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Night Pleasure Without Device
  • BootBoot
    Posts: 23
    By introduction, I only this week got close to a real O. Yesterday, I downloaded the Tantic Sexuality recordings. During the day, I had a regular session with the Vice (no vibe) while playing the recordings. The daytime session was good and there was plenty of Vice movement and enjoyment. Several hours went by and I went to bed around 11:30pm last night. I thought I would play the referenced sound track, but this time without the device. To my surprise, about 50% to 60% of the sensations from the device were apparent to me. I know; the device really wasn't in there! The prostate sent messages to my penile area, the rectum felt full and as if the toy was there (in a strange but wonderful way), and I had uncontrollable twitching over my body, even twitching of facial muscles more than earlier in the day. I was really surprised; I hadn't expected this. When I stopped momentarily to go to the BR, I was shaking sitting on the thrown. As soon as I got back to the music, I was at it again. I fell asleep for about two hours and when I awoke, I was trembling in extremities and found myself twitching as before. I don't want to take thunder from someone else who wrote about this on these pages. I couldn't find the one I read earlier to thank the person for the idea. No mistake; I will use the device during sessions. Butt, I though this was a very interesting phenomenon. 
  • Cool. What are these recordings you reference? Do you have a link?
  • BootBoot
    Posts: 23
    Thanks for the kind comments. I found the link to Tantic Sexuality at:

    You can hear parts of the first and last of the four sound tracks. There is an unmistakable beat to the tunes and if you listen closely there are moaning sounds here and there. I found this discussed under another post I was reading this week. Good Luck!
  • BootBoot
    Posts: 23

    First, I apologize above for accidentally mischaracterizing
    the Vice as a “toy.” Hm! I would rather think of it as an instrument: 1. A mechanical tool or implement,
    especially one used for delicate or precision work: surgical instruments; 2. A
    contrivance or apparatus for producing musical sounds: a stringed instrument
    “Instrument” at:].

    Second, the experiences I began with above have led to a
    Super-O and perhaps more than one today. I listened to the same sound track. I
    chose to totally relax and go with movement of the instrument. After some
    sensations like I’ve had before, I let go and the instrument took over. I went
    into a blissful state. For a while, my rectum and pelvic region were in the
    clutches of the instrument and spontaneously thrust forward. The sensations
    were marvelous and they kept on coming. When the soundtrack ended the momentum
    kept coming. These were dry. Only a very few drops of liquid were involved, but
    there were a few new sensations like short-term enhancement of the scrotum and
    a screwing sensation (like a worm was at work in the rectum). These make what
    happened in the past like being on training wheels.