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2 sessions - bad and good
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hi guys.

    Im a new member. Im from Sweden so my English might not be right all the time, so please bare with me :)

    I like to see the fuckingmachines movies. After alot of reading I finally came to the conclusion to try the Aneros. I got the Aneros Helix this friday.

    So I followed the instructions that comes in the package and also made a quick reading in the forum as the tip said in the broschure.
    I took a shower, relaxed in the bed. Put some waterbased lube on my ass and covered the Helix. Slowly I put it in and gently pushed it in, then my ass totally sucked it in. When it was in place I relaxed and was just awared on how it felt to have this thing inside me. After a while I started to contract solwly and releasing slowly. I was breathing deeply and slowly to. I didn't know how much I was going to contract so I did it so much that the Helix went as far in as possible. I had this session for about 1 hour.
    All I felt was a hard pressure on the outside, on the perineum. I din't feel anything satisfying inside me, and more that worried me was that I didn't feel anything in and on my prostate. I started to feel a pulsating feeling in my ass, the same pulsating when you feel your pulse, heartrate pumping. I've been toying with my ass before with other dildos and prostate toys and afterword i also had this pulsating feeling. Like when you have been running and you pulse is at a higher rate since you are abit exhausted. And I laso had a stingy feeling in my ass, like the lube was dring out a very aunplessant feeling. And it made me feel of having to urinate, which I had to do. So I stopped this session.
    My conclussion of this session and the toy? Well I was abit dissapointed.

    Anyway, yesterday I started to read the forum  what you guys have experinced and read the and the wiki, to get some tip and trix and so on. Then I entered the chat and was talking to some very friendly and nice guys. I felt very welcome. I got the tip to just have it in my ass, relax, skip the contraction and just "relax".

    Well whan it was time to go to sleep I put it in my ass. But this time I used vaseline since it seems the body does'nt absorb it. But when it was in placed I thought I have to try again. This time I followed the wiki: "Contract a just a little bit, the stage right after from totally relaxed", so I did. This is a very small contraction, so I didn't contract it so it went it all the way in ass possible. I breath deeply but this time I breath like the wiki said: imaging you breathing with the prostate, I breath so it felt like I was breathing down bellow. I did all these thing like it says and on top trying to relax and focus. I was doing this for aboout 1½ hour. Nothing happened. So then I was thinking, well lets just relax and do nothing. Have it in my ass and try to sleep. Then totally relaxed I felt this pulsating thing again and I thought "well time to end this, like before it's been to much in my ass". But I didn't end it, instead I was conectrating on the pulsating and then the thought just came to me. "It's pulsating in a various small amount of rythm. It got a bit stronger, faster and then it started to fade, it also felt like the Aneros was moving al tiny little bit. I just let it fade, then it started againg, very tiny pulsating, but it was groing a little bit stronger.

    I just concentrated to this pulsating, was breathing, relaxed and did nothing else, no contracting or anything. Pulsating got to the stage loike before and I focused on it, then it started to fade and when the pulsating was all gone there was a strange almost a vibrating tingling feeling growing. It was like it started in the spinchter and the outside just above the spinchter on the back side. It was getting stronger and it started to expand in the ass and it started tingle in the perineum area, crawling up to the prostate and the area inside, automaticly my ass contracted the Helix and it was sucking more in and deeper, so far up it could go. The tingling sensation growed up in the chest and my arms and legs almost like it got numbed. Then after awhile it all started to fade. The felling was really really nice.

    I just relaxed again and the pulsating started to grow and fade. But nothing more happened, I tried to contract and release slowly when I felt the pulsating but no result. I guess this was my first small orgasm, it felt really nice.

    But I need to ask you guys. Am I doing right?
    Should'nt this orgasm start to come when im contracting and releasing I mean it came when I was doing nothing but relaxing. I didn't do anything else, and is this pulsating the kickjump to the orgasm? In my mind it should come when im contracting and releasing, feeling it start to grow, pulsating, feel the helix and my ass move it by it self when it all starts with no control of it.

    And since I dont feel any pressure to my prostate when I put it in my ass, do you think that the size is to small for me?

    Im sorry if this reading was'nt what you guys expected, I just feel that im in need of opinions and some tip if you feel like sharing.

    Take care all, and thank you guys who was so kind to me in the chat.


  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hello Malmo and welcome to the Form,

    I would offer that you are doing quite well at the start of this Aneros Journey.  While a few men are very 'quick off the line' and receive exceptional pleasure and nice vibes during their first few sessions, they are in the minority.

    This is not something that you can "make happen" and those who attempt that generally fail to adequately relax.  Remember that relaxation is key to detecting the small involuntary impulses that eventually spawn pleasure waves and build orgasmic energies.  And, you are starting to detect and focus on those impulses.

    Consider this, "good news."  You said:  

    "It's pulsating in a various small amount of rhythm. It got a bit stronger, .... Then after awhile it all started to fade. The felling was really really nice.

    I just relaxed again and the pulsating started to grow and fade. But nothing more happened, I tried to contract and release slowly when I felt the pulsating but no result. I guess this was my first small orgasm, it felt really nice.  ... "

    I think you were feeling your first set of nice involuntary contractions, echoes from just the right amount of energy you had added to the session.

    Please remember there are no 'rights' or 'wrongs' in this practice.  I hope that your next sessions will yield much of what you felt on those two sessions and that your prostate sensitivity will grow. Then you can relax down even further and detect more subtle sensations.

    For next several sessions, don't change a thing. Savor what you receive !

    I'm mildly concerned about the 'stinging' from the lube.  However, I'd not start searching for a different lube just yet.  If the stinging recurs it might be worthwhile to read the label on the lube and pass that information along during a Chat session.       ...rook
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Really nice progress, took me like 6 months+ to reach the stage you're at now =) Really amazing..

    I can make a recomendation about the lube i use, it's called Klick caring silk glide which you can buy at most drug stores, its a unscented creamy lube thats really amazing, and it combines the properties of silicon and water based and works wonders with aneros doesnt dry up like regular lube, or cause reactions and leave nasty residues..i totally love it..

    However..if you have a helix syn..don't use the lube above or it will destroy it...silicon lube is very very bad for silicon based toys...

    link to the lube
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Hello Cyrez.

    Thank you for your response and for the link, I guess you know im from Sweden :).
  • Malmo1Malmo1
    Posts: 22
    Rook, thank you for your tip.

    I made à small session the yesterday and did as you said to not change anything. That was à very good suggestion.
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    You can tell silicone apart from other materials because its usally black,,,like your rude boy, and using klick caring silk glide with rude boy wouldnt be a good idea...

    but if you have a white helix, its ok to use any lube...aswell as the progasm and the tempo...
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    On the other hand, do use the silicone lube on the Rude Boy. They're horrible "toys". I had one from that family which:

    1. I couldn't insert fully.
    2. Hurt me when I got it in.

    I eventually cut it into little chunks and threw it in the dustbin. It put me off prostate massage for nearly two years.