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Aneros Use while sick...a bad idea?
  • Im gonna go with that its probably a bad call. Ive been sick for about 7 days now and haven't used it once but Im getting that "call of the aneros" urge due to not using it for a bit. Should I still hold off? I would imagine doing it while still sick (slightly lightheaded, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes) may make me perhaps nauseated among other things.

    Has anyone actually tried while sick? 

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    No experience doing that yet. Being sick will probably be a bit of a distraction to the session. It might be worth a shot if you're getting the call for it, but worse case scenario it'll be a dud.
  • @chono273 I have been very sick for 4 days.
    I had not had a session for two weeks before hand even though I was used to having one a minimum of every second day.
    I gave in while I was sick due to the importunity arising.
    Waste of lube.
    No fun at all.
    Dont bother!

    That was my experance anyway......  >:P

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Aside for some bad shows when I was intoxicated my worst bedroom performance followed my carrying a case of flu into a local watering hole.  

    The symptoms led to poor judgement and I allowed myself to be picked up by a comely lass who spirited me off to her apartment. I proved to be a lousy lay and was probably lucky in that she didn't throw me out with the trash.  :(

    Remember that your central sex organ is your brain and if it's not feeling well, your responses with Dame Aneros will be rather dulled.
  • I've been fortunate not to have been sick for several years, and have been using my Aneros for a little over a year. But in the past I've often found that having ejaculatory orgasms while sick could help me feel better. I'm guessing it is partly due to the release of endorphins, and partly due to getting very relaxed so I could rest. I think I would try it myself, figuring it couldn't hurt and might help. Get well soon!
  • @chrono273, It doesn't hurt to use the Aneros when you are not feeling well if you "feel the call" for it. I know the Aneros wiki advises against it though.

    Last week I had for a good six days a severe bout of diarrhea with a slight gastric distress. That episode caused me to suspend my Aneros sessions. Fortunately I had the consolation of my awakened prostate to keep me company :)

    I hope you get better though.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I've done it before and didn't get much out of it. Likely because my arousal and horniness were decreased from being ill. I doubt you'll hurt or make yourself worse unless you're having diarrhea where your anus could be sore from it. Experiment and see what you find out.
  • My personal philosophy is that you should not ejaculate or strongly sexually stimulate when your are sick. It drains the "chi" energy which is already low, and you need it to recover. Therefore, I would not have an Aneros session unless I was feeling well and at a normal energy level.