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A good dildo for prostate stimulation?
  • I'm looking for something I can ride, something that will remain stable while I ride it and does not require any hands to keep it in place. I'm looking at this , but I'm not sure if it will stay in place while I ride, or if it will even hit my prostate correctly. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Need something that doesnt look like a dick, and vibration is a plus but not necessary.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @wontquit - I would think that you would need one of those dildos that have a suction cup at the base to accomplish what you want. What you linked to would not stay in place on the surface it is placed on. All it is is a flared base for use in a harness. While I was searching for suction cup base dildos I found this:

    You could use this on the dildo you were looking at. And yes, it will rub your prostate. You can vary the pressure against it by varying the angle of the dildo. Definitely stay with using 100% silicone dildos. The jelly ones are toxic. Hope this helps.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    those will have some suction, so you can attach it to smooth surfaces. Not as good as an actual suction base, but it WILL have mild suction.