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Cocks for Male Pussy - A Visual Blog
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    Guys (mostly),

    In a separate thread ( I unveiled a visual blog about the Male Pussy.

    Many guys on this forum have found themselves, in the heights of rapture, thinking about having their depths plumbed by a skillful cock.

    To celebrate that I started a new blog:

    It is a collection of cock images that make my ass yearn.

    As always, your feedback is much appreciated.  Which images, if any, gave you a throb?

  • @Dawin the link does not work! :(
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    sorry!  try again!
  • HAHA I am riding at the moment and the one with the cock wiggling in circles made the aneros move in time to it!
  • HaHa went back to the same gif pic and it happened again and then I dry-oed.

    Very good! The moving ones are best but it all stimulates.
    Maybe thats why men get them selves in to trouble with gang bangs or gang rape.
    All thoses cocks out and thrusting turns them all on and they just get out of control?
    They just dont know why they get so turned on..
  • @darwin, For a gay guy like me, there is nothing so irresistible than men of all ages with penises in various states of arousal. :D :) It was the pics of mature, hairy guys that really sent me.