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Refraining from orgasm not working...
  • long term user here but never had Super-O.

    I'm currently experimenting with "self-chastity" and haven't cum for 2.5 weeks which is a record for me.  I've had 4 sessions over the past 5 days and they've all been duds.  I know there was thread here recently that refraining from orgasm may/can improve your sessions but so far I'd have to disagree.  In fact some of my best sessions have been within a few hours of orgasm.

    On another note the horniness and frustration level of not cumming usually peeks between the 2nd and 4th day.  This seems to be consistent with others who practice chastity.  Once you get past that time things seem to level off a bit with some small peeks and valleys.  So I'm wondering in the case of Aneros maybe it's best to try it in that timeframe?  Anything beyond that seems counterproductive in my experience.
  • I also agree that going 2 to 4 days without cumming is the toughest. Past that it goes downhill and I seem to loose interest in it until I cum again. I noticed similar things to you. 

    Looking at my past, the horniest I have ever been was when I was masturbating all the time. If you do it a lot for a long time and get yourself in that frame of mind, and then pull away from it for a little bit, thats when I get the horniest. Back when I was masturbating 4 times a day, and cumming at least 3 times/boner, I had the most difficult time going a day without. Now that I stopped I really have no problem not doing it. It was extremely hard to get to this point tho. 

    I have no idea how any of this would relate to prostate orgasms or mmo.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    hamptonbdsm - thanks for your observations.

    I am not sure whether it is just terminology or not, but I don't refrain from dry orgasms, just ejaculation, although the longest that I have ever managed this is 12 days.  I masturbated or had sex during the 12 days, I just didn't ejaculate/wet orgasm.

    For me there comes a point where horniness is offset by sexual frustration, and I think this is what causes the apparent depression in horniness after 2 to 4 days that you (and I) have observed.  However, I am experimenting with Taoist sexual practices, and part of that is how to deal with excess horniness that leads to frustration.  It is still a "work in progress" though.

    MMO_RPGlol - it was interesting to read what you had to say.  Masturbating almost to the point of no return and then holding back for a bit, not only makes me extremely horny, but is also one of my routes to numerous dry orgasms, even without the aneros.  The trick for me was to learn to relax and breathe deeply (sound familiar?) throughout, and particularly to relax back into orgasm.  Orgasm apparently starts just before the point of no return, and relaxing allows the orgasm to build, without ejaculation.  It can sometimes take 10 to 15 seconds for the dry orgasm to occur, but once it starts, I often get wave after wave of them.

    As far as aneros practices go, I have had some very good sessions during the ejaculatory abstinence period, but I have learnt to recognise when sexual frustration would be counter-productive to relaxation, which in turn affects the feedback from the aneros.

    Anyone interested in Taoist sexual techniques could do no worse than to read Chia's "The Multi-Orgasmic Man".
  • Correction....I should have said ejaculation.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    No problem
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    I have been experimenting with self chastity too.  I actually purchased a male chastity device and tried wearing it here and there, though getting it to fit right is difficult and then dealing with morning wood is extremely difficult.  Anyways once i thought i had it fitting well enough i set a goal for ten days, then i would try an aneros session with hopefully explosive results.  Well I only made it 4 days, but I did have very good results and ended up having a super O.  I have also tried having a session with the chastity device on, but they tend to be a dud session since the device prevents any hard-ons which come and go with a session, and tends to be painful.  So my experience lately has been with good results when i do abstain, though how long i guess might be the key, like i said i only made it 4 days and was extremely horny and just couldnt take it anymore.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    ineverknew - I am really pleased to hear that you have had such success with "chastity".  I had a fantastic aneros session yesterday, not to super-O level, but very active, and very enjoyable, and this was after 6 days of ejaculatory abstinence.  I seem to be getting around the negative sexual frustration side of ejaculatory abstinence (that I reported above) and only had the positive arousal aspects of it.

    On a side note, I always assumed that penis engorgement at night, and (since you mention it) with morning wood, is a physiological mechanism for maintaining the health of penile tissue.  I am not therefore sure that denying erections to this extent is entirely healthy - any thoughts?

    Taoist views are that temporary ejaculatory abstinence (see thread started by Rumel) is a good thing, but arousal building can occur through having sex and masturbating, but not ejaculating (having wet orgasms) which cause a refractory period, which lowers sexual energy to a sub-basal level. It doesn't just depend on not having an erection.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    linum- Im not sure as to how healthy it may or may not be to deny any erections.  I've read up on it some over the internet.  Of course there are opinions galore, some say it will shrink your penis where others say it will not affect you at all.  That being said short periods of denying an erection would seem somewhat safe, whereas long term might have some effects.  As for me I have very little self control and would have a hard time masturbating or having sex and NOT ejaculating.  Besides just being locked up temporarily is extremely exciting in itself for me even if it is really just a mind game your playing with yourself.  The trick is finding a way to make the key unaccessable, which is hard to do! lol
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Good for you inverknew.  I take your point about self control.  I am a natural edger, and so it was easy for me.

    Good luck with all this

  • @ ineverknew
    > I have also tried having a session with the chastity device on,

    I'm almost exclusively being milked with an Aneros Progasm locked under my male T-3 steel chastity crotch-belt.

    > but they
    tend to be a dud session since the device prevents any hard-ons
    > which
    come and go with a session, and tends to be painful.

    SMALL (short and narrow) penis tubes quickly limit the growth of his penis and cause lots of discomfort and pain.

    LARGE (longer and wider) penis tubes (such as mines) allows enough room for a comfortable expansion, but will stop me short of the "finish
    line".  It feels like my penis is permanently being stuck inside a vagina
    hole... Locking the Aneros under my belt's Anal Shield (free to respond to muscle contraptions and off limits to hands) can be very devilish... it would feels like I'm being helplessly being penetrated from the read AND "fucking the tube"... that most likely results in an intense ruined orgasm.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @Locked_InSteel,  I havent had any sessions in a long time while wearing a chastity device, too many duds.  I think the pain associated with denying a hard-on was too distracting. I also havent found a device that I cant pull out of yet.   I havent given up on chastity though.  I'm planning on getting a PA peircing soon and then going to get a penicap.  If you havent heard of this you can view it here,  Its actually a very neat device as it only covers the head of the penis and not painful when you get erections, but definitely prevents masturbation.  Well I actually have heard rumors of others being able to masturbate with it on, but for me it wouldnt work as the most sensitive parts are covered.  As for a belt, thats way too cumbersome for my line of business as I have a very physical job with lots of bending and crouching.  How long are you usually locked up?  Do you have a keyholder?
  • Great thread!  I'm in a period of ejaculatory abstinence myself and enjoy the swapping of ideas.  I have been a loyal user of Aneros for over six years now.  I have quite a bit of experience with sex/masturbation toys, and truly believe that the Aneros devices are the absolute best product on the market for men ranging from both pleasure and health benefits.  I'm not sure I have ever had a super-O or dry orgasm. I do not care, I've had had some of the most erotic and pleasant sensations for hours on end while using an Aneros.  I would get so frustrated in the early days trying to achieve what I would read about online, that I overlooked the entire experience.

    Masturbatory continence can be useful when learning Aneros, but in no means necessary.  Remember the whole purpose of any type of self pleasuring is to feel good, not deny ourselves.  Periodically I enjoy to go several weeks without ejaculation.  During said weeks, I feel such an increase in my overall vitality.  It feels like getting an instantly large dose of the world's best antidepressant.  I agree that excessive ejaculation can deplete your life force, and it's nice to let it build back to capacity from time to time, ultimately increasing the intensity of an Aneros session, not because I have fasted from masturbating, but because I am in better communication with the chi circulating the throughout my entire being.

    The first few days when cutting out ejaculatory release can be frustrating when your body is so used the cycle.  I try to embrace the increased horniness rather that suffer from it.  It takes some practice and mental reconditioning but is achievable.  I take that pent up sexual energy and try to stimulate it with other senses such as music, exercise, etc.

    During times abstaining from ejaculation, I do still masturbate regularly.  It took a bit of practice to recondition myself to not pump away to the big pop once my arousal levels were at peak.  I am not not a huge believer in stimulating yourself to right before "the point of no return" then contracting to stop the ejaculation.  While it does feel great to stay on that plateau for as long as possible, it can be tortuous when trying to commit to a long term period of ejaculatory continence.  Also I must mention you'll end up with a debilitating case of blue balls.

    During my masturbation-without-ejaculation sessions I try to keep the experience as relaxing and lengthy as possible, rather than focusing on getting on horned up to no release, ultimately denying myself.  I get my environment comfortable, shower, light a candle, etc...Almost like preparing to get a professional body massage.  I often put on some pornography, let the sexual stimulation build, grab a nice lube, and steadily massage my erect penis.  This is not is essentially a jack-off session, but a great feel-good massage.  If the urge to start pumping away to completion becomes strong, I focus of inward, and in a meditative state try to send that sexual energy throughout my body.  This can be a great practice to help aid your Aneros sessions as well when it comes to learning how to spread the sexual sensation throughout your body.  Don't be surprised if you start feeling sexual sensations in odd places like the tip of your nose or bottom of your feet.  

    Generally during an Aneros session I do not participate in any type of penile stimulation prior to the insertion of the device.  I feel I focus better on prostate sensation when not beginning with the penis, however enjoy stimulating my penis towards the end of the session, but not focused on ejaculation.

    With time and practice, you will be able to enjoy lengthy sessions stimulating your penis during ejaculatory abstinence without having feelings of sexual frustration.  Use your Aneros on regularly, as it will help to relieve build-up and keep things circulating harmoniously in your man-parts, in addition to still giving you a sense of sexual satisfaction.

    Enjoy your journey!  Remember if focused too much on the destination, you'll miss many steps in the path.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Thanks for that Brian. I've been playing with edging and not doing to well, I keep going past that point of no return. I'll try your advise and try and make it more then just fapping away, I must say though I love that natural high from abstaining!