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The missing link
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    So I was just trying to read up on anal orgasms, not prostate, or penile, but anal orgasms, but I can't really find too much on the net at all, just prostate stuff and how to do anal for the first time. I did however find this interesting post

    It seemed like it was really getting to a point, when alas...The missing link.

    Does anyone have any ideas about where this was going, or have any tips, or possibly no this method, article, or any combination of the previously stated? The only time I've ever felt something I would consider an "anal" orgasm was with the old bird (middle finger), and it was fucking awesome, but have not been able to achieve anything like it since.

    Thanks friends

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    Ha! Thank you Xileh, I appreciate you finding those...unfortunately it's not quite what I thought it would be. I don't really want to go as far as a dildo, the only foreign objects in me, is my aneros, other than that I'm going to stick with my finger...

    I hope someone else has some fun with it! 

    Thanks again though!

  • XilehXileh
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    Well, you might not want to discount it yet. After a bit of experience with the Aneros, you might expand a bit and find some really good sensations with a new toy, especially for anal orgasms. It doesn't need to be large and the fragmented suggestions in the links you found aren't bad.

    Have fun!