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Should we teach our boys reaching puberty the benefits of MMO, prostate massage, kuma sutra?
  • I posted this as a comment in another discussion. On reflection I think this is worthy of a separate discussion....

    I was wondering the other day whether we should begin teaching our kids the secrets of MMO. Link this with KumaSutra and the young man to be would be well equipped to enter the world of wonderful sex.  I know that I grew up with the concept of wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I thought I was a great lover.  In fact I was terrible. I and my partners missed out on a lot. I am one hell of a lot better now. Now I think I am worth screwing. Before.. not really.

    What I do not know is whether teaching this to boys around the age of puberty is dangerous or not.  I do not think so.  I think it would be wonderful. But maybe the shrinks think otherwise. I day dream back to my high school experiences and think "what if..". I did a lot of screwing then, but I was really only taking care of myself. Now it is the other way around.  At my age I have only so many years left.  I intend to make every one of them insanely erotic. I am going to go out like a champ. Thanks Kuma Sutra, Aneros, MMO, testosterone therapy and my bionic dick. How can anyone miss with a lineup like that?

    But the "outside world" may not be ready for this.  I began to tell my older brother about my MMO and he changed the subject quickly. (the idiot!). I do think that the younger generation is getting this.  It's the old bastards that are trying to catch up. 

    BTW.. to Linghaman... I read some of your blog entries and they are great.  You are very expressive.  I have not clue whether you are really describing actual experiences (I think you are), but they are fantastic.  Keep it up.  I have not read all of them, but plan to get back to them.

    What do you think?  Should we tell our 13 year old boys about all of this or just let them figure it out for themselves if they do at all?
  • Also if you start during puberty penile enlargement may be more effective. Should this be a topic to be discussed with your son?

    I know as a fact that you can lengthen your penis by at least an inch and maybe up to 2 inches by doing penis stretching exercises.  This involves weights and constant traction.  I know because it worked for me. I started this when I was in my 60's. I believe, but not sure, that if this was done during puberty it would be more effective. Now if this is true, wouldn't you want your son to have a large thick penis (assuming it is not too large or too thick)?

    This raising interesting questions:

    How do you know if you son would need this since he has not reached puberty.  You might want to start this during puberty to get the benefit of the growth spurt.  So you might have the chance of getting a penis that is too large etc.  This is a chance any boy would like to take.

    Having your boy do the exercises means he will be focused on this which I suppose can be an obsession that he does not need at that age. Would this cause him to have an unbalanced outlook on sex? From my viewpoint the answer is "no", but what the hell do I know about this.  It is all speculation. 

    Also... does this border on sexual child abuse? Many would view this as "perverted".  Maybe it is... I do not think so.  But I admit it is unusual and could be viewed as that.  Get the scene... I trying to help my son reach manhood and I wind up in jail. So much for parental guidance etc. 

    For me, my sons are grown and I do not have the need.  But I wonder what I would do now since I have become wiser about these topics.

    Let's say that my thinking is clear (probably debatable). Do you become evangelical about this and start telling your younger friends who have young sons about this issues.  I assume they would look at you as if you are crazy.  It is a big risk to go into this. 

    I thought this was interesting.  Maybe just the ramblings of a liberated old man enjoying his new found abilities. 
  • I am 40 now. While I agree with you that it would have been great to have a larger dick than normal and have been learned in the ways of MMO while young, It is a dangerous slippery slope!

    Now that we are older and know what we want and are the masters of our own destiny our MMO pursuits are fine.
    However teaching these things to very young minds would be too much for them to handle.
    The young mind struggles enough with the very notion of sex in the first place letalone putting MMO into the mix.

    Yes the words Perverted, jail, abuse all come to mind!
    I suggest that If you wish to still enjoy your new found sexual life that you keep this subject to your self. Dont disscuss it with anyone you know.
    Take your brother as a example. You can imagine what he is thinking about you, and he is a fully grown man.
    Just be thankful that you have been through the life changing experience however scary or horrible it was and have come out the other side with a open mind and the guts to try something that it not socially exceptible still.

    I am a nudist. I have been since I was young and not all of the world but most of it cant handle the fact that I would rather be nude almost everywhere than clothed. I / my kind are considered strange / perverted.
    If the world can not handle that then they can not handle MMO/ aneros penis enlarging.
    Its sad but true!

    If we were to teach this subject to our 13 year old sons this may bring up a greater question for them to grapple with while young too.

    I am heterosexual but have embraced aneros, However it has made me question my self!
    Am I heterosexual or am I bisexual?
    If I tried sex with a man, Might I like it?

    Ok so in a lot of peoples opinion this might make me Bi curious.

    If I was using the aneros from puberty where would I be now, what would I be hetro/gay or bi.

    I was approached by a man in the parking lot  at a nudist beach when I was about 18 who wanted to give me a blow job.
    This I turned down but that night found myself thinking about.
    I was curious but also felt physically sick too.
    So what does that mean?????
    As it turned out until I was 25 I was still a virgin. I married the girl who rocked my world for the first time.
    I am not bad looking and It seemed that gay men liked the look of me more than women.

    I am sure I would have had  many male lovers if I were to have gone down the gay path, which looking back was not out of the question but seemed like it to me at the time.

    Sorry for digressing away from the subject but the point to it is that these anal pleasures back when I was young would have changed my sexual preferences at a early age . I am sure of it.

    I am glad I am hetro and dont think I will ever try the same gender but as you can see the curiosity is there!
    I am not homophobic but was when young. (Learnt behaviour I am sure) 
    I have gay friends both me and women. They are a lot of fun.
    I think I understand how some people are gay and some are not and then there is potential fence sitters like me :D
    I would not have been able to make what I think was the correct decision at the age of 13.
    Anal play at this age would have confused the coarse of life for me.

    Hope I have not offended anyone somehow.
    Keep your mouth shut is my suggestion if you dont want to be persecuted!
    (Nudist and gay people will know what I mean)
    The world is not ready. Its taboo in adults letalone teaching to the young.

    kind Regards
  • Great advice which I intend to follow. You are a wise man. I never thought about the sexual preference aspect. I agree that young boys have a hard enough time without the additional pressure. Good post.

  • Certain clues to deeper understanding of body and mind can exist, but direct approach may be uncomfortable
  • I thought of another reason to not educate your son.  I recently was successful in enjoying what I believe are Super Orgasms. This is my first four days since my first experience. Three of the last four nights have been mind blowing. I now have the ability to generate a continuous orgasm that has spasms very similar to a wet orgasm.  Whereas my normal wet orgasm has between 4 and 8 intense spasms (sometimes higher ,, maybe up to 15). Now when I orgasm the intensity of each spasm is higher. I am almost out of control.. grabbing the bed, shoulders, arms anything I can get a hold of . The end of each spasm has a feeling similar but not exactly like I am shooting a load of cum.  Now I get an electric jolt like feeling that seems to be at the end of my penis.  It is really pleasurable and intense.  It feels better than the actual spurt of a wet orgasm. To make things better I can keep up these spasms as long as I am physically able to withstand the physical strain of maximum severe contractions.  One of the orgasms had at least 35 spasms and one had more than 46.  I lost track.  I basically "surrendered' because I was worn out.  I have never experienced anything like this before.

    Now my point... just how can a young boy, with all of his hormonal urges experiencing sex for the first year maintain a sense of balance about his total development.  I remember how I used to masturbate as much as 5 times a day when I was a teenager. While this took some time, imaging how I might have handled multiple orgasms (unlimited) with each having more than 50 bone crushing spasms.  Just how in hell could he stop so he could study, go to school, play sports, etc.  I would have been so obsessed I would have been a total waste. 

    Add to this that he would really be on the hunt for willing girlfriends.  Imagine how distracting this would be,.

    So.. while the sex is wonderful, maybe the best plan is to let all of this come to him later in his life.  

    So I agree with Braveneworld.  But isn't it sad we are discouraged from sharing our successful sexual journeys with others. No wonder I went for years not knowing about any of this.  They were afraid to tell me out of fear that I would think less of them. The good news is that while I grew up in a Victorian like atmosphere (although I was rebelous) the younger generation is knocking these doors down.  Go kids... go! Just don't get the girl pregnant. 

    Afterthought in closing.. It is just occurring to me that teen age pregnancy would drop dramatically if all boys were proficient in ejaculation free orgasms.  Maybe this is the partial answer to the abortion debate. 

    I apologize for going all over the planet with these comments. 
  • to braveneworlds curiousity:
    if sticking your finger up your ass makes you gay or bi, your finger must be a dude and not a finger anymore.
    im only 24 so i dont have as much life experience as most of you guys, but i guess my point of view could be interesting as well.
    first of all, i am hetero and i liked my first sessions with my aneros. when i saw pictures of "traps" (kind of full time transgender dudes after hormone therapy and some surgery) for the first time i was shocked. this is a paradoxon of its finest. im really into the female shape, and they have tits, round hips, a female voice... and a penis, but you really cant tell without seeing them completely naked. i was ashamed for being aroused, i still would feel kind of guilty, but id hit it if i had the chance to. to summarize this with a quote fron the forum here: if it feels good, welcome the pleasure and dont deny it.

    back to the main topic OP: the point is, i would have been glad if i had parents being less conservative. just talk to them, give advice, dont try to teach and lecture. maybe they try to avoid the topic "dad telling about sex, this is weird, please stop", but its like inception - give them the chance to inform themselves. 
  • @hakunamatata Not sure if I have upset you in some way as it is not quite clear. 
    Sorry if I have but I will respond. Its gonna be a long one! :)
    Finger up your ass. 
    This is the trouble with labels  Gay, Bi, Hetro.  
    I did not make them but live with them all the same.
    Sticking your finger up your ass does not class you or make you Gay or Bi.

    If you are a man and prefer to have sex with men and generally would not have sex with a women then you are classed as Gay. Think you would find a Gay person would not have sex with a female if possible.

    If you are a man or women that has sex with men or women, you dont mind then you are classed as Bi.

    If you are a male that has had sex with a man a few times then you could be either classed as, Hetro that has done some experimenting when young or maybe a hetro with bi tendencies or lets face it Bi curious.
    If you continue through life being highly aroused by both genders (and acting on it) then I would call that Bi curious.

    But if you are male and will only have sex with women but like to put your  finger up your arse or enjoys the aneros this still classes you as hetro. (Hetro that likes arse play) You may have gone through a BI curious stage in life where you tried sex with men but now you would not.
    Hetro men can be hetro and think about having sex with a man or a finger but that does not  make them any less hetro. You could call them hetro with gay or bi thoughts! your choice.

    You see it is a label that is ever changing through life and the label my be seen different with the point of view of the persons in the conversation.

    (In the school yard) "oh hes gay! stay away from him." The other person might know the male in question better and knows that this person tried sex with a man once or twice but has decided that girls are what they like. Obviously the first person is homophobic because of his comment, or is he? he might be gay and not have come out yet and deflecting away from himself. You just never know :)
    Humans can be cruel. 

    Labels are strange things and you can be one or a bit of both.
    Just try and apply Gay,Bi and Hetro to the animal kingdom. Now theres a conundrum for you :) 

    Funny you say that I ended up on a page last night looking at traps some how and yes some of them you could not tell until. And yes I though gee thats looks alright what would that be like.
    As a general rule I think you would find that most hetro men if they knew the girl in question was in fact a transvestite would not actually have sex with them. But then again if your real horny and you wonder what it would be like (curious) then maybe. Would you go telling all your hetro friends afterward?.........
    Would alcohol sway your decision? 

    Your 24 and you say you would hit that, but when it comes down to it would you really.
    Only you can know. Your mind had doubts, you felt ashamed,guilty.

    Now heres where it gets interesting!

    If you are 24 maybe you might, maybe you might not, you are legally aged and mature enough to be able to make the decision and live with it no matter what the outcome. This decision will be easier for you if you have been using the aneros for a year or so, than if you have not.
    Think about your answer carefully, you are experienced with anal play  so it is not so scary than if you have never done it before.
    I know for a fact that if it was me at 24 and I had no anal play experience I would have said no. Even if I had stuck my finger up my arse.
    But now that I have used the aneros and know how good it can be. Put in the same situation at 24 I may have said yes........

    If you are 13, under legal age your social skills and reasoning is not fully developed.
    If you are schooled on the aneros so young and the feelings are so intense, do you honestly think this would not change your sexual preference at least for your younger years in life.
    It may sway you from hetro to bi or gay or get you all confused and make you decide you should have been a girl and you go transgender.  Transgender most likely not as It is usually hormone inbalances I think but I am no expert.

    What the original question in this thread was: Is this a good idea to teach this to under age persons.
    My opinion and I am sure that most others will agree is no it is not a good idea.
    Yes you are opening up a lot of options to the young person but they are not mature enough to deal with the barrage of options presented to them.
    If I was that 13 year old and being trained in aneros use I would have locked myself away in a room with the thing, Hell sometimes I feel like doing that now! and I am 40 :) I know for certain that life would be completely different now.
    I would most likely not be married to my wife and would most certainly have had sex with another man at least once. to see if it was as good as the aneros.

    You see using the aneros at such a early stage in life would change your natural sexual decisions.

    In a different world maybe it might be a good thing but in this world with peoples perception of what is right and wrong for the legal age of sex and what is right and wrong about what sex you are, male female,gay,bi, hetro,  transgender or even whether it is ok to walk around like you were born in you birthday suit or weather you should wear a burker to hide yourself.
    This world is not ready for aneros at the age of 13.

    My parents were relaxed conservatives. I could talk to the about anything and mum and dad would walk around the house naked on minimal occasions but never usually togeather but I was taut never to be ashamed of my body but never to embarace others with my nudity either.
    If the aneros had been around I am glad my parents did not make me put things up my butt and say you will thank me when your older! :) Now if  teaching aneros at 13 was normal and everyone did it then that would be a different matter A whole different brave new world excuse the pun :D

    I apologize for anything I have said here or any assumptions, impoliticly correct naming or any other charges.
    I do not mean to offend anyone.
    Each to their own, what ever floats your boat, we are all different but all the same.
    What feels good is not always what is best for us.
    Peace brothers and sisters and undecided.
    Animals have got the right idea we just complicate everything!
  • Any society that begrudgingly allows the teaching of sex and sexuality for essentially procreative education only, will very likely not tolerate any deviation from that and certainly not for the addition of material that espouses increased pleasure.  When the purveyors of such a closed minded attitude are cast back into the dark ages, where they belong, sex for the sake of pleasure might finally be removed as an aberration, and its teaching may well be encouraged, mandated, and even lauded, for all the benefits such activity can provide.
  • @braveneworld: 2012 - to feel offended on the internet... dont worry and be as politically incorrect as you want. :D

    thats why i suggested OP to talk about these topics but to be the passive part and give advice, when needed. being a curious teenager is normal, but i think my sex life could be better now if my teachers at school (in biology) and my parents were more open minded back when i found out all by myself, whats going on with my body, how to have sex. what do girls like and what do i like? almost EVERY young man begins at knowledge level zero and leans until he dies. only a handful show others how to challenge their sex life and how to have fun - you have to pay them a shitload of money. i guess some of my friends dont even know what fun is.

    when the point has come these men realize that there is a lot more to explore many years have passed - lets not say they are just "lost". its hard to break away from patterns we built up for ourselves. its hard to think different and the main point is to confess you were most likely "wrong" the whole time. i know there is no true wrong or right, but, some do have problems, some dont. there must be something.
    on the other hand conservative guys can live a happy life as well. there is no need to fix it. experienced men do have to face so many opportunities and they can only make one decision at a time. frustrated men do welcome these opportunities with open arms being totally blind and submissive to their whole life situation.
    yes i went thru some shit and this made me the guy i am. im not a masochist, but im happy. im much more mature and open minded. 

    every experience changes people. not necessarily now, but these memories are still saved in the brain, waiting to come out some time. no experience is bad, even if you hate it.
  • This site is really interesting. I never thought that my question would bring about such responses. Other sites that I have visited seem to dwell on matching my dick vs your dick. This site seems to leave the ego out. So far I have not seen any my prostrate vs your prostrate. 

    What has caught me by surprise is the homosexual component. Up until this time I never associated the aneros massager with sexual preference.  We either have a prostate or we don't. Since I do not really talk about this with anybody I never thought that if I were to mention the Aneros the listener might assume that this was a homosexual toy. I am so naive that I thought it is a subject that could be talked about freely as one would Viagra or a condom. Among my friends I could easily announce "I fucked this great girl last night...".  But now if I say "I just had over 100 orgasms last night using my Aneros" I might well be jiudged as a homosexuial.  I hope I am wrong about this. All of this is bullshit. Because I am a heterosexual I suppose I do not want to be labelled a homosexual.  This is a result of my upbringing.  But as time goes on, I don't find anything wrong with homosexuality.  I believe our sexual preferences are essentially hereditary. I am almost at the point that I may not mind be incorrectly judged as a homosexual (except for the fact that it may interfere with my attractiveness to horny women. The bottom line is that I am changing my views as I age. I do not know why I babble on about this other than the fact I would interested is hearing from others about this. So much for that.

    ON ANOTHER POINT... as previously noted my real success with hands free orgasms has occurred in the last week.  For five straight nights I have increasing success.  I thought I had done it all on the fourth night.  Last night was the fifth and I was even more wild. Instead of orgasms simulating the wet orgasm with spasm associated with each spurt of semen, last night it was like one total completely overpowering "spasm" that never stopped. The point is that my sex life is changing rapidly and I am having trouble processing all of this.

    After at least 5 hours of incredible orgasms the morning came and I did not want to stop. I could have stayed in bed for the whole damn day doing this (apart from the fact that my body has been severely worked out and I might really cause a muscle strain in my back or abdomen).  It is causing me to reevaluate what kind of sex I want and how often etc.  

    Which brings me to the point.  Just how could a young boy process all of this? Hell I am having a hard time processing this and I have many years of experience. So we go back to the point that Braveneworld made.  Introducing this to a young boy is probably not a good idea.  So my original idea of teaching many of these things to our children may not a good idea. 

    BTW, for those experienced in all of this, based on what I have described have I reached the maximum potential of the Aneros or is there more in store for me?  I do not know if I could stand much more.  But it sure feels good.
  • tokentoken
    Posts: 11
    surely sexual preference has more to do with who you find attractive than your chosen masturbation technique (that's basically what aneros is) I believe it was mentioned in the first post about feeling sick at the thought of having sex with another man, would the fact that you could cum harder and for longer realy change that? I'm not realy in a position to answer this as I've bin bi curious for as long as I can remember I would love to hear other people's views though because since using the aneros I have become a lot more "curious" lol I just reasoned that it was because the idea was always there? is that curiousness there in everyone to some degree possibly???
  • @token: dont forget pegging. you still can have sex with a real women (see traps mentioned above) AND being the recieving part of anal penetration.

    ive read some posts again and i think there is no link between liking it in the ass and being gay. liking it in the ass is just a step of being more open minded than "penis has to go into the vagina, everything else is just insane". this may include questioning ourselves and the labels of sexual orientation.

    being pegged by a women doenst make you gay. its just definition and everyone shouldnt give a f* what others think.
    im grateful i have friends i can talk to without being jugded. guess we already talked about every common fetish, traps and being attracted to men, without being attracted to the male shape.
  • tokentoken
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    that was kinda my point allthough I didn't make it very well I supose the best way to put it would be I am curious as to how it would feel but I am not attracted to men s
  • tokentoken
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    so it would probly never happen being pegged would be my ultimate fantasy but its still a heterosexual act, no?
  • Yes this discussion is really interesting. I being the first to comment to thick75 was a little nervous actually.
    Why? Because of the talk about under age sex. I am very nervous about the subject. 
    Men praying on young persons for their own gratification is discussing.
    Dont get me wrong @thick75 I am not comparing your thoughts to thoses action, but was concerned that you might say something to someone and get yourself in trouble.
    There are people in this world that if you say something about children and sex in the same sentence will go on a witch hunt and destroy your life even though you really have not done anything wrong.
    I am NOT speaking from experience but have seen cases.

    I am injured and can not walk correctly so spend a lot of time in bed or in a chair, its not permanent but has slowed me right down for 2 years or so. This is why I put so much into my post reply, I have the time :)

    Anyway enough about all that.

    I am a heterosexual Australian male of 40
    Being a nudist as I have mentioned before I have a different view of the world than most men, at least that I know.
    My view of the world especially Australia has changed as I have adjusted to becoming happy to say I am a nudist.
    I dont  tell everyone but some I do.

    It is now 2012 and in Australia at least Men are socially allowed to wear full length spandex tights for running, and must wear board shorts for swimming unless they are racing otherwise they are not cool.
    Men are NOT allowed to wear G-strings/thongs on the beach or they are GAY, they are not allowded to wear short-shorts either. Wearing a thong/g-string under your jeans is sort of ok but very riska.

    Those of you that are gay or (kinky like me) in Australia think this is stupid.
    The views above are what the general man is expected to abided by as a society.

    In my experience anyway!

    Back 12 years ago I would wear full length tights to ride my bike, run in but everyone looked at me as strange & some would yell out gayloard or some such rubbish. 
    You could not buy spandex full length tights is Australia back then, unless you bought womens tights, which I did. There is no difference.

    Now 10 to 12 years latter the foot ball players started to wear them so now everyone is and you can buy them off the shelf for men. 15 years ago you could wear spandex bike size tights (like mid size shorts except skin tight) for use at the gym or running. Now you can only wear them if you put shorts over the top of them. It looks stupid. Some combine shorts over full lenght tights!
    Budgie smugglers or speedo type swimwear is a fashion no no, but older men and very small boys might wear them. There are some of us gay, or stubborn, kinky or what ever you want to call us, that  will wear them still.
    G-strings and thong on the beach are a no no and are for the strange perverted or gay men.
    Short-shorts are definitely gay.

    Back 25 to 30 years g-strings and defiantly speedos and short-short were  the in thing.

    Australia is going backwards when it comes to tolerance of the human body.
    Men are scared to show what they were born with down there.
    Its almost embarrassing how hung up about heir bodies they are.
    I think it is the same in America but I have never been so dont quote me on that.
    There are other country's that are going the other way (skimpier)

    OK why am I going on about this?
    It shows that what ever is mainstream is considered ok but if you have different Ideas then you are a out cast, werdo, gay. 
    If you are hetro and have gay thoughts then you are considered weird, a gay or a poofter. (by mainstream person)

    Those of use like everyone on this forum with a lot more open mindedness about our bodies in general and what is expectable behaviour ie (sticking things up our rear)  see these ideas above as arkayic dark ages stuff.
    Hetro style thinking runs our world and anything else is wrong. ( in their eyes) 

    I for one am glad there are those of us out here that think out side the normal. We will bring change to the world but it will be a very slow progress. Maybe one day we will be teaching MMO, karma sutra, prostate play to our young.

    I for one love spanex tights, short or long , I love g-strings/thongs, short short ,very very skimpy speedos, I like sexy under wear for men, but stop before rubber or lacy girly type stuff.

    Why must I adhere to what every other so called normal Australia wears.
    I do not want to be bashed or ostracized so I have to be discrete and push the boundaries where it it safe to do so just to live safely in the world. 
    All I can say is, yes tell people about your new found aneros adventures but be very carefull who you tell.
    Aneros has sold over 1 million units according to their website. so the word is getting out! but slowly slowly. \m/

    @token and  @hakuamatata Pegging is still a hetro act male and female with anal play. The opersite is true for male  and trap its male male with a kink!

    @token "surely sexual preference has more to do with who you find attractive than your chosen masturbation technique (that's basically what aneros is) I believe it was mentioned in the first post about feeling sick at the thought of having sex with another man, would the fact that you could cum harder and for longer realy change that?"
    I do not suggest that young people will turn gay just because they choose to put something up their rear to masturbate.
    I do suggest that because they have done this and the pleasure was great that they may try sex with a man , but would not have done so if they new nothing about the pleasure. after all "being a curious teenager is normal"
    Where their sexual preference goes from their nobody knows not even them as it was said by hakunamatata "every experience changes people. not necessarily now, but these memories are still saved in the brain, waiting to come out some time. no experience is bad, even if you hate it."

    @hakunamatata On this website we are all mindful of what we say not to offend others and this is why it works so well.
    Abuse is not tolerated so one must always make sure his aneros brothers are not upset or whatever.
    Do on to others as you would have them do to you....

    Not sure what you have found but other site suck? and abuse can be riffe. It is not here.
    Spread the love dude! >:D< 
    We like to think "everyone shouldnt give a f* what others think." but in reality we do care what others think.

    I would like to add from my original post :
    I felt sick that night thinking of the dirty old man potentially sucking me off when I was about 18 years old.
    At the time I was a virgin with no sexual experience really at all except my hand and beeing used to nudity.
    I did not know this man at all and he was sleazy.
    The kind of person that would goto a high vantage point above the nudist beach and perv with bonocular at the nude people but be to gutless  to stip off and come down and perv at people down on the beach.
    He could have abducted me or anything. It was a bit scary really.

    Now if I knew the person well it may have been different I cant answer that.
    What I can say is now I am 40 and have had aneros play and if the conditions were right and and and...... maybe..... I doubt I will never know.
    Funny I am so at ease with being nude but asking a girl for sex still scares me!
    I envy you guys out there that have had your way with multiple partners and women loved to be around you.
    I never had that I was to shy and when I did ask I was told that I was too nice a guy. What the hell did that mean? Oh well I am married and too old now.

    hey @token I was just finishing and saw this. You said " I've bin bi curious for as long as I can remember I would love to hear other people's views though because since using the aneros I have become a lot more "curious" lol I just reasoned that it was because the idea was always there? is that curiousness there in everyone to some degree possibly???"
    This sort of strengthens my thoughts about if you try the aneros you become more curious about male male sex. Can you see how strong the curiousness would be for a young boy curious about m/m sex would be after knowing the pleasure of the aneros? Remember the hormones are going wild! Your jerking of so much the skin is raw on the rim of your cock :)
    Haha yep thems were the days!
  • Up until today I have never been interested in gay porn. I am serious about my next question.  I am not trying to jerk anyone's chain.

    I always wondered why a man would want another man to fuck them in the ass.  My God.. wouldn't that hurt? A dick is a lot bigger than the finger my urologist sticks up my ass which drove me up the wall..  I just assumed that the man on the bottom was merely tolerating the pain to "pay back" for other favors. So what may now be viewed as a stupid question...does being fucked in the ass similar to the feelings I am getting from by aneros? As I write this dumb question it is occurring to me that it is obvious that it must feel good or they would not be doing it. da. Let me rephrase the question how is being fucked in the ass compare to the aneros experience? I am almost afraid of the answer. Let me guess... if I like the aneros so much (which I do) then am I going to start thinking about getting fucked in my ass? Hence an aneros user must ergo be a homosexual?  I know that this can not be true. I suppose this is the point made in one of the above comments.  

    I am at a loss to explain why I am asking about this in this discussion. I had nothing like this in mind when I posed my first discussion topic.  But the discussion has turned to that and it has made my curious. I have never asked anyone about any of this. Maybe someone can bring me up to speed. None of this is meant to be criticism.
  • @thick75 I dont think the discussion has turn to this but I am sure if you did a search on this site the question will have been asked many times. I have not looked but say it would have been.
    I cant answer what it would feel like but there is two things I have deliberately left out of my ramblings as it opens up a whole can of worms.
    Two very very powerful words.
    LOVE & LUST 
    If your a man and you lust and love the other person your natural instinct is to penetrate them.
    This is why I believe a man may want to have sex with a man.
    If I am incorrect then any gay men please correct me?
    I say lust & love becauce of course you can love your brother , mother, child and not want to penetrate them but if there is lust as well that is when it all goes pointy so to speak! :D
  • PommiePommie
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    Like you, I am firmly heterosexual and actually couldn't imagine having a man's penis in my backside. I too believe it would be pretty painful, but probably no more painful than a Progasm. This may be the reason why that Aneros model is not my favourite as I much prefer the Eupho.

    I must admit though, that I too, very much like the feel of the Maximus for a change and have had some wonderful orgasms from it. (Maybe it is time for me to revisit the Progasm)!

    Relating to your original post in this thread, my first reaction was to agree strongly with you that sex education in schools should include matters covered by this forum. (I have mentioned in another thread, that my greatest regret in life is that none of this knowledge (or equipment), was available to me as a young man. I feel I have missed out on so much in the 'bedroom' department and, even worse, because of my ineptitude, so has my wife. (She is a couple of years my senior and has frankly told me that, at 76, she thinks it is just too late for her). Damned shame!
  • @Pommie said, " greatest regret in life is that none of this knowledge (or equipment), was available to me as a young man."

    "Knowledge is power, but real knowledge is freedom".
  • I am a baby boomer who grew up in a small town in Northwestern Connecticut. My parents were Victorian. Sex was a taboo subject in our family until my sister got married in 1965. But still sex was not discussed in polite society. So I was kept in the dark until I discovered masturbation at age 13. The physician assigned me was a recently retired U.S. Navy doctor who was very uptight with me. I think he was homophobic. He was very disapproving of my masturbating.

    Yes "Knowledge is power, but real knowledge is freedom." I found answers to my questions on the facts of life in our town library. The library at the college I attended supplied many more answers to my questions. This was during the Vietnam years and the sexual revolution in our country with women's and gay liberation. Of course, when I hopped on the Internet on 1993, I had at my finger tips a flood of information for my quest of all types of knowledge.

    Boys and girls reach puberty several years earlier now than during decades earlier. Children learn the facts of life from their peers, even before they hear it from their parents. Sex education should be a staple for children in the schools in the same way good health and hygiene was taught to me in the early grades. The sex education that should be taught are the risks of pregnancy and STD's through unprotected sex. Mothers and fathers should support such education.

    A father teaching his son(s) the facts of life is an act of love and caring. Certainly such a lesson that could be taught is good prostate health and the risks of an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. MMO's and the Kama Sutra may be suitable to older teens. I would think that the Aneros is really a toy for adults. What do you think?

    My thoughts on the matter. 
  • @bravenworld:
    i meant that its impossible to write a post on the net which is completely clear and politically correct for everyone. that was a perfect example. :D 

    somewhat related to the sub-topic in here

    okay youtube seems to be blocked.

    "Authors@Google: Ogi Ogas"
  • Love_isLove_is
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    We've kind of strayed on the topic here. But it has been really interesting reading all the posts. I don't know what the answer is regarding whether young ones should be taught about Aneros prostate massage or not. I see good arguments on both sides.

    For those of you that have talked about or considered pegging, there is many men here like me that have gained interest in it as a result of our Aneros  journey. But a number of us still consider ourselves heterosexual. Technically speaking, pegging is a heterosexual act anyways. Not that any of these labels matter much, you like what you like, and I'm respectful of other peoples sexual orientation. But us heterosexual men still deal with a lot of negative western cultural training that says if you stick something up your ass, society sees you as gay, or bi-sexual, which is really incorrect and hurtful. I have absolutely no sexual attraction towards men, yet the idea of a hot woman fucking me in the ass with a strap-on dildo is highly arousing.

    The use of Aneros over the years has changed my ideas of what arouses and feels pleasurable in my body, such that pegging interests me. But it hasn't changed my sexual orientation. Maybe it might for others, I don't know. Anyways... If you are interested, there is a pegging thread here in this forum:
  • BadgerBadger
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    Now, regarding the 13-year old boy with an Aneros and would want to get transgendered, there's been a recent rash of young boys who wanted to be girls, and got transgendered, but as an adult, want to be changed back.  Their  actions had circumstances, yet they were obviously too immature to understand the consequences, and were sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness.  Now they have to go through another major surgery to reverse what they did before.

    If you couldn't guess, I agree that an immature child should not be given the ability to enjoy this much pleasure from an area that still has so much stigma.

    I had an English teacher in college who was a stickler for grammer, diction, and writing style.  He would give out writing assignments and have them brought to him for a rough-draft evaluation.  Mind you, I was a alternative student (about 8 years older than the rest in my program), in the last year of a four-year degree program, and while I was waiting for my turn, I could hear him tearing the previous student at least one new one; maybe three or more, it was quite brutal.  The guy that came out, snuffing and rubbing his eyes, with his lower lip quivering as he stormed out.  He was a senior in my program.  When it was my turn, he just mumbled, did some jotting, agreed with some of my statements, and calmly told me I was doing a good job, and just needed to straighten out a few things.  We got to chatting, and he told me that he hated two kinds of people:  college freshmen, and college seniors.  College freshmen are still suffering from High School Senioritus, where they thing they know everything, but know nothing.  College seniors have College Senioritus, because they are seniors and are graduating shortly, and thus, think they know everything, but they still know nothing, because they haven't worked in the real world.

  • tokentoken
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    this is a great thread with some great questions asked and discussed, really got me thinking about a few things
  • PommiePommie
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    I think we have reached a point in this thread where the great majority of us agree that this stuff needs to be disseminated to young men so that they can enjoy the advantages that the more senior of us missed out on for so much of our lives.

    The big question now seems to be, "at what stage in a young man's development does it become desirable and before which he would be unable to understand or benefit from this knowledge or when it might be harmful"?

    I guess I wish I had access to it by the time I had reached my late teens or early twenties and at the very least, before I took the plunge into marriage. Maybe our society needs some sort of "right-of-passage" for young men as is common practice in many tribal societies.
  • @love_is yes the topic bounces around a bit :D

    @pommie  and all yes late teens early twenties would be what I think would be a good time.
    A very cleaver and careful advertising campaign could also be done in young mens magazines which would defiantly spread the word. And at least sow the seed in peoples minds.

    Full page ads something along the lines of 
    "Ok so your straight and you think you know a lot about pleasure and sex!
    Ever thought to yourself "Is there something more?" Try Aneros. Better than you could ever emagine!"

    These types of ads could go in FHM,penthouse,playboy.  
    Thats all I can think of. I am too old and not down with it now! LOL.

    Ads in Womans Weekly for EVI and even the prostate massager. say "give your man more pleasure and make him a better lover! Get him Aneros. "

    IT took many years for the sown seed in my mind to turn me.
    I came across aneros on the internet from most likely a banner many years ago.
    I was curious enough to look at the site, and it took me many years to actually buy one.
    I visited the site a number of times during those years and the joined the forum shortly before purchase.

    The problem as we all know is believing the adverts and testimonials.
    They seem to good to be true and of course theres the thing that is most off putting besides putting it up your virgin bum. It does not work straight away for most persons.

    Oh well I am sure the boffins at Aneros have a plan of how to take over the world!

    I heard a saying the other day for guys which is a wast of time but made me smile.
    When it comes to guy everything is better with bluetooth.
    New model Aneros Now with blue tooth! LOL 
  • PommiePommie
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    I came to Aneros through the health route. I actually found the HIH site first. Having discovered the health benefits of prostate massage, I then moved to the Aneros site where the mysteries really opened up.

    Maybe HIH/Aneros could be advertised in mens' health magazines.

    Maybe they already are!

    Personally, I don't read men's' health magazines lol !!!
  • LinumLinum
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    This is an extremely important topic for discussion.  Its implications go far beyond the use of aneros massagers and other male multiple orgasm techniques.  What we are talking about here, is being at ease with who you are, and this includes being sexually at ease.

    Many of the posts here are incredibly interesting, and give a tremendous insight into the ways of thinking, of perhaps the most sexually at-ease bunch of men on planet Earth.  However, even some of these posts show the continued existence of fears about communicating this.  I believe these fears come from the same stable of arguments that have been used by those who have sought to repress human sexuality over hundreds, if not thousands of years.

    It seems to boil down to - if you are afraid of your own sexuality and where it may lead, then you simply reinforce a fear, that then communicates itself to the next generation, which perpetuates the fear, and so on.  There would seem to be a need to break this cycle, so that we can banish fear, and move on as a species, and as individuals.

    One of the things that I value about my aneros practises, is that it has made me look at sex and sexuality in a different way.  It only works if you let it do its thing, and being relaxed and at ease is a pre-requisite.  This IS a voyage of discovery.  For years it has felt as if I could bully my sexuality to do what I felt it should do, but aneros use has shown me once again, that using your ego just pushes you away from where you get the most rewards. Once you have them, these rewards then bleed through into sex, and your sexual partner(s) also feel the benefit. Spiritual connection in sex (including connectedness and intimacy), only comes from this communicated honesty.

    A lot of the arguments against communication of male multiple orgasmic techniques have their origins in fear of sexuality, and particularly for heterosexual men, the fear that they may have some latent homosexual tendencies.

    It is fairly well established that if people were free to express themselves without the potential judgement of others, then by far and away the largest proportion would be innately bisexual. A small proportion at either end of the spectrum would be exclusively heterosexual, or homosexual.  Of course we are not free from the judgement of others. However, what we are most affected by is the judgement we have of ourselves, which is based on fear, and often far exceeds what would happen in reality.  Fears have a habit of growing out of all proportion to the original problem.  It is human nature to pull away from the source of such fear, to deny it, and to condemn it when it is seen, or even suspected in others.

    A similar problem occurs when we think outside the box with regards to relationships.  The standard model is that we SHOULD be loyal and faithful to our partners, the assumption being that sex is the most important thing here, although many of us in long term relationships know this is not the case.  A fulfilling sex life in a LONG-term and truly monogamous relationship is the exception, not the rule.  There is an enormous list of dos and don'ts for relationships, all hinging on the somewhat inaccurate belief that sex should always be confined to a monogamous relationship. There are a whole range of legal, religious, and social sanctions that can be applied to re-enforce this, and personal fears about transgressing those rules, often lead us being our own biggest critics. It is important to ask ourselves why these rules should exist in the first place? If this was our natural state, shouldn't we do it automatically, without transgression?  Obviously, the true story of human sexuality is not that simple.

    Trying to "sell the sexual contradictions" that society places in our way, I believe causes so many problems in the world.  Thick75 mentioned the problem of teenage pregnancy, and the germinating thought that teaching MMO practices may help alleviate that.   I would go further and broader that that - we should teach/discuss/lead our young people (not just men) into thinking more broadly about sexuality and relationships, so that they are equipped to enter the world of adult sexuality with more of a rounded view about what it all means.  The problems that young people have, come from the contradictions they see, and a failure to express their sexuality adequately leads to frustration, obsession, and even more problems for themselves and society.  I don't think this means we need to provide them with details of how to do the techniques, or how to interact with others, but I do think that the implications of the existence of these techniques go far wider than just sex, and they should at least know of the existence of the alternatives.

    As a young gay man in the 1970s, I was given sex lessons at school - pretty radical at the time - but they were so limited by their emphasis on the biological, and their avoidance of the emotional implications of sex, that they were effectively useless for me.  No mention was made of homosexuality at all, and it took me another 7 years to even realise that the word "gay" applied to me.  Then there was no information I could call on to let me know what that meant in terms of sexually interacting with other gay men.  I had a small series of "relationships" with other men, that finished quickly, and had long gaps (usually of years) between them.  It wasn't until I was 30 that it all clicked into place, and I felt at ease with my sexuality and relationships.  It could all have happened a lot sooner.

    I and others may not have known what to make of the information that male multiple orgasms can occur, but I would have stored it in the background, and would have had the ability to recall and expand upon that information when the time was right for me.  The same would be true of any information about homosexuality, and perhaps more importantly, about how sex relates to relationships.

    I feel it was a basic human right for me to have known about who I was becoming, and who I had the capacity to be.  I feel let down by that lack of information. 

    Of course I am being very idealistic here.  I don't expect the American religious right, or the Roman Catholic Church to suddenly develop a realistic approach to human sexuality.  I think it is a terrible waste of human potential though, and if it needs saying, and if I upset a few people in the process, then so be it.

    BUT, I  am talking to "some of the most sexually at-ease bunch of men on planet Earth", and here I think we can make a difference.  Guys - if you like anal pleasure, this does not make you gay.  There is a small probability you are likely to have some attraction to men (as well as to women), although years of suppression won't make this easy to identify, and even if you are bi-curious, you may still loathe the idea this might be a part of you. There is a small element of self hatred in some of the posts here.  As a gay man, I went through all of that BIG TIME in my late teens and early 20s, and this period of self loathing, exploration, enquiry, and finally liberation, has made me more content than I could have ever conceived.  I needed to face my demons, and I am very glad that I did. Ultimately, the one person you need to be OK with is yourself.  Other people's opinions do not matter, especially if they too are based on fear, and knee-jerk reactions.  There is a need to identify who we are, NOT who we want ourselves to be.

    My partner and I are now OUT to everyone, and we have received very little in the way of negative reactions, contrary to my earlier expectations, but we have had heaps of positive ones.  Some say this is because we are confident with who we are, and do not apologise for ourselves all the time.

    With all good wishes on your individual journeys of self discovery

  • darwindarwin
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    here are my thoughts on this thread:

    1) does the aneros change our sexuality?   yes, in many ways, as has been discussed in this forum countless times.  

    2) does it make us homosexual?  while not necessarily good for aneros marketing, i am afraid that there is some evidence that it sometimes can in some ways.  it leads to intense anal eroticism in which we can't control our fantasies.  while many aneros users do not fantasize about male-male sex some who never did begin to do so.  the reason is that the aneros helps us experience female style sex (gaining a great appreciation of what our women feel) and it is widespread knowledge that some men love to pleasure other guys' asses (while women rarely do), and that they have singular equipment with which to do so.  it seems that few of the "converts" translate their fantasies into actual male-male engagements.

    in my case, previous to using the aneros i had male-male sexual experience but never fantasized about being fucked nor about masculine men doing it to me.   early in my aneros experience i had intense fantasies about having a vagina and since then i have become addicted to thinking about being fucked by a real man.  (thus my visual blogs.)  this remains in the realm of fantasy (i am married!)

    4) should we teach boys that sex with other guys is ok?  not explicitly.  instead we should set an example of tolerance and in general be truthful about our preferences so that taboos are diminished.

    5) should we teach boys about MMO?  i think it is worth teaching them that orgasm can be separated from ejaculation, just so they know it.   but i think it should be left at that.

    6) should we teach boys how to masturbate?   yes.   they should learn that sexuality is about eroticism, respect, skill and knowledge.   that can all start with a mature approach to masturbation.  see:  https://

    7) should we teach boys to masturbate their anus?  yes, as part of the overall information they get.

    4) should we teach boys about the aneros?   no.  they have enough to deal with in life without having access to a highly addictive sexual tool.   the word will get out anyway,slowly but surely, especially given the internet, as somebody mentioned.  


    I am convinced that I am heterosexual.  I had doubts once and put them to the test and came out realizing that I may have been curious. I satisfied my curiosity and realized that I am clearly interested in women only.  It is with that attitude in place I began my Aneros journey.  I never thought of prostate massage as being in the exclusive domain of homosexuality.  BUT.. because of my very recent success with achieving unbelievable unrelenting extraordinary orgasms and the prior posts to this comment, I told myself I should see if I am missing out on the pleasures of anal sex between men.  So for the very first time I looked at gay porn involving anal sex.  I looked at maybe 10 different clips and reached a conclusion.  These guys on the bottom did not even come close to having the pleasure I get now from my Aneros and heterosexual sex.  I doubt that receiving a big dick in my ass, although admittedly it must be massaging my prostate, could possibly feel as good as my Helix. My current orgasms are so intense and all-consuming I could not take any more.  I am really happy with what I have and not looking for a homosexual encounter. (of course if you can convince me that a cock in the ass is better, this becomes another matter. “It’s the pleasure stupid, not the sexual preference” (stealing from James Carville’s famous quote for Clinton)

    The point of this is to respond to previous posts in this comment.  I do not think that the Aneros journey by a young boy necessarily means he will change sexual preferences.  But I do agree that it might cause him to experiment and consider the possibility. That, in itself, could be a problem.  BUT I can say this confidently… if the young boy discovers the same pleasures I have had this week in the use of my Aneros, he would not want to do anything but stay in bed and orgasm every two minutes for hours on end. Think about the parents who have spent so much time teaching the boy about how he should spend his time studying, sports etc. The boy’s future planning would be limited to the next 60 secs when he hopes to get his next orgasm.  He would race home from school and head for his bedroom.  In fact, based on my recent experience he could just do this in the classroom, library, bathroom, gym locker room, riding in a car and even just walking around, all without the Aneros inserted. This to me is the primary reason for not exposing the boy to the Aneros.  Not worries about his sexuality. Just simply that the experience is so damn good nothing else in life can compete for his attention. That is the best argument for not teaching about anal sex.

    However all of the above deals with anal sex.  There is one subject that is time dependent. The idea of doing penile enlargement during, not after, puberty.  The odds are that your son will grow up with a normal penis without any enlargement. Do you want him to have his best shot as having an above average penis?  This really raises a ton of questions.  Does size matter etc.? Would the activity and focus on this penis cause emotional or unbalanced thought processes?  I have not found any worthwhile literature on the internet.  It is possible that doing the enlargement (mainly using weights and penal stretching devices along with vacuum tubes) exercises work better during the puberty period when he is already experiencing growth in his penis. Moreover, borrowing from the joke about Adam when he is ready to nail Eve for the first time., “Step back, we do not know how big this is going to get”. You might cause him to have a penis that is really too big. Before my penile implant surgery my penis was very thick and measured between 7 and 8 inches (hence my handle from pre surgery days was “Thick75”. Since the surgery I have lost about an inch (but I kept the handle since I use this to log in various sites.). But before surgery I never had to worry about hurting my partner.  I could thrust and screw as deep as I wanted. If I had become even longer I would have had to change my techniques.  Being too big is very possible with doing the penile enlargement during the stages of puberty.  Hence another argument against my original post.

    Interesting point (at least to me): With my new success with the multiple orgasms initiated by the prostate massage, penis size is probably irrelevant if it were not already irrelevant.  When a man is experiencing strong almost uncontrollable orgasms that never seem to end, the woman is getting extreme pleasure and is not focusing on the minor issues of whether the man is thick or long enough. So I argue that with a successful journey with the Aneros, the man can throw away his concerns about his dick size.  Any size will produce fantastic results. So again I may have made a point that a parent maybe should not think about encouraging his son to use penile enlargement during the puberty period.

    Now there is one subject that a father can broach with his son.  I think that just about every young boy in today’s times gets on the internet and watches porn.  He is exposed to fucking from day one. But just about all the sex scenes on the internet show a man fucking like crazy thrusting in and out resulting in one grand orgasm on the girl’s face or chest.  Men, I assume that all of you know this is not the way to fuck! This is the way I started out and for many years.  By far the most pleasurable and rewarding for the woman are the practices such as shown in the Kama Sutra. Extended foreplay, a slow pace, focus by the man on serving the woman, managing his ejaculation or learning the MMO techniques are really nice. I seem nothing wrong with exposing the young boy to this very early on. This may be the only chance you have to talk to your son before he reaches that “Oh dad I now about all this” stage. As he gets older he may be embarrassed to continue his sex education from his father during his teen years. It is also a good time to point out that size really does not matter and be happy with what you already have. You are getting his head set straight from day one and I do not see any risks with this. Bottom line, give him a video or book on the Kama Sutra, a copy of Chia’s The Multi Orgasmic Man, and a convincing case on why size does not matter.  Conclude by pointing out the masturbation is very normal and not to be ashamed of.  But manage it so that it does not interfere with the rest of your life. Encourage him to talk to you at any time on any of this. He may want sex toys and you have no trouble with this.  Point out that none of what you have said or taught him conflict in any way with Christian or Judaeo (?)views.  It is not a sin to masturbate. But it would be a tragedy to get a girl pregnant.  Etc. OK you are launched.  Go for  it.

    OK I got carried away pointing out the obvious to some very experienced and knowledgeable men. I do not think that anything I said is original or noteworthy.  I just had to say it for my own purposes. I will now stop my rant, BTW your posts above are really good.  I am personally learning from you. So you are not wasting your time with your least as far as I am concerned.

    At another time I want to tell you about my success in my Aneros Journey. Everything has happened within the space of one week and each night I conclude that I have maxed out in my development and very happy with my results.  Then the next night occurs and I take it to the next level and I then declare that I have maxed out again.

    Without all the details I can summarize thusly.  For several years I would occasionally insert an Aneros really for the sole purpose of enhancing a traditional masturbation. Then recently I decided to really see if I could achieve a hands free orgasm.  This last week has been my awakening.

    As I speak now, after last night, I can now say that I can have more than 100 orgasms in a single night with such intensity that I can hardly stand.  The night before I actually caused a muscle pull in the right abdomen and hip area as a result of the straining and contortions resulting from my intense orgasms. This night, last night, I had these orgasms even though my muscle pull was painful. So much for the concept that you have to be totally relaxed and free from thoughts that might interfere.  I was fucking hurting and still had these great orgasms. THEN, in a rare case of discipline, while enjoying these orgasms I decided to stop the session and remove the Helix so that I can give my muscles a chance to recover from my muscle pull. My plan was to try to go to sleep and wait until another day.

    I removed my Helix and returned to bed. WHAM.. I got the next orgasm.  Nothing was different. WHAM again. All of this without my Helix. WHAM, WHAM etc. So I then  thought about how to stop this. I COULD NOT STOP. The result was that at for at least the next 5 or more hours I continued with Aneros free MMO. I really got worried that I might not be able to stop this at all.  Let me point out that I apparently can keep an orgasmic peek (as if I was actually shooting out my cum in a traditional orgasm) for as long as I kept my max contractions. Yes.. whereas a traditional orgasmic spasm may be one second in duration (bam bam every second for about 5 to 10 spasms) I was able to hold this spasm for minutes!  I cannot time myself since I was so absorbed by my pleasure.  But I can truthfully say that if I was so physically fit to hold my contraction for any extended time (yes e.g. an hour!)I could do it. Moreover as soon as this spasm ends (I am really cumming hard.. not the ejaculate.. just the feeling) the next spasm starts within a couple of seconds. This went on for hours.  I knew that eventually I had to stop but I had no idea how to do it. I got up and walked around and I continued to have the orgasms. My fear was that the option of removing the device was no longer an option.  It was already removed.

    What finally worked was slow and took some time.  I tried to concentrate of doing the OPPOSITE of what I had learned to get the orgasm.  I tried to NOT hold my contractions.  Since my contractions were essentially involuntary this was not small feat.  But slowly the orgasms began to ebb in intensity and duration. Eventually I return back to a more placid state. Still feelings but not overwhelming.  I then walked around some trying not to concentrate, attempting to fool myself that  life is normal, what do I want to eat for breakfast, am I going to go work out at the gym, who is playing tonight etc. I calmed down and returned to bed.  My session was drawing to an end. Finally I was free and not trapped by my desires .  Remember that Confucius supposedly said “we are not totally free until we lose our desire for sex”.  I really understand that now.

    Here is the best part. Having said and thought of all of this, what was my pressing thought for the moment before arising from my bed? “Shit that really felt good, I wonder if I should keep going?”.  Am I crazy? I just worked so hard to quit and I was to start up again? Yup. I realize that I may well be beyond redemption. Am I a pervert who needs treatment? I do not know the answer but my best guess is that there are many of you out there that have had the same question.  So my way dealing with this is that I think I may be the luckiest guy on the planet.. a well-endowed dick that stays hard forever, an ability to have unrelenting continuous orgasms so intense it can bring me to my knees, a desire to please women, to have sex, and acquiring the skills to be a great lover.

    So for those guys still on their journey. “stay calm and carry on” as the British say. It will happen for you.

    I am aware that I may be making a fool of myself.  But I just feel the need to “pay back” by telling others out there about my experiences for whatever value they may be. I probably have put most of you to sleep but there may be others who can relate to what Ihave experienced. To those interested I am willing to spend the time talking to you or messaging.  I have not figured out how to chat or blog or send private messages.  But I am working on that. In the meantime keep it up.

  • I forgot to compliment Linum on this post. This is some good stuff. Do we have a bunch of philosophers on this site? Way to go.
  • darwindarwin
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    hey thick75,

    so glad you are having a fantastic journey.

    i don't know from experience, as getting fucked by a guy remains a fantasy for me.   but, i do not think it is fair to draw conclusions about the pleasures of receptive anal sex from what you see in porn.   just as you point out about straight porn... the great pitfall of porn is that most is NOT EROTIC.  it is more about power and simple male gratification.  on this forum and in personal chats many guys have praised the intensity of *quality* receptive anal sex, either with a woman or a guy.   this is particularly true after rewiring.   

    i agree that we should teach our young guys about the beauty of sex and its potential, in contrast with the crap usually portrayed in porn.

  • I would really like to hear from an experienced successful aneros user who also enjoys anal sex with another man. How would he describe each and make some comparisons. As you say judging things form the bull shit world of internet porn is not very reliable. I do not know what I would do if I got convinced that anal sex with another man is another step higher than where I am now.  I suppose I have all of the usual hangups that most heterosexuals have. But I am changing fast.  I do believe it is possible to do what is considered (but not necessarily) homosexual acts and enjoy them without being homosexual.  When I think about it what difference do all these labels mean? Just go do what works for you and not label it. So.. I guess I may (I said "may".. not will) be open to anal sex with a guy fucking me.  One thing I am sure of is that I am not considering being the guy on top. I have to believe that fucking a woman is one hell of a lot better than fucking a man.. at least for me. Before I would not consider being sucked by a man ("shit.. is that a mustache wrapped around my dick?") Having said that, I imagine myself in prison etc. where women are not available and i would be leaping at the idea of a man sucking my dick.  I assume that it feels just as good as if a woman were doing it, putting aside our mental blocks. It depends on our mental state.  I suppose that is where the sexual preference factor comes in.

    @Darwin thanks again for your input.

    Oh Oh.. I almost overlooked this phone call I had 10 mins ago. I decided to tell someone I know about my successful Aneros journey.  As you, or somebody else, pointed out, we are inclined to not talk about such stuff for fear we will look like idiots, perverted, wrong preference etc.  Well I got my nerve up and ventured out into the world and took my chance. I started out by describing my recently acquired abilities with a promise that I would help him do the same thing. In short never ending 3 minutes orgasmic spurtd versus the usual one sec version of the traditional orgasm.  I laid out my case feeling that I really described it well enough to turn this guy on.  If anyone did this for me I would be panting.. when, where, how, let's go. You know what he said?  He is not into this and would rather get his kicks from programming his computer. What?  Programming his computer feels better than super intense never ending orgasm? He stunned me. What am I missing. I program computers and I never got off with compiling a code segment. Well the world is a wonderful place. Who knows.So much for my first venture into the world to share my success. No wonder we have wars, political battles, and arguments about bullshit. If we can not agree on orgasms what chance have we on lesser subjects.  Sorry just a spontaneous emotion from an unexpected event.
  • rumelrumel
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    First, thank you for your thoughtful contributions to this Forum and your enthusiasm for these marvelous little massagers.

    In response to your statement "I have not figured out how to chat or blog or send private messages." You can find some information regarding the blogging, chatting and private messaging in the Helpful Links for New Members sticky thread.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • @thick75 You have guts buddy!
    It is a pity your friend blew you off.
    It sounds like it was all he could think of to get you off the phone.
    He defiantly was not taking you seriously!
    What you need to remember is he has no idea and cant comprehend what the super orgasm is like that you are talking about.He can not believe that you can have one after the other.
    He can only think of a penis orgasm and he may not even have very good ones of those.
    Well done for trying.
    Bravo. =D>

  • @thick75 I also was thinking of asking about " hear from an experienced successful aneros user who also enjoys anal sex with another man. How would he describe each and make some comparisons."
    Making assumptions from porno's is not the ticket.
    I might point out that @darwin has hinted on the answer already 
    "on this forum and in personal chats many guys have praised the intensity of *quality* receptive anal sex, either with a woman or a guy.   this is particularly true after rewiring." even if he has not experienced it himself.

    I would suggest that a head job from a skilled man would be better than from a women because they actually know what feels good, however it depends on the skill of either sex I guess.
    Being Hetro just the view of the women giving, most likely is half the orgasm but for a gay person the male giving would be the same thing.
    On the prison thing I would not I would keep to my own hand and would defiantly leave the soap where it lands.
    STD,s and all that!
  • rumelrumel
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    image Guys, I applaud your thoughtful comments in this thread. IMHO, there is no easy formula for determining the onset and depth of information we relate to our children so I'm not really going to venture an opinion in that regard.

    However, I am a strong advocate for making accurate, non-judgmental information available to young people when their curiosity seeks it. This is a real possibility now with the ever increasing spread of internet access and cable TV. Those two media venues have the distinct advgantage of not being held hostage by closed minded parents or "do gooders" (though they do still rant and rail about the so called degradation of social morals)

    The cable TV SCIENCE channel's 'Curiosity' series recently aired "Sex in America" an update of Alfred Kinsey's and other researchers ground breaking study of sexuality in America. It is shows such as this that can get around the closed minded, bigoted attitudes of the misinformed and provide useful, unbiased, non-judgmental information necessary for our young people to make their own choices when it comes to expressing their sexuality.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if they would do an investigative show about the Super-O phenomenon?
    Questions Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Love_isLove_is
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    "Wouldn't it be wonderful if they would do an investigative show about the Super-O phenomenon?"

    Hell yeah!
  • darwindarwin
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    from the searches i have done against the scientific literature i am pretty sure that what we experience is not yet fully grocked by the sex scientist community.   i had a personal correspondence with a famous orgasm scientist, i forget the details now, and informed him.   he did not follow up.  

  • isvaraisvara
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    From scientific journals, orgasm for procreation is studied. Orgasm for pleasure seems to be an aberration!
    There is no reason why a woman should orgasm - simply receive the semen. For that matter if there is any consistency the male should simply have a muscular spasm driven perhaps by scent and go on his way.
    Yet there is scientific evidence that orgasm with unprotected ejaculation makes both parties more confident in the day that follows, as against masturbation or condom sex.
    The one thing that is not studied is the Orgasm and its variation.
    I think our scientific brother and sisters suffer from acute denial, or are driven by their sponsors or stakeholders moral rightness. Sorry for the rant.
  • darwindarwin
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    isvara,  i don't think you are correct. there are huge bodies of scientific research about both the psychology and physiology of human sexuality.  you characterization of scientists, i am afraid, is not very informed.  i don't want to get into a flame war, so i will leave it at that.

    go to google scholar and search for orgasm and you find an uncountable number of articles.

    here is one article that came up:
    "Pelvic muscle strength of female ejaculators: Evidence in support of a new theory of orgasm"

    here is a scientific journal dedicated to sexuality, and there are many others:

    You might also be interested in the book "Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex"

    it is true that the kind of orgasms we are having here are not yet covered by this research.   but in time they will be.

  • isvaraisvara
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    darwin, you are correct. My comments arose from a mainline weekly scientific journal that was very limited in all sexual articles. When they did have a good one often there were vitriolic letters to the editor in response. I no longer subscribe. The challenge with this thread is that at present any sexual instruction for enjoyment for people under 18 would in many places be classed as abuse - grooming. Basic sex education in schools is problematic as the kids may not associate the instruction with the nice feelings or release they have when they 'play with themselves'. Any teacher trying to be helpful and suggesting that such activity is normal would be in serious trouble. So unfortunately the kids get their basic information from porn sites, some of which are good but some may be too extreme to be healthy. In our day we used to sit in the school wood shed while the older boys would tell 'gross' impossible jokes. They were funny, in retrospect I am not sure why we laughed with our minimal knowledge. Occasionally when I was at boarding school we would get a hand written erotic story that we would all line up to read with hands in our pockets to control the erection!
    It is such a pity that so many of us were ill prepared for, and so hung up when we finally married (which was the license to have sex). Even this tablet's automatic speller won't produce the word 'sex'. It is a good thread and I enjoy following it.
  • LinumLinum
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    Darwin, and Isvara, and interested others - I don't know if you have ever seen, or read the book "Sex at Dawn - The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality" by Christopher Ryan, PhD, and Cacilda Jethá, MD?

    It is a fascinating and well argued summary of a great deal of scientific, anthropological, human psychological and other evidence about the evolution of human sexuality.  Put simply - there is far too much of it to account for a purely reproductive origin for human sex, and Ryan and Jethá outline how this is likely to have evolved as "social glue" that bound the members of the tribe, ensured collective upbringing of children, and caring and sharing with other tribe members. In order to do this of course, sex had to be broader than just a male and female partner. There is a lot of evidence that the existence of our rather over-endowed sexualities (compared to most other animal species) suggests that monogamy was not normally a part of this, and bisexuality is likely to have its origins here too.

    Unfortunately, whilst considering multiple orgasms in women, they don't once mention the existence of multiple orgasms in men, but this aside, there is a wealth of information, and strong arguments for a time when sexuality was more freely expressed.  Interestingly enough, they outline modern-day examples where specific groups/tribes do not practice monogamy, and individuals have many ongoing sexual partners.

    There is at least one 3000-year-old tradition that has dealt with sexuality more freely, AND detailed the "art" of multiple orgasms in men, and that is Taoism.  It does seem strange to me that scientists and others (since this is not purely a scientific research area) have never cottoned-on to this.  Or perhaps they have, and I just don't know about it?

    Isvara's comment "It is such a pity that so many of us were ill prepared for, and so hung up when we finally married" is so poignant.  Many of the problems that people have in coming to terms with their sexuality, and being able to express it, come from a collective attitude to sex which is largely "Victorian".  I would hope we have moved on from that a little, but in the US, I am picking up that attitudes are still largely entrenched in this period. Young sexually maturing men and women, really need to know the basics of what makes us tick as a species, and that a lot of this is down to the guilt-free expression of our sexualities.  Again, there is no need to go into details, but getting the broader picture could do a lot to prevent or reduce the occurrence of many problems that afflict modern society.

    I worry that the "censoring" information to young adults about what sex is all about, together with the apparent and obvious "hypocrisy" of many parents and other older adults (do as I say, not as I do!), doesn't in itself create the aura of "seediness" or "dirtiness" that creates these problems?
  • PommiePommie
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    Some years ago, at about the time I first heard of Jack Johnson and KSMO, I sought confirmation of the phenomenon of male multiple orgasms and the necessary separation of orgasm from ejaculation.

    I sought this advice from a local GP, (I live in Australia), who had a reputation as an adviser in sexual and family matters. In short, his response to my query was, "Orgasm and ejaculation in man is one and the same thing so, by definition, it is not possible to separate the two"!

    Needless to say, that was the one and only consultation I ever had with this doctor, but even then, I was amazed that a medical practitioner could in the twenty first century, still hold to this mindset. Little wonder that there is still so much sexual disfunction around.

    This was the primary reason for my earlier response to this topic.
  • As a father of two sons, this is actually a conversation my wife and I have had. "Should we tell the boys about anal pleasure and the Aneros?". This is a fascinating discussion and it's interesting to read everyone's opinions.

    My views on sexuality and sexual instruction will differ from the views expressed by some here because I am a Christian committed to raising our children with what we understand to be a Biblical worldview or framework for understanding and navigating reality. This includes our sexual aspect. I do not accept the foundational concept put forth by secularists that an "uncaused" or "self-created" universe is a rational possibility (in fact, it violates the rules of logic and is therefore highly irrational) and so it also follows I hold our lives are not happy accidents of chance and randomness but that they have purpose and meaning and that what we do matters and this includes how we have sex.

    Although I'm sure many who say they are believers are prudes and have repressed sexuality as dirty or evil, that is not the case in our family. We are quite open about the joys of sexual pleasure and enjoyment of one another with our children. We have always taught our children sex was designed by God for our pleasure as well as creating the next generation and that it is the glue which keeps a husband and wife cemented together for life and it is wonderful and nothing to be ashamed of. I know many other Christian''s have raised their children in this similar loving environment without any sense of shame in our being sexual beings.

    I have found it rather odd that the only thing in life that we spend so much time consumed by and pursuing it the one thing nobody ever really shows us how to do. There has to be a better way to instruct children in sex than text-heavy books or talks on the birds and bees. When our societies were more agricultural, children grew up watching livestock and other animals mating, so there was a much greater visual demonstration of sex going on constantly than what most are now exposed to. I don't think porn with all it's contrivances and artificialness is the answer. But children need better instruction in this area.

    Those of you who have children know this to be true...families are places where there's lot of opportunities for open and accepting discussions of sexuality from an early age. Children notice very early that touching their genitals feels good. I remember one time I was giving my then five-year-old son a bath and as the water was coming out the faucet it was hitting his penis. In his innocent wonder, he said, "Dad, it feels really good when the water hits my penis. Try it!". I didn't scold him or make him in any way feel bad. I said, "I bet it does. God created your penis to give you all kinds of good feelings. Someday, you and your wife we have a lot of fun playing with your penis and having sex. But, let's keep this something that's private, okay? We shouldn't rub our penis in public." This is advice that professional athletes have apparently not received from judging from the amount of times they adjust themselves on live TV!

    Parents the world over have seen their little children masturbate. Children the world over have walked in on their parents masturbating or having sex. I'm not endorsing a kind of twisted exhibitionism of our sexuality with our children. I'm just noting that families are places where sex occurs all the time and everyone stumbles upon this in a very natural and innocent way and it's something to laugh about and not be ashamed.

    Regarding masturbation, I've told my sons from their early teen years that there was nothing wrong with masturbation, so they should not feel bad or guilty about it and should ignore other well-meaning individuals who would make them feel so. The only things I've encouraged them to avoid are imaging having sex with a particular person (which Jesus said is tantamount to having sex with the person) and the use of pron.

    Rather, I've encouraged them to focus on the great feelings and to learn ways to delay their orgasm when they masturbate, so to prolong their pleasure and become experts as prolonging the pleasure of their future spouse. As those of you with kids also know, when they get in their early teens, the last thing they want to do is talk about sex with you! They are fascinated by sex but or horrified that you would be too and they don't want any embarrassing chats. We have found that leaving books on sexuality laying around in strategic locations throughout the house becomes a more comfortable way for them to learn at this stage (the books WILL disappear, only to resurface under beds) than having awkward conversations with mom and dad. We've also noticed that no matter how much sexual information you give kids, because most of them lack the experience in the area to put the information in context, they can only absorb so much information at a time. If they aren't ready for it a particular aspect, it just goes right over their head.

    So, would I give by teenage son an Aneros? I would have no shame in discussing multiple orgasms, prostate orgasms or anal orgasms or anal pleasure with my sons and I wouldn't shrink back from introducing Aneros as a wonderful tool in pursuing this form of sexual pleasure. But, I think they'd be highly embarrassed by the discussion. So, out of deference to them, I would only bring up the subject if they indicated an interest. They have found my Anero units and they don't ask about them but I can tell from little comments they know what they're for. If they asked, I would tell them.

    I suppose they never will. I can't imagine having this conversation with more than one or two very close friends in life. It would be embarrassing for me to speak with my dad about the topic, so why wouldn't it be for my sons to speak with me about it? I do think younger men (later teens) should be taught about multiple orgasms and encouraged to experiment with them as ways for prolonging theirs and their partner's pleasure. I'm just not sure the best way to make this info available.
  • LinumLinum
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    newguy8762 - thanks very much for a well written and illuminating contribution to this topic.

    I have to admit to not getting the religious ideas, being an atheist myself, but I was touched by the thoughtfulness and broad mindedness of you and your wife towards the burgeoning sexuality of your children.  I wish that parents generally were so open and positive.

    I wonder however, if that in the absence of a relationship, the one avenue that could be open to them is fantasy whilst masturbating, and this of course is a key part of arousal building in aneros use?  Teaching the difference between fantasy and reality, should make it a largely harmless activity.  It is also one you cannot be sure of preventing, since they are hardly likely to tell you.  By denying this one area, could you be setting up potential guilt problems, given that you have communicated that this isn't right?  More generally, if they decided that something is right for them that would not be right for you, how would you deal with that (for example the occurrence of homosexuality)?  I ask this not to criticise, but in the spirit of open enquiry.

    Pommie - thanks for your recounting of a disappointing contact with that doctor.  If only this were NOT a regular feature of contact with so many people.  I find it interesting that Taoists knew about this 3000 years ago, but then their approach to sexuality was distinctly open, where as we still live in post-Victorian times (as far as so many people are concerned).
  • isvaraisvara
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    In general terms I have a massive problem with the word 'porn'. It seems now to embrace anything sexual. That is any material that generates sexual feelings in the observer from commercial advertising, women's magazines, underwear advertising in newspapers. It includes what my wife and I do. The jokes and misinformation we shared as boys in the woodshed. Many books we sought out as boys that included intimate relational stories. The horrible war fiction that described sexual torture and punishment that were more readily available that x rated movies are now. The heaps of video rape theme games. Even bits in popular crime novels and those crime TV series like CSI Miami etc. that my wife watches. Of course national geographic was the best for breasts and an occasional suggestion of the clitoral grove. Great art works were good too. The bible was good and the Song of Songs a gold mine (I mean no disrespect - the bible is well grounded in reality which we are not.) As the boy said to his friend, " I walked in on mum and dad doing porn". Sexual activities are so universal and include so many varieties that it should not be so commonly defined under one word - porn. Boys more so that girls think about sex most of the time. It generated their energy and purpose for living, loving, productivity and bonding. I think that it is the basic energy of life, and it is intensely spiritual. The problem is it is so powerful we seem to deny its existence which is a dangerous thing to do as it will break out in negative ways. I think we need to be open about this sexual curiosity as a fact of life and not generate condition of dysfunction by sanitizing our daily life.
  • Linum,
    Thank you for your kind and respectful words even through we have two entirely different world views. I don't take any of your well thought-out questions as rhetorical criticisms but honest questions. 

    Regarding the use of fantasy: Having already stated that we feel obligated to provide our children life guidance, including sexual guidance, based on the teachings of the Bible, I'll respond to the issue of fantasy (and I believe the appropriate extension of porn) by siting the teaching of Jesus on the matter. 

    In providing His famous sermon on the mount, He warns the religious leaders of His day not to consider themselves pios or holy just because they hadn't violated the letter of the commandments in outward, actual behavior. He extends the meaning of such outwardly focused commandments  as thou shall not murder, honor your father and mother, thou shall not commit adultery to the inner or motivational meaning. In the eyes of God, if you are contemptuously angry with someone, you are just as guilty in your corrupt inner desires than if you killed them. To be sure, the consequences are much different. But, to a holy God, it's a matter of degrees. In God's eyes, adultery can be committed by engaging in sexual acts with another person or doing so in your imagination. In fact, in most instances, I think it can be convincingly argued that there are no actions without first developing thoughts about those actions. 

    We see in these teachings and others that God is concerned with our inner and thought life and according to Jesus teachings, our lives will one day be evaluated on the basis of not only our outward actions, but our inner desires and motivations. There is no hiding from God for any person. So, it's on this basis, what is pleasing to God, that we seek to guide them, not to give them a guilt trip. We also must remember that we ourselves shall be evaluated by these standards.

    Pornography is an extension of this concept of inner sexual fantasy and leads us to objectify the other person as a set of genitals or breasts or whatever our bodily object of fixation and as we all know, it's staged and photoshopped and the real experience can't live up to the manufactured. It's also insatiable, creating a hunger but never really satisfying the way a real relationship can. So, we also urge abstinence from porn.

    Regarding the matter of our children actually doing something that we would not approve of (or more properly, that God would not approve of), all I can say is, welcome to reality. None of us live up to the standards God has set for us in Scripture. We have fallen short. But, do we just throw up our hands in resignation and let our inner desires run wild? No, we are to restrain ourselves. All of us exercise restraint in a variety of areas of our lives on a daily basis so it should not seem odd that we do so in the sexual arena as well. 

    Our children have chosen to follow sometimes different paths as adults that what God or we have desired for them...having sex prior to marriage...among others. Do we reject them? No. 

    We as parents are guilty of many failings and short comings and although I have always been faithful to my wife and she to me, my imaginations have been less pure from time to time. Were you to delve into our pasts you would discover same sex relationships and premarital sex and pornography and drug use and a number of other things we encourage our children to avoid. We have close family members and friends who are gay. We don't agree with these paths others choose, but we love and accept them regardless. This also is based on biblical teaching, for in our view, God loved us before we did anything to endear ourselves to Him. He loves in spite of our weakness and we strive to model this aspect of God's character in our how we treat others. 

    I know that not all homes that go by the title Christian are this way. My daughter has a gay friend whose supposedly Christian father rants and calls him a faggot and tells him he's going to burn in hell. Why does this young man hang out at our home? Because our daughter knows there's none of that in our home but rather he'll find unconditional love and acceptance in our home.  

    That may be a much longer response than you were wanting but I wanted to respectfully address your thoughtful questions.

  • @newguy8762

    What a great set of posts.  As an aside I am becoming increasing impressed with the obvious IQ level and breadth of knowledge held by our Aneros community.  We obviously come from different walks of life and sexual preferences, yet one of the ties that binds us is our quest for increased sexual satisfaction. The effort you have put into your last two posts shows me you have as much desire for improved sexual experience as I do. Hearing from you about how this weaves into your Christian beliefs was really valuable to me,

    Before I edited this post I went into a detailed discussion of man’s interpretation of the Bible as it applies to homosexuality and pornography. When I read my comments I realized that I had gone far afield and way beyond that most readers want to read about. In the interest of keeping this site directed to the immediate needs of the Aneros world I deleted all of my comments which I included in the next post for those who might be interested. 

     So I will leave that alone.  But I really do have questions that I think you would personally like to address. So maybe we can wax eloquent in private conversations… unless the Aneros community wants to fire up the arguments and go at it.  I will leave that to them. Enough said.

  • (deleted material from above post.  For those not really
    interested in the “religious” component of all of this please SKIP THIS POST and move on the next. However if you are interested in the ongoing discussion about how our Victorian heritage affects us today, read on.  As I said to my wife who called me while I was playing gin rummy at the club, I replied.. “ Honey,,, start the argument, I will be home soon”. If you do read this do not blame me for taking this beyond the purposes of this forum, It is your fault also.


    Now I am like you in that I am a heterosexual and a Christian. BUT while I accept Christ, I am having trouble with some people’s version of the Bible.  The importance of
    this goes to the very essence of the authenticity of the Bible. (I have read Josh McDowell’s book about the arguments for authenticity.) This whole subject is huge and never ending. I do not propose to settle this here. But this is the root of much of the debates that rage within our society. Basically we are influenced, whether we like it or not, by the "Victorian" standards of the past. I want to resolve some of by doubts by posing to you
    @newguy8762 my dilemma:

    It is said that homosexuals should be stoned to death. Likewise fornicators. Now I do not know anybody who takes this literally by taking action. Obviously, although I am heterosexual, I
    do not buy into this. The root of the question is whether homosexuality is an acquired learning behavior or rather a product of our inherited traits.. i.e. genetic.  Now if it is genetic, which I believe, it seems so against all of my Christian principles that God would first create a  homosexual then stone him to death  I know that I am judging God by my sense of fairness but this seems unlikely.  God is perfect.  I have trouble believing that God is perfect in creating then asking others to kill his creation simply
    because God made the genetic choice. In my book this cannot be.  Now the question becomes whether this is REALLY a dictate from God OR this is a result of HUMANS, "citing" the Bible as authority, and putting this huge burden on homosexuals to bear. 

    So one way is to resolve this conflict is by concluding that the Bible is really saying that homosexuality is not genetic. To the point, a very close friend who probably has as much
    knowledge of the Bible as most pastors admits that if one were to conclude that homosexuality is genetic you have to reject the entire Bible. In the Bible Jesus said that all scriptures are accurate. There is no conflict in any of the passages. If the Bible is rejected then where are we to get the teachings of God and Jesus.  How do we really know about Jesus, and have the faith necessary for salvation, if the Bible on which we depend is deemed defective?  Hence it has to be that homosexuality is a behavior event. Restated.. we are screwed and will not have eternal life if we believe that homosexuality is genetic.  We must believe otherwise or we are doomed.,  So get away any thoughts that suggest the genetic component, “Don’t confuse me with the facts.. this is my story and I am sticking with it”.


    As an aside there are similar arguments about the age of the earth. The young earthers buy into the inherent genealogy of the progression of our race from Adam and Eve.  That’s their story and they are also sticking with that.


    What’s point? I think that there is a good chance that there is nothing wrong with the Bible.  The problem is with the humans who interpret the Bible.  Oh we are not to “interpret” the Bible, we must take it literally. But when I have confronted them with their own interpretation while claiming to be literal, they revert to the obvious that all of this in the final analysis is one of faith.  I absolutely agree.


    So how can my ramblings have any relevance to my original comment? For me I am going to let my instincts tell me what is right. Obviously I am constrained by society.  So as a practical matter I should not parade around flaunting new found success with multiple orgasms.  It is up to those men to find their own secrets.  I have discovered mine by working at it.  I deserve my success.
    Similar to religion I had to believe that all of this works. Now when it comes to my kids I have concluded that EVERYTHING that I believe will enhance their sex life should be taught to them. I do not buy into the idea that they will discover this on their own. Bull s**t. I am 76, with extreme focus on my sexual pleasure, and I am just NOW discovering my new found pleasures.  Where the hell was everybody when I was growing up? The truth is that my parents probably had no knowledge of this and my father died before he would have had the chance to educate me assuming he had the knowledge.

    Bottom line: Tell them early about Kuma Sutra, MMO, prostate massage, encourage masturbation, even penile enlargement during puberty (yikes.. did I say that?.. Yes).


    SO tell your kids everything and try to help navigate through the minefields raised in the prior post. Let her rip.  At least you know your kids at least had the chance and options to explore.



    I know I just covered a lot of controversial subjects.  You seem to be one of the more enlighten Christians I have read.  If you want to take the time I am interested in your reaction. I think you know what you are talking about.  It is my wisdom that I question. Let me have


    To the others… I warned you. I told you to skip this post! This might really stir up the masses (of which I am a member). I just put my helmet on… go for it.


    LAST WORD… to those that doubt the Aneros experience… THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS. I have been on a 10 day intensive immersion into MMO. When I started 10 days I had not experienced anything that I would call an orgasm,, whether Mini, Dry or Super.  Today, 10 days later, I am lit up like a Christmas tree. Every night I get better.  I am at the point where I can have the ultimate orgasmic spasm of cumming that does not die down.  It is like I have a permanent orgasm.  It is
    the most intense and pleasurable experience of my life,  In the last t 10 days I have experienced more
    orgasms that in all of my last 65 years. DO NOT GIVE UP. I was a doubter until this week.