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My Next Aneros for my Enlarged Prostate
  • VydoVydo
    Posts: 7

    Hi, I am new here,

    I mostly use my Aneros helix syn for my enlarged prostate.  At first use it seemed crowed
    in there but over time it has shrunk the prostate down and now feels very
    comfortable.  I am wondering if going
    larger, like with the progasim, will further shrink the prostate.  I am also looking at the vice but I don’t
    know if the vibrator is just for pleasure or if it will help the prostate.  I don’t have a problem with pleasure but my
    focus right now is shrinking the prostate. 
    My wife and I have both enjoyed the syn and it does help with our sex
    life in more than one way.  Shrinking the
    prostrate does help my sex life as well as keeping the urinary path open.  If anyone has any experience with this,
    please post.


  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    With an enlarged prostate you might also consider going smaller to give the massager more room to move. The Eupho is a pretty popular model and is my favorite. I don't get much out of the Progasm yet, although that can change with time. I think it is a bit cowded as you suggest. The Peridise models are also a lot of fun and I give them a lot of credit for putting me on the path to some very nice O's.

    Personally, I have found that when things get a bit "stale", switching to another model can get things going again.

    Have fun trying them out and congratulations to you and your wife for enjoying this together!

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I find the smallest SGX is quite special. It seems to encourage the prostate to engorge more than the others - I suppose because it has to engorge more to make contact. I guess this means prostate is not stattic but has become quite dynamic, so this must be good for it. ( I occasionally use this for trad sex)
    "Ice" is quite daunting not easy to use after the SGX but it certainly lies along side the prostate and fills the space. I usually get a small fluid discharge much more so than with the SGX, I am guessing this may be from the prostate.
    With "ice" I am careful with my contractions as I don't want to bruise my P and spoil a beautiful friendship!
    I do have BHP and I believe strongly the prostate massage aspect of the Aneros has been extremely beneficial. I also take a non prescription Prostate Manager, a herbal concoction, that assists greatly. My GP is quite happy with this - even gave me a free sample. So I have a two pronged approach.
    NB I am still in stage 1.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I use a variety of tools to get the job done.

    The HIH website, -- -- recommends the Prostate PS-2 (SGX in 'Aneros-speak') for men with a 'severely' enlarged prostate.  Early-on, I added an SGX alongside the Helix already in my toybox.  During 3 years with my SGX I've removed all of the tail. That modification allows the SGX to tilt forward and do excellent work on the lower portion of my prostate. Other Aneros toys (Helix and Vice) do a better job on the central prostate and the Classic (aka PS-New) titillates the upper region nearer my bladder neck.  One unintended 'virtue' of the Helix is that it sometimes slides off to one side of my prostate and massages one or the other of the lateral lobes.  My Helix has all of it's tail so, I can force that 'head tilt' by shifting the Helix p-tab off to one side or the other of my perineum.

      - No observed reduction in prostate volume as yet.  It remains at a steady 45-50 grams of volume.   However, the prior growth rate of about 10% per year has been halted.  My Uro believes that I will probably avoid what I call "roto-rooter therapy" on my prostate.  (Note:  Ten_s_Nut has reported a reduction in prostate volume but he is 14 years younger than I and logs more inserted hours per week than do I.)
      - i've been able to reduce my daily prostate medication from 2mg of Cardura to 1mg of Hytrin.  And, seldom have to interrupt my sleep to urinate at night.  A side benefit of this is less severe reduction in blood pressure from the Alfa-blocker.  That translates to more flexibility in the timing of Viagra or Levitra dosing and better readiness for penetrative sex.

    Most of my serious therapy massage is with a Vice using either the Muze vibe or an inexpensive Doc Johnson 7-function mini-bullet.  The later has the advantage of a corded remote control.

    One side-benefit of owning an SGX is that I can pack it during sex and ejaculate very freely at climax.  I find ejaculation more 'obstructed' by a larger toy like MGX or Helix.

    hth... rook
  • VydoVydo
    Posts: 7

    So Rook, would say that the Vice with the vibrator is more
    for fun or do you think that it is equally medicinal for the P.  Like I said I do have the Syn and I have
    packed it during sex and I have fantastic O’s and even a double O once.  Something I never had before.  If I get the Vice I want it to be for medicinal
    purposes more than anything.  If it
    changes my mind then it will be a double benefit.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I have never had a super "o" so I am guessing - I would think the stimulation of the P during a super "o" would be very good for the P. I find "ice" to big and not easy to insert. I have not tried "vice" for quite some time. It is also big. Perhaps the smaller ones actually make the P respond better?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Vydo, I'd stick with what you've got.  I don't think something the size of a Progasm would hurt your gland but if you're like me, it's just too much inside and the smaller I go (Eupho's my favorite) the more intense the super orgasms are and it's the prostate contractions during the O's that relax the gland thus opening up the urinary path and providing relief from the enlarged prostate congestion symptoms.

    You don't necessarily have to work on it with something the size of a Progasm as in beating it with a large stick to accomplish the desired goals.
  • I am trying to work out the best routine for using my Helix, any help would be welcome

    what is best in everyones oppinion to get the best helath benefits?

    1. massage before sex with wife
    2. massage on days not having sex with wife
    3. massage while having sex

    I find it hard to get an erection if using while having sex, the feeling seems to get in the way from erectile penile stimulation.

    I have thought maybe massage before sex then the prostate has a break in between days? We are quite active on average 3-4 times  week, so was thinking of massaging 2-3 times?

    My goal is to have better urine flow, less pelvic floor spasms and better erections. I can wake up with a super hard on but when tired struggle (most evenings) I have tried less sex but that just conjests me, my prosate seems to need regular use, possibly due to years of high level activity (high sex drive)

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Thanks for all the info so far
    I really hope we can go somewhere with this topic.
    I find the small aneros better.
    the big profiles certainly press on my prostate and a get sort of involuntary contraction but the small ones seem to make the P more responsive.
    I do not yet have any involuntary anal contractions and no super 'o's.  
    I am not sure if I should have 'work' sessions and 'fun' sessions. A pattern might be helpful.
    I am in sort of stage 1 of 3. 
    I want better Prostate health, better P floor muscle tone, stronger sphincter and flow out into better body health (B.G DC post), not sure at my age if I can aim for better (or many) Ej and erections.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Sittingonagolfball, I don't think that for purely health reasons it will make any difference "when" you massage, just that you do massage on a more or less regular basis, say at least once or twice a week.  It's easy to produce soreness inside if you massage as often as daily or every other day (at least in my case), and super-O's tend to come more intensely if you wait a few days.

    The most successful regime I've found for better sexual responsiveness and erectile performance during sex with my wife is to massage on days other than when we do have sex.  Better urine flow, decreased prostate congestion symptoms, and improved erectile performance were the reasons I tried prostate massage with the Aneros.  The improvement in urine flow and congestion symptoms came rather rapidly but it took the several months before I became successful at having super-O's before I noticed the improved erectile performance.

    Like you describe, though I still enjoyed good morning erectile function, nights when she was interested in sex and I was tired took some work.  Thankfully, that's improved now.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Clarification if possible, please.
    When you suggest regular massage does this mean using the Aneros for something like Kegel session as different from a 'do nothing' session.
    I am still in the stage 1 of 3 so I have no involuntaries to massage my P. I would have to do that voluntarily with Kegel contractions.

    We have two streams of posts running at the same time that are very close.
  • Thanks for all your advise.

    My only concern is the prostate getting a break, if I have solo session in between sex days my poor old walnut will be having some action nearly every day.

    I will try a session twice a week before we get down to it and report back how things go.

    My sysmptos right now are a feeling of tightness when I pee, (I typically only have to get up once during the night) and a sometimes a feeling of burning or a feeling I am going to ejaculate on non contact arousal. The latter is a bt like blue ball syndrome we all got as kids.

    There is also a possibility my disc surgery on my back has had a bit of an effect, but the nerologists just shrug their shoulders, providing I "can" pee and poop they are not interested in anything else.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi Vydo and welcome to this great community!!

    I was attracted to Aneros for both the prostate orgasmic life (been at it since age 13 solo), and the health benefits for my prostate gland. Mine was also enlarged (BPH, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and I have a history of periodic Prostatitis. Before aneros I was having to get up 3-4 times every night.

    My first model was MGX, and while separating BPH sessions from the orgasmic ecstasies sessions by a day or two at least, I found that the MGX was breaking up the molecular debris that accumulates and swells the prostate, and  giving me much greater ejaculations and volume of ejaculate!!

    I too went small for the advanced mobility of the fantastic EUPHO model; still my all time favourite for prostate orgasmic ecstaies. Then the progasm Ice seduced me, and I went "large" as well, making those a third alternative session type. Added Max and Vice to that group as well.

    Now, for prostate health BPH therapy sessions, I almost always use my Progasm ICE, which I find gives me the greatest ejac volume "clearing the pipes", as well as the longest number of days before my urine flow seems at all compromised again. Ice also awakened my Cowpers Gland and for the first time in my life I started producing a few pre-cum drops, which now cums is moderate flows!! Another great pleasure and health benefit too hhhmmmm!!

    I am into my 6th year of this, and my prostate health/size has never been better!! No Prostatitis attacks at all since beginning the regular BPH therapy sessions with MGX and now ICE or Max or....!!! I took my MGX into an appointment with my Urologist and explained how it all works and my results, and he is quite happy about it and encourages continuing!!

    So, Vydo and all, in addition to prostate orgasmic awakening, and prostate specific health benefits, this practice also can awaken a man's ecstatic energies into the great energies spectrum of many such energies practices around the world going back thousands of years of human history and development!! That is another story for another thread perhaps...

    all the very best orgasmic health benefits from prostate awakening even up into improved life-force and spiritual ecstatic orgasmic healing energies all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577

    That's prostate congestion symptoms you're describing.  I'd think a couple times a week would be sufficient for massaging.  That's about what works for me.


    I don't do Kegels per se.  I get great involuntaries and super-O's where the motion of the massager takes over and does the massaging without any voluntary control on my part.  It took months for this to come about but it's pretty automatic now.  Until then I voluntarily did Kegels with the Aneros in and this helped urinary stream and congestion symptoms just as well.  However, I'd emphasize that learning how to have involuntaries and dry super-O's comes about (for me at least) with relaxation, the "do nothing" technique just holding gentle PC contractions (like holding your urine back) while doing some nipple tickling.  Within just a few weeks of trying that I got some feelings going that before long culminated in my first super-O.
  • I am finding that the contractions are flaring my IBS that in turn can lead to prostate tightness issues, which I believe could be the root to all my issues. tight arse basically ;)

    The key maybe as you say dont do any contractions and let the body do the work. I have also just found a well hyped ultrasound prostate massager that does not work on contractions just relaxes the muscles the same way ultasound does for other groups.

    will report back on how this works.

  • One thing I never get is any fluid release, I account this to the amount of sex I have and possible no conjestion due to this?

    Or simply just not getting there?

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    I have had IBS for years and now much better after ditching the meds and using acidopholus supplements: hear from IBS now once a year or less... My aneros and prior prostate massage sessions were/are like a soother for my GI-tract!!
  • Interesting, we all react different I guess, I am also only guessing it flares up my IBS, well when I say IBS I mean more muscle tightening (frequent BM, low calibre, frequent need to urinate) stress also is a major factor in the same symptoms.

    I am not giving up though I am convined this is the right path as everyone else is proving.

    Should I be getting fluid leakage though for health benefits? I get fluid leakage when I wake with the morning wood, but cant get the same with massage


  • Just found this article

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    • Irritable bowel syndrome, like prostatitis, has no specific cause but can be diagnosed by confirming a constellation of symptoms. These include chronic diarrhea or constipation, or both; excess gas; abdominal or pelvic pain; and mucus or blood in the stool. IBS can be managed, but not cured. Because the large intestine and colon lie so near the prostate, IBS can irritate the prostate and other structures in the pelvic floor. Prostate symptoms can develop from IBS.

    Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)

    • Just as IBS can cause prostatitis, so prostatitis can cause IBS. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), a longstanding and habitual tightening of the pelvic muscles due to stress, can cause both conditions. Doctors are just beginning to research CPPS as a cause for the overlapping symptoms of prostatitis and IBS. The early findings from a study by Dr. David Wise at Stanford University are that a program of stretching, massage and relaxation exercises can all be beneficial in CPPS management. Before going on medications or electing to undergo surgery, ask your doctor whether CPPS might be the cause of your discomfort

    Read more: How Prostate Problems Cause IBS |

  • VydoVydo
    Posts: 7

    this stuff about IBS is off topic but I am an expert on this so I feel I can
    help. I have had Candida for years that progressed into IBS and again
    progressed into Fibromyalgia. I do think they all can be cured and have been
    backing the Fibromyalgia back down to IBS again. I use a Candida diet and plain
    old Borax in water and sip it all day long then at night I take glycine in water
    about an hour before bed. Another usefull supplement to take is 5HTP a half an
    hour before meals will greatly help out the digestive track.  Look up 5HTP in Wikipedia to see how it
    works.  The nice thing about the borax is
    that it is helping on my ED and I am way more interested in sex. If you would
    like to know more look here.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    at Bill’s protocol.  I know it’s a lot to
    take in and it will take about a year but take it from me it will get worse if
    you don’t take care of it.  I am not a
    doctor but I can tell you that it works for me. 
    I learned of Aneros from that website so if you’re thinking this is pretty
    coo coo then consider how I got here.

    just wanted to say I read every one of your post and so thank you all for your
    comments.  I use my Syn every day and it
    does not bother me.  It hasn’t helped me
    to get better yet but it keeps me from getting worse.  I use it while doing Kegels and playing with
    my penis and that makes my Syn jump around and message my P.  I know it doesn’t make a super O happen but
    that is not my objective.  My enlarged
    prostate happened at the same time as the ED and I think there is a connection
    so I will continue to work on the P. 
    Please keep the comments coming.

    you all

  • Thanks for the info. will have to look into this.