I have experienced. To those interested I am willing to spend the time talking to you or messaging.  I have not figured out how to chat or blog or send private messages.  But I am working on that. In the meantime keep it up.

    NOW the those in the Old Guys crowd.. don't get doubtful about age. Remember I am 76 and, as far as I am concerned, I am doing as well as most younger people. So maybe age is not really a factor at all.  Maybe we use that as an excuse when things are slow. Now I am not saying anybody here is making excuses. What is more likely is that I am guilty myself of blaming my age when things were slow. I just assume that there may be others. 

    Here is a curious side note.  For six nights I have had all night Aneros sessions without much sleep.  No sleep during the day. By all accounts I should be worn out, dozing off, lack of energy etc.  WRONG.. I am all charged up, feel great and ready to go again tonight. Surely at some time I will have to take a break, but I am waiting util my body tells me. What is interesting is what Chia quoted in his book The Multi Orgasmic Man.  Paraphrasing... men over 60 should never have a wet orgasm. Wet orgasms cause a loss of energy. Dry orgasms create energy. I thought yeah yeah blah blah. Now given my experience this week maybe the chinese have a point.

  • Hello, gents.

    I hate to admit I'm a member of this OFC (Old Farts Club), but at age 64 I have to face the facts. Great posts, above. Thanks.                            

    Aneros is one of the best things that's ever happened to me, for me, with my wife or whatever way you want to look at it. Most people are on the down-slope of their sex life at this age. I'm pleased to be a member of this group, defying the stereotype.



  • Wow….. I know all of you individually but seeing you all in one thread and hearing the stories is humbling. I am proud to be among the group of Aneroseniors in this thread. I began at age 55 six months after open heart surgery and have been adventuring in this pursuit ever since. Like my peers I wish I had discovered this earlier …. I missed many years of growth and pleasure. I wish all my younger practitioners the same wonderful experience that I have had.
  • Hi guys. I'm 62. Have Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and macrovascular degeneration - heart congestion. All of these conditions and all of the drugs I take for these conditions led to ED. I ran the gamut; started with Viagra/Levitra/Cialis/Staxyn and moved on to shots of Bi-Mix. I've had varied results with all of the above the most effective being the shots; still the results with these is inconsistent - i.e., I've mis-dosed and been treated for Priapism 4 times, other times with a pill and a shot, only a 40minute 70% erection. My growing concern was overall urological and sexual health/prostate health. Treated for BPH with Rx drugs, had more bad side effects. Then I found Aneros. Like many of us, Aneros sent me on a journey for knowledge about prostate massage, prostate milking, Tantric prostate massage, self massaging. I asked my Dr. about Aneros and he said, while he couldn't officially sanction it he has several patients who're having remarkable improvement in their prostate health from using this product. I bought the beginner model, the SGX. I followed all instructions and was simply looking to develop a routine where I could massage my prostate on a regular basis and hope for a better report during the next exam. First I noticed an increase and better control of urine flow, better pressure, no pushing with the kidney, less pinching with the prostate to hold it in, able to sleep thru the night. My last exam, the Dr. Said my prostate was NOT enlarged, my PSA was .07, my T was at at 580.
    I am confident that this directly has to do with the regular (almost) clinical use of the Aneros SGX along with the inherent benefits of doing Kegel exercises. Simply put, if the prostate is healthy all the other parts seem to work better too; blood flow, ability to get and maintain an erection, urine flow, semen production, amount of ejaculate, increased pleasure in sex.
    That's my short tale. I can talk more if you want about the non-clinical part of this experience, the enhanced sexual pleasure, the orgasmic releases, the confidence it has given me, the joy it's brought to the bedroom for me and my wife.(I use the Aneros while penetrating.)  I will also talk more later about the difference between the flacid milking and the erect ejaculations that can both occur with Aneros. I'll also ltalk more about the Urological Dynamics test, the titration of Bi-Mix and Tri-Mix shots, the use of Muse, my favorite of the oral ED pills, other sexual applications of the Aneros.
  • @healthynuts

    You ought to seriously consider an inflatable penile implant. Obviously there are the pros and cons. Once you get one you never look back. You do not lose sensitivity, you can be "permanently" hard, never worry about going soft, and your self esteem sky rockets. As Joe Biden would say.. "This is a big fucking deal!". It ranks among the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Stupid as it may sound I often wonder why young men don't get this even though they have no ED. Actually there are reasons not to get one if you do not really need it. The principal reason is that these things apparently have a life span which might lead to revision surgery. The other reason might  be that it could make your penis smaller in length or girth. Now this is a whole discussion topic in it self.  But I would say that any women would much prefer a man who stays hard having multiple orgasmic spasms to a man whose penis seems thicker or longer. 

    As it should the whole idea of an implant is scary. Believe me that I worried about this before doing it. Because of all the issues I will stop talking about this here. If interested you should call me on the phone and I will go over all of this in person. What got my attention was that you were Muse, Tri-mix shots etc.  Many think that if you are at that stage you ought to stop and get the implant.  Some think that these shots, over time, may actually have permanent side effects.   I declined to go down that alley *jumping from ED pills to penis injections" and chose to go directly with the final solution.. the implant.

    The combination of Super Os  and permanent erections is powerful.  Just think about it.
  • Thanks for that response. Yes, I gave the cliff notes verison of my journey. And sure, along the way the urologist did suggest an implant. I was shocked, considered it, researched it, and realized it is the ultimate final step and therefore I'll wait until it is absolutely needed. I am not opposed to it and like all things medical, with everyday that passes new info is being gathered and new technologies are being developed and the mechanisms and devices they invent in 5 years will be that much better than what they have now. I would actually want to meet a person who has an implant and have them show me how it works. I was told they can decrease inflation of the outer gland and so you end up with a flacid skin coat around an unnaturally hard inner gland. I'm 62 so I elected to wait until it is absolutely the last option. I agree that taking the pills is a convoluted path. I like the shots.I've had great success with the shots when the dose is right; a 95% erection for 3 hours is ideal (when I can let it to detumesce in that last hour.) 4 times I've had to go to the Dr. to get injected with epinephrine and have the gland drained; 2 times I did it at home with Benedryl, a Clonazapam, self draining with injector needles, icepacks, warm sitz-baths, and a few shots of Vodka. I am blessed with a willing parner so when the shot works I am hard and fit enough to have intercourse for a few hours, As long as the equipment can work, the implant surgery can wait. A good shot of bi-mix, and use of the Aneros while penetrating has resulted in what I am calling my super-O. Maybe there's more but for now the combo of the Aneros with intense intercourse has produced the most intense ejaculatory orgasms I've ever shared with my wife. I can still induce a natural erection with the Aneros, or go for a quiet Aneros session where I can spend a few hours getting a complete non-ejaculatory milking from a flacid penis without using my hands. This is exhausting in the most pleasurable way. Aneros is making me healthier.
  • I just have one thing to add.  A number of guys have mentioned prolonged, night-time use.  I have often confessed to my Aneros addiction, and I'm beginning to realize that there may be a concern regarding my daily use.  I often insert my toy before bed, say 11 pm and enjoy Aneros pleasure into sleep.  I often wake about 2-3 hours later when I remove it.  I then wake at 6;30 or so and enjoy for another hour or so.  Last night, I had my Helix in and experienced a not-quite-awake high orgasm somewhere between midnight and 3am, powerful erection and Super O-like orgasm.  I awoke at 3 and removed it.

    While this is all very nice, I believe I have come to realize that when I went to the bathroom after removing the Helix, I was TIRED.  I had little feeling of rest after four hours of "sleep" with my Aneros in. So my thinking is that if I get such incredible enjoyment while I'm awake, at least some of the stimulation must certainly be continuing in my "sleep".  This thinking is amplified by my partially-awake-session that I remember but wasn't really awake to fully enjoy.  Wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that even though I'm "sleeping", my Aneros is still stimulating my prostate to some degree?  Perhaps this stimulation, at whatever level, is actually keeping me from REM or deep sleep.  I'm just thinkin'.

    So I'm going to try something.  I'm not going to go to sleep with my Aneros in for a while.  I will continue to enjoy morning sessions when time permits, and see if I feel more rested in the morning. 

    While I have yet to see any evidence on the forum of any kind of prostate or other health risks/problem as a result of Aneros use, it gives me pause to think that over-use of the Aneros and over-stimulation of the prostate may have its downside somewhere.  In my experience, some of my sessions are definitely less intense at times, and of shorter duration.  So I'm going to curtail my overnight activity for a while and see what results. 

    I'll let you know what I find.

  • One of the best threads here I think!

    I am 41 started having BPH issues over a year ago along with some ED, had on off relationship with my helix due to an IBS sufferer (the spasms gave me bouts) and then went through spine surgery so the spams then flare up my nerve roots.

    However I recently decided to bite the bullet and work through both the above I do not do any forced contractions I let my body do the work, coupled with this some herbal supplements.

    I use the helix twice a week, once solo and once during sex. On solo times I cant help but lay on my belly for the amazing penile ride. I can now control myself not to cum.

    In the two weeks I have notice far great urine flow and ED has got mildly better.

    My initial thoughts to get the best out of the helix was if I got some drainage, but I have yet to acheive that, this could be due to my wife and I being quite sexually active and there simply isnt anything to drain. So for me its all dry O's

  • slimjmslimjm
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    Don't get hung up on whether you have much pre-ejaculate drainage or not.  Counter-intuitive as it may sound, I can find no relationship between amount of drainage and the urinary and sexual function benefits derived from Aneros use.  I have incredibly strong super orgasms that leave my otherwise congested prostate gland feeling relaxed and relieved after a good session but rarely have any drainage at all.  I think the key is relaxing an otherwise tight, congested prostate gland with the massage the Aneros produces.
  • Guys, this has been the most enlightening, encouraging and informative thread I've read. Although technically a newbie to Aneros, I've been on the Planet for 63 years, all the posts you all have made are so appreciated. Thanks...looking forward to the Journey.
  • Hi @JustBreathe,

    Welcome to the Aneros Forum. We are the same age. I have been using the Aneros since early last June and it has been a wonderful journey so far for me. So I wish you all the best in your Aneros journey. I think older guys have years of experience with their bodies and their sexual equipment. For those of us, who are married to a lady or have a male companion, that gives an added dimension that comes from an intimate sexual relationship with another person, perhaps much more than somebody like me who is a confirmed bachelor.

    Like many baby boomers who grew up in a small town in the country, I grow up in a restrictive Victorian environment. My parents were ashamed to tell me the facts of life, and even my personal physician when I was in my early teens. What he did, I think, was criminal. So I had find out for myself through my researches at our town library. I discovered masturbation by accident at age 13. That practice enabled me to get to know my body much better. Of course, when the Internet came along for me in 1993, the search for sexual knowledge was made much easier for me.

    But it was the Aneros which began to open up for me doors of knowledge of all kinds very recently. I have found working with the Aneros has been both empowering and affirming.

    Recently I discovered several weeks ago that there is often a delayed reaction from most of my Aneros sessions. While most of my sessions give me great pleasure, it is after a session that my awakened prostate enables me to carry on despite my Aneros models having been put to bed. I can Kegel away thus giving my prostate and other parts of my body exquisite pleasure.


  • Thom
    Yeah! We boomers seem to carry a common thread when it come to early experiences, self discovery and experimentation. I am about to rediscover bachelorhood, currently in the throws of a divorce after 40+ years of marriage, but honestly I'm sure it will all work out exactly as it should. I will still have the memories and my kids, who aren't kids any more. The emotional trip has begun to take a physical toll, so I find myself in search of quiet solitude and peace and yes....Just Breathe!

    The one thing I have plenty of is patience. And by reading the posts all over this site patience and relaxation is essential. I've got the patience and looking forward to the relaxation part... whatever else comes I'll be ready for... or so I pun intended

  • @JustBreathe,

    There you have the essential qualities for successful Anerosing as you have expressed it: patience, relaxation, and being open to what the Aneros has for you. This has been my experience in the five months I have been working with the Aneros.

  • I think the older guys have an advantage when it comes to multiples. I am 19 and a virgin and my random boners and extreme hornyness distract me like nothing else. If anything, I think being older is a good thing when it comes to the aneros ! :)
  • I just did a post in the comment below that I think is relevant to this discussion. "an old guy" topic.

  • isvaraisvara
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    I also added to the post mentioned by think75 that has relevance
  • I just did a post in the wrong place. I think that the old guys might have some interest

    " I have stopped focusing on labels. I am who I am. I am a heterosexual that loves my aneros.

    Right now, I have another "problem". I have acheived so much success in three weeks I am almost out of control. I remove peridise every morning. During the night before I got little sleep and probably had a minimum of 75 orgasms. I don't even try to keep count anymore. They feel so dsmn good I never want to stop. I have to force myself to get up anf face the world. I do not have a feeling of full statistsction. I always have the urge. Now I have lost the ability to have a wet orgasm which would give me a momentary respite. However it does seem that the more orgasms I have the less urge.

    Here is what blows my mind. Returned from breakfast and, prior to leaving the house I went to take a leak. My cock was hard (I have a Bionic dick..inflatable implant). I touched my cock head and it really felt good. So, what the hell, get my fleshlight and give it a few strokes...and then stick back in my pants and leave. So much for a great plan. In less than 30 seconds i had a huge orgasm whivh almost dropped me to the floor. Shit.. let me try this again.. I had 12 orgasms in less than 10 minutes. I was looking in the mirror and the face was ercontorted etc. Anyone watching would have called 911.

    i stopped and left the bathroom. 15 minutes later I was back at it again and had at least 10 orgasms. Then maybe another 20 minutes another 10 or more. I still had the urge.

    Guys.. this is no way for an old bastard like me to act. how am I going to functio in the real world? If I was bent on taking over the world I would airdrop billions of devices with instructions and I could invade and find the locals doing their thing in closets everywhere. I would own them just like my peridise owns me now.

    So I admit to clinging to my guns, my bible and now my peridise.

    Now what was the question I was trying to answer? Don't bother. This is my answer to all hquestions. Damn.. I really feel good. I going to back to the house for another session. And then night will come and back with my peridise. You think I have a problem? Not to worry.. when I grow up I'll fix this.

    Guys.. do I have any company?
  • @thick75

    "I am who I am. I am a heterosexual that loves my aneros" - Now that's more like it (see "Disinterested in penile stimulation" thread for context)

    "I have acheived so much success in three weeks I am almost out of control" - I am failing to see the problem here.  When you actually get to "out of control", worry about it then.  It's currently having an impact, and only you can determine whether the impact is excessive.  So far, it sounds as if it isn't.

    "I have to force myself to get up anf face the world" - So do most of us, and we do it begrudgingly.

    "Now I have lost the ability to have a wet orgasm which would give me a momentary respite" - How do you know this has actually happened?  Have you been able to make it to the drawer you keep your Fleshlight in and put it to use?  I believe you that the non-ejaculatory orgasms you're having are awesome, but if you're looking to hit that "reset switch" (as rumel has previously put it), have at it with the Fleshlight!

    "this is no way for an old bastard like me to act" - I know of at least eight "old bastards" who would give their left testicle (and probably their right one too) to be in your shoes right now.  The problem is, they want the results, without having to embrace what you've embraced (otherwise they wouldn't be men anymore, don't you know).  They reap what they have sown.

    "how am I going to functio in the real world?" - With a huge fucking smile on your face, I would say.

    "So I admit to clinging to my guns, my bible and now my peridise." - Give up the first two.  They're a set.

    "Damn.. I really feel good" - There, that wasn't so hard now, was it?

    "when I grow up I'll fix this" - It ain't broke.

    "Guys.. do I have any company?" - More or less, and they're peppered throughout the forum and blogs area.  However, they're likely having sessions now, so they can't answer you at this time.  You understand, right? :)
  • you make me laugh!

    I am starting my nightly session. Boy, I sure complain a lot!

    small note.. I don't worry about particular routines anymore.. I just stick it in and stuff happens. and I am finding out that if you orgasm enough you can get some sense of satisfaction. I promise to stop bitching. Things really are great. Ops.. gotta go.

  • @thick75

    "I promise to stop bitching" - Don't you dare.

    "Things really are great" - We know, and good for you.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • These are my comments form my personal daily log. Thought you might be interest...

    Last night I used my
    Helix.  During the might I was wakened by
    my Helix. I got myself going with the contractions but quickly went to my
    Fleshlight and began fucking.  I had about
    20 minutes of orgasms and I returned to bed and went to sleep.  Then it happened again with the same result.
    This morning I had a dentist appt and did not really have time to stay around
    for my orgasms.  But, lacking self
    control, I thought I would try a quickie before getting dressed.  It was really intense. My cock was huge and
    very sensitive.  I had an orgasm starting
    on the third thrust.  I had several and
    had to break away to get ready.


    Just walking to the
    bathroom was really erotic.  I really had
    the urge and walking gingerly. I knew I was getting to my backup fleshlight that is in the bathroom.
    I thought I might just try another quickie (always turns into 5 to 10 orgasms).
    I did and it was just like the last one. I pulled myself away and got dressed
    and left the Helix in.


    Went to the dentist
    and returned home.  I then went to the
    bedroom and had a session that lasted about 2 1/2 hours. It was
    incredible.  Many.. Many orgasms. Usually
    10 to 20 minutes with a small rest period in between.. Maybe 2 to 5
    minutes.  An interesting side note: I
    watch my clock and make a mental note.  I
    will have an orgasm or two and look back at the clock and maybe 5 minutes went
    by.  It seemed like seconds instead of
    minutes. WOW!) hen another phase etc. I estimate that I had at least 75 or more
    orgasms before I decided to call it quits. During the last orgasms the
    intensity was declining although great. 
    Each orgasm was taking a few more strokes.  I was looking for a way to quit. So I just
    slowed down and did not "push" for another orgasm.  I started to die down and I just pulled
    out.  I then laid down and got some
    strength back.  For the first time I felt
    a sense of satisfaction. I had a minor and controllable urge that could be


    Although it was noon, I then fixed
    breakfast and watched some news.  I then
    went to the bathroom to remove the Helix. 
    I could  not resist so I did about
    5 orgasms that were really intensive. "I'm back!".  I then took the Helix out.  I got dressed and left to Community Coffee
    where I am writing this.


    Summary:  I have found a way to get satisfied.  Just orgasm a lot.  Not very practical but possible at least. I
    had been using the peridise and I decided to go back to my Helix when I did not
    sense the peridise (the smallest) as much as before.  The Helix did the trick.  I think I will be alternating these two. 


    QUESTION: I can do
    the usual HFO orgasm with just doing my contractions.  Feels very intense. But I do not have the
    pleasure of the penis thrusting, grinding etc. 
    I am not doing the alternating stoking. I do not have the pleasure of
    watching my cock inserted working itself in the vagina. I miss the sensation of hitting the G-spot or then the cliteris or both. I miss sideways rotating screwing motion to hit the 11 o'clock  and 1 O'clock position in her vagina.  And I miss the reaction
    of a partner.  So I prefer the fleshlight
    or a live woman over a HFO.  It is hard
    to compare but the HFO has the potential to be more intense, but not sure. The HFO technique gives me the result of my orgasm, the actual fucking gives me the sensations and sense of my being in control of providing myself and my partner please PLUS I get the result of the orgasm.  THUS I am not really bothering with the HFO anymore.  In both cases I am multi orgasmic.  The actual fuck is much better for me.  The HFO was merely a training or transitional step to re-wire for the MMO.  Once rewired I think that the HFO is second choice.  Now there are times when I can not fuck and the HFO seems great.  But when I am driving and I feel an orgasm looming, what am I to do, turn on a rotating beacon on the top of my car to warn everybody that they are in an orgasm zone? What
    is interesting is that I seem to have a choice.


    BTW all of my
    ranting and concerns about obsession and addiction are not important to me
    now.  I realize that I have a choice and
    ability to stop any of this.  I will when
    I think it is necessary.  In fact since
    each session does not ever end of its on, 
    I am the one deciding to quit or stop. 
    So I am already controlling my self. 
    What is left is to begin stopping sooner.  But I have to have a reason or I will want to


    really sorry for those men who have not figured this out yet.  It is in their interest to seek out the MMO.
    If they are conditioned to pass on this, it is their choice.  I would argue that each man should reevaluate
    his own position on all subjects of sex. It least he would be giving himself a


    DO WITH SEXUAL PREFERENCE. (I just throw this in.. If I am rambling do not
    blame me… it is the orgasms. It is not my fault. My device made me do it.) The
    simple question is whether the ability to have multiple orgasms is important to
    that man or not.  If so, then do it. If
    not, continue on. 


    I am really happy
    where I am now.  If anyone reading this
    has more to say that would add to my pleasure I would like to hear about
    it.  But it is so good now, I do not know
    how I could handle anything better.  But
    I'll listen. 


    My usual last word..
    To all of you out there trying to have success with your Aneros.  DO NOT GIVE UP. It is there for the asking IF
    ETC.  I think everybody can get this. Not
    just the chosen few. In my case I really got serious and did  full court press. So I won and I deserve it
    because I did it.  So if you are
    bitching, quit that and recommit. It is there for you. (this is another of my
    "last words".. Apparently I lie when I say this is my last word… oh