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Aneros Vice?
  • Hi, I bought a Aneros Vice about a month ago and have been using it quite alot. How long should it take to achieve a Super-O? Thanks.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi Nath1983 and welcome to The Forum !

    Experiences leading to one's first Super-O have been as brief as a few minutes and as lengthy as several years.  Dame Helix visited a Super-O on me following 13 months of practice.  The second one took one more day and the third was almost two more months in the wings before it came onstage.

    Please remove the word, "should" from your thinking.  We have nothing that's "right" or  "wrong!" 

    Aneros Vice due to its many options (vibe-in or vibe-out and its 9 different vibe settings) is sufficiently complex in and of itself.   Additionally members have developed different techniques that further complicate the equation for the brain and body to grasp.  For a description of these active and passive approaches, see Brian Mayfields review of this unique toy:     please take particular note of Mr. Mayfield's "Passive" approach.

    As a result, many old hands in the Forum may suggest that you start your journey with a simple toy like the SGX, MGX, Helix or Helix-syn.

    For Vice, choose a position/posture so that your butt cheeks are not impeding it's free movement.  

    I do this on my belly, pillowed up to avoid penis contact, choose the mid-level cycling mode of the Muze, apply a pair of supple-nips, relax, splay my cheeks open to allow the vice to move freely.  I go "passive"  and allow my breathing to fall into a rhythm with the cycling of the vibe.  (a sort of variant on Brian Mayfield's, "passive mode").   Most times I don't experience p-waves just go into Autofuck and orgasm.  This isn't a 'calm seas' situation.

    hth,  enjoy !
  • Recently, using the Vice without vibration, I've experienced a feeling like someone putting something the shape of a shoe up to my crotch and applying pressure. I assume this occurs when the device and the tab are both drawn in together, and the tab is performing its stimulation function. This pressure feeling is pleasant and sometimes leads to internal movement of the vice side to side. My impression is this related to the vice's massage of the prostate. Around this time my body is in or goes into twitching of the lower body or nearly all over.