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Help getting mentally aroused
  • I have been using my helix for a couple weeks now, and I have had some results. Nothing much, just subtle p waves, but it is something. I think I may need to modify my helix, but I am going to research that a bit later. I think I need to modify the p tab a little bit. whatever haha. 
    One area I feel that I have been skipping is the entire mental arousal aspect, I am not that into porn at all. I tried to watch some porn, but I have realized that that only got me thinking along the traditional ejaculatory pathway. I am heterosexual and am not particularly turned on by anal, or at the thought of receiving, so fantasizing along those lines does not really strike me as a turn on. I am not turned off by either of those things necessarily, but I have just found it hard to stay mentally aroused without focusing on my penis.

    Any ideas or thoughts on what turns you on in a way that is not "gay", but also not something that is just going to want to make me jerk off?

    haha this may be tough
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    Your intuition is serving you well in noting the importance of mental arousal to effective Anerosessions. You may find the Are you "aroused"? thread informative here.

    While definition of what constitutes "gay" is highly varied and subject to individual interpretation, even fantasies which entertain homoerotic themes can be beneficial in creating/developing/enhancing arousal levels. Fantasies (whether they be straight, gay or bi-sexual in nature) are powerful arousal generators. Visual pornography, while arousing for some men, may be too limiting or distractive to actually help your Anerosessions.

    If visual porn is a 'turn off' for you, then perhaps written erotic literature would be a more effective avenue to pursue. There are a number of web sites which offer a rich variety of erotic stories, spanning the gamut of sexual activities from plain vanilla to the most outlandish fetish you can imagine. Reading any of these stories can engage your imagination to a greater extent than merely watching the visual porn, thus stimulating your arousal level.

    Alt Sex Stories Text Repository and Literotica are two such sites with a great variety of erotic literature from which to choose.

    Having a cooperative partner to tease/stimulate you while engaging in an Anerosession may prove very beneficial. Various role playing sexual games which seek to heighten your overall sexual arousal without focus on your penis may prove valuable, such as engaging in oral sex with your female partner, chastity play, bondage games. Any of these can become avenues for creating extremely arousing sensory conditions where no penile stimulation is involved. I'm sure if you sit and think about it for a short while you will discover a huge reservoir of ideas you could draw from your subconscious to increase your arousal level.
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  • isvaraisvara
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    I am trying to sort this out now. I have avoided graphic sex in my sessions. The word porn has too many meanings could also included sex with ones wife!!! I have ED so I cannot finish with Ej. However last night I felt that my prostate needed stimulation so I watch some nice graphic sex. I was able to shift the stimulation to the prostate rather than the penis. I really felt the prostate swell up. I felt I might be near the edge of an involuntary. I am seeing that explicit sex is what all couples do! It is better than seeing murder, psychological control, and graphic physical violence on TV! I am not sure where I will go with this. I am hoping than once I move to stage 2, then the involuntaries etc will come naturally, and I can move into a more 'spiritual' approach. In the mean time I gotta wake up my prostate!
  • Thank you for you advice rumel. I didn't even think of that. I will be sure to try that and then report back here to relate my findings. Also, best of luck isvara!  
  • Consider this site.

    It also has some awesome AUDIO erotica files!