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no pleasure
  • i have the progasm and i can get it to pivot but when i do i get no pleasure from it
  • Not to suggest I know from experience, but it's not as if the mechanical force applied to your prostate creates pleasure necessarily. The idea is that when the prostate is engorged, the nerve bundle going through the prostate gets excited and starts to release dopamine and other endorphins, just as would happen in a traditional orgasm. The big difference between the prostate and the penis is that you cannot force a prostate orgasm. By reaching these nerves at a different spot, all you can do is encourage it to happen; unlike the penis with which you can violently shake until climax. Even when the prostate is fully aroused, and is receiving stimulation, this does not necessarily cause pleasure. Your brain needs to know what to do with the signal it's receiving; All it sees are a vast array of voltage signals. It has no reason to assume that the signal it is receiving from the prostate should be an orgasm. This is where "re-wiring" comes into play. You have to basically train your brain to accept those feelings as pleasure. Although everybody is different, and some people have no problems with that, others may go years without feeling anything special. Its a tough journey, but one that is worth it.

    I would suggest seriously reading and studying the website. All of the key concepts and ideas are discussed in detail there.

    Have fun!