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Aneros Helix No Results
  • I bought an Aneros Helix model and used it for three hours with no results.  Not even a mild sensation. Has anybody else have the same expe3rience and what is the solution?
  • Yes i Have a helix to. And yes I had no results for months even using it every second day and even sleeping with it.
    I have been using it for six months now  and I can say that although I have not had a dry O yet every session is a improvement and I am now at a stage where I get a lot of pleasure from it. Enough to make me crave it!

    You may not feel anything for a few months but keep at it. You wont be sorry in the end!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 822
    Patience. It can take weeks for the prostate to even notice the aneros. It is not a quickie and you are moving towards an experience that ultimate is not like a normal ejaculation. I am nine months into the journey and being very patient. Nice feelings and a suggestion of something huge ahead. Every time I try to hurry the experience it slows it down.
  • Getting up in age (56) and having minor symptoms of enlarged prostate- up at night to pee 2-4 times on average. Thought I would try the helix for therapy in slowing, if not halting, the enlargement progression. Getting goose bumps while doing kegel exercise. I guess that's what to happen. I was expecting a strong need to pee sensation when I first inserted the device (like at MD's office). Having thought I should of gotten larger model, but initaially felt I fit the average norm- 5'11", 175lbs. All constructive comments welcomed.
  • I have had my helix for one week now, and my first few sessions were just like yours. There were literally no sensations of any sort. By experimenting with positions, I have very recently started noticing p-waves. Quite a lovely sensation:)

    I think we just need to keep working at it.
  • Boys, boys, boys....PATIENCE! 

    Aneros pleasure is built over time.  Fortunate is the man who gets results on first exposure. It takes time for your prostate to "wake up" and become responsive.  In my case it was months before my awakening, with plenty of practice and hours of early-on frustration.  Helix, by the way, is my favorite model, and works absolutely terrific.  It's the best compromise and a great "starter" toy.

    @isvara is absolutely correct.  lt takes time.  Remember this, ALWAYS, that each session moves you closer to your goal.  Even though you may think that nothing is happening, trust me, that it is.  Your prostate WILL become responsive to Aneros stimulation, but on its own schedule, not yours.

    The most important thing to remember is RELAX, and be patient.  Oh, and remember, your first "feedback" from your prostate may be very, very light, almost nonexistant, so you need to be very quiet and open to whatever comes. 

    Even as a fully rewired Aneros "addict" (use it every day) the experience is always growing and each session is different from the last, but each is in its own way, delicious!

    Patience, boys, the destination is worth the trip.

  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    Also keep in mind that a goal-oriented mindset can also hinder progress in your journey. As Cockadoodle mentioned, the most important thing is to relax and be patient. Go in having no expectations of pleasure, just enjoy each ride for what it is, making sure to pay attention to the subtlest of sensations (pleasurable or not). Until your prostate is rewired for the contact and you can consciously feel the contact and movement, you probably aren't going to get much out of sessions.

    Key notes to take into consideration for your next sessions:

    - Discard all expectations (both good and bad). Take each session for what it is, not what it can (or should) be.
    - Relax. This will allow you to notice all the subtle sensations during a session that eventually lead the way to O land.
    - Breathe. Deep, in your belly, not your chest. Breathing properly will actually move the Aneros to positive results (against the prostate, rectal walls, anal sphincters, etc).
    - Calm your mind. Mind noise is probably the biggest hindrance during the initial rewiring. Constantly analyzing each little sensation, each feeling, you lose focus on the subtle sensations that can cascade from one moment to the next. Think of it as stopping half-way down a hill to record the color, shape, smell of a lone flower, when there's an entire field of flowers at the bottom of the hill. Acknowledge the lone flower, but do not put too much focus on it.
    - Forget about labels. Yes, that's right, forget about what a particular sensation is called or resembles according to others, and just accept it for what it is TO YOU. This is a personal journey, and each milestone can be felt completely differently from one person to the next.
    - Finally, have fun! Don't think of it as a chore! If you feel that you are just putting in your dues in order to reach bigger heights, you will miss all the joy and pleasure of getting there. A lot of the more experienced members constantly talk about missing the "newness" of it all, not because it was more pleasurable or anything, but because the sensations were so new that they miss that excitement. You're voluntarily taking time out of your busy schedule to "play" with yourself, so have fun doing it and it will seem less like a chore and more like a game.
  • Yeah!  What he said.  Well stated, spyeg!  Couldn't have said it better mese'f.