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Incontinence and erectile dysfunction, Aneros is helping
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    I want to write about the benefits of the Aneros product Helix Classic.

    It helps with the erection problem and the incontinence dysfunction.
    For starters im 37 years old, have a fiance 2 kids which im the bioligcal father to our latest child who is 6 months old.

    I suffer from incontinence and erectile dysfunctions. Well it's not 100% dysfunctions nowdays, because we have been able to make our
    little child.

    These problems startet for about 6 years ago. It was a struggle for me. I could not understand why the problems just appeared and where they came from. When I had to urinat I could feel that my bladder was not empty yet, so I had to push some more, and with my finger I pressed just in front my anus and followed the line up to my scrotum and still pressed it up to my penis, then the rest came out. If I didn't do this it would leak out as soon as I sat down.

    At the same time the erection problem appeared. I could not get a hard on to speak. I had no feeling or arousal that could bring my penis hard. When I felt the arousal coming, my penis was dead, like the nerves were cut of. If i gently massaged my penis I felt nothing, I could not get a penil orgasm or any orgasm at all for that matter. I had a period for about 2 years, 2 years of no activity in my penis at all, and above this my incontinence situation. I went to different doctors and in the end I was talking to a doctor who was a specialist on these matters. He said that there are so many men who have the same issues, but men doesn't talk about it, men feel shame. He told me to try a prostate massager becuase he could'nt see any physical problems that made this happen. And I did try one but with no result. I think this problem was so infected to me since my struggle and downsides all
    the time.

    The past years things have gotten better, I dont have any urinary leakage in the same amount as before, and the erectile problem is still there but not like before, somt times it works and I get a 80% erection but not a full one. I can use my penis but it is soft and stiff at the same time . But I dont get a 100% erection like before, I don't wake up with a full hard on anymore. If im lucky it's more or less off a erection.

    I was searching the net for help and I found this site of the Aneros, I also searched for the Prostate stimulation. I have been trying this before and felt a pleasure in that area.

    The Helix im using have changed things. It feels like I have a stronger control of my urine. When I pee the beam is stronger (is that correct to say?).My penis is more alive now, I wake up with a stronger erection now, it is not 100% yet but the results is impressive for me. If they were about 30% of a morning erection before it's about 50% now. The reaction in my PC muscle is stronger and I can cut off the beam better now than before.

    The result of using the Helix except for the pleasure to achieve mmo is that for me it helps with the erection problem and the incontinence dysfunction. I just wanted to share this if there is somybody who have similar problems out there.

  • Hi Malmo,

    I am glad that the Aneros is helping you with incontinence and erectile dysfunction. You mentioned that your PC muscle is stronger now. I have notice that the Kegel Exercises and the Aneros go hand-in-hand. The Kegels enhance your use of the Aneros, and the Aneros help you to do the Kegels more effectively.

    At the beginning of this year, I had a flagging sexual libido. Many men as they progress into their 50's and 60's experience this problem. I found that I didn't have any interest for masturbation on a regular basis, and possibly like you, I couldn't get it up.

    But when I began my Aneros sessions with the Helix Syn early last June, all this changed. The Aneros began awakening my prostate. Now I feel like a sexually reborn guy!

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Same has happened for me over the past three years using Aneros massagers.  Instantly noticed improved urinary stream and the ability to sleep through the night without getting up to pee.  Then as the months went by and I finally developed the skill to have prostate super-O's with it, the erectile performance really started coming along.  I didn't have much in the way of problems before, just took time to get a full erection going if my wife wanted sex late at night and I was tired, or under those circumstances once started, I'd get soft sometimes before I could finish.  But now, wow, what a big difference.  Most noticeable are the raging morning erections, almost painful they're so intense, and the sensitivity and ability to get and sustain an erection for sex are improved.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who can overcome the initial squeamishness of awakening their sexual life through their rectum and prostate route.  It takes a lot of patience and time, months for me and from what I can read many guys similarly, but the results are incredible.  It truly is like you're sexually "reborn" in middle age and beyond when you're thinking it's about to "be over".
  • How often do you guys (like me) that use the massagers for health reasons use them in a week to start seeing benefits?

    As I have mentioned on here before my use was for health reasons, suffering from regular pelvic floor tension and what my urologist deiscribed as the inner protate muscle being tight, no enlargement or infection.

    Today again here I am with yet another flare up. My usage of my helix is somewhat sporadic, I too suffer from IBS and this has a direct effect on the same muscle groups.

    Interestingly on Tuesday I had the most rocking super O but today I have the old issues back, however a mild session seems to have relieved it a bit..

    My ED seems to be a bit mental related as i can wake up with the biggest hard on that I cant get rid of, so I have ruled out a direct link with my prostate and ED, however my stream has always been weak.

    It would be interesting to hear from others that also are in this for health reasons as well as sheer pleasure?

  • @ slimjim - Your post has given me alot of reasurance! thank you

    I have a very understanding wife which helps.

    I brought the topic up of prostate massage with a buddy who is doing charity things with prostate cancer, I tried to inform him of the self awareness benefits - I am convinced he thinks I am gay now!


  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Glad your wife is understanding.  Difficult indeed to share stuff like this, even as helpful as it is, face to face with someone you know.  You never know what response they'll have.  I got started for health reasons but like everyone was intrigued with seeing if I could have prostate orgasms.  It took a while, but in retrospect it was pretty easy and benefiting from the health effects sure couldn't be more fun.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I have moved this to
    "My next Aneros for my enlarged prostate"
    As it fits better there, sorry if this confuses anyone
    The two post threads are very similar
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Agree isvara, butt thanks Malmo and all for this companion perspective on the core problem!!

    My main response is in the same thread that isvara cites above. Only to say that I too have experienced ED from blood pressure meds for several years before beginning my aneros practice, and Aneros had boosted my erections and reduced the incontinence problem by keeping my "pipes cleared out" with my BPH therapy sessions I describe at "My next Aneros for my enlarged prostate".

    all the best of all prostate awakening benefits all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected