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Dry orgasms without aneros
  • DevoDevo
    Posts: 7
    Yesterday night I got interested about this product and found this forum. I read about how people were actually having dry orgasms without Aneros just working the right breathing and prostate techniques. Well, ofcourse I got interested and tried it out and soon I was having my first super-O. That was just sitting on my chair, in front of my computer, viewing this forum - clothes on, no porn, no fantasies or anything - just concentrated on the breathing. After that I tried with some porn (the "wonderfull video" at the another topic, with the woman having multiple orgasms - that was insane :D) and got another super-o and a few mini-o's, but after that I probably wasn't relaxed enough and didn't get anything anymore, so I deciced to finish off at shower.

    Well, after that I went to bed and still had a hard-on, but I couldn't get any dry orgasms as I was probably trying too hard - I couldn't decide wether to sleep or have those waves again. I deciced to sleep, but just when I relaxed, I felt that tingling on the prostate area and got a super-O, and then another, super-O's and mini-O's, whole night. That was just amazing, it was a lot easier to have dry orgasms on the bed than on the chair, so I kept going the whole night and I would say got the technique better with different types of orgasms. I don't know if I slept about anything that night, so I feel kinda shit now.

    Another "problem" is that my prostate is tingling all the time now, and my breathing is like I was under a slight "orgasm state" all the time and could turn that to orgasm right now. It's kinda annoying as I have to wake up early tomorrow and get some sleep :P Any ideas how to get rid of it? Oh, and would the orgasms be even better with Aneros as that would be really cool? ;)
  • Edit
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    Been there - done that. Would go there again!

    Looking back, it's kind of fun, but unnerving. I was afraid my eyes were going to roll up in my head whilst trying to communicate with a client, but it never happened.

    BF Mayfield and the other experts will tell you about "rewiring." If that's what it is, I wish I was still being rewired. My abilities, so sure and consuming to start with, have been coming and going of late.

    About not being able to sleep - in the beginning I could could on that problem, but now not as much so. I really enjoyed that "visit" when it came, though I wondered how much sleep I actually got the next morning. I've communicated with BF, and he seems to think it's a phase we go through. I don't want to speak for him - and couldn't - but you sound a lot like me. He'll probably be along shortly to tell me to mind my own business (LOL- He's a good guy!)

    About the non-aneros part, in the beginning, I used the device to get me started, but things really felt smooth once I was revved up and then took it out. The word "sublime" wanders across the screen once in a while when reading this forum, and for me "sublime" was after the aneros was removed. The experience seems to have a harder edge while it is inserted.

    Anyway, congrats - it sounds like you have been able to do what I've read takes others ages if ever to accomplish!

    To many more -

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    (this post was edited 2007-02-12 14:16:40)


    Lincoln has this right, the phenomenon that you're describing is a VERY common occurrence among people who are new to the Super O. Most of it is likely due to the fact that in having this experience for the first time, one is awakening sensory nerves that up until now have been lying dormant. As Lincoln has mentioned, in the past I've often referred to this as re-wiring .

    In addition, I have long suspected that a part of this may be due to something else as well, something that I'll call, (for lack of a better term) an endorphin hangover. Endorphin is one of several neuropeptides produced by the brain that's believed to play a pivotal role in the the management of pain and pleasure in the body. It does this by effecting the release of dopamine. (The word endorphin , is actually a contraction of the words endogenous (for inside the body) and morphine) With a night full of multiple Super O's one is subjected repeatedly to a veritable cascade of endorphin, dopamine and likely various other neuropeptides. Current theory is that these substances are recycled by the body. I've often wondered if their breakdown might account for some of the tweaked out effect as well. ( Just another aspect that bears some investigation down the line).

    As with everyone who has this happen, you just have to relax and be patient. Generally the effect subsides after a day or two. Yes, I know that it can be disconcerting for a while, but know that with time, as you become more accustomed to the Super O, this will be much less of a factor to contend with. Coping techniques include; hot baths/showers, large meals, meditation, self hypnosis, and yes traditional masturbation (culminating in an ejaculation)!

    BF Mayfield
  • WOW!!! incredible this is what I have been working on for the past 8 months or so.

    In short I have been trying to get the dry orgasms by using breathing synchronized with anal sphinctor contractions for a LONG TIME with no sucess. I learned a specific technique that goes like this....

    inhale stepwise for 5-10 seconds at a rate of .8 seconds
    hold breath 3-5 seconds
    exhale 2-5 seconds
    and lightly contract tailbone and NOT at .8 seconds the WHOLE time

    My question is how did/do you guys breath and contract in order to get the dry orgasms, and if you would like to try the technique I learned-PLEASE let me know how it works for you, thanks!!!
  • P.S. has anyone experimented with Key sound multiple orgasms(KSMO) as taught by jack johnston??
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    In a word.....YES! Enter KSMO or Key Sound in the forum SEARCH under keyword and you will see a multitude of posts from users on this.

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    Originally Posted By: nervetweak
    I learned a specific technique that goes like this....

    inhale stepwise for 5-10 seconds at a rate of .8 seconds
    hold breath 3-5 seconds
    exhale 2-5 seconds
    and lightly contract tailbone and NOT at .8 seconds the WHOLE time

    something to add to your technique: inhale into the lowest part of your adbdomen (it feels like you are making the pelvic floor expand with the breath). this stimulates the prostate and can really accelerate things.
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey All!

    I second everything Brian Mayfield has said!

    I use Aneros (of course) and practice the KSMO protocol and have experienced this situation with both.

    In KSMO, they would call this having a situation where you're no longer "grounded" or just "un-grounded"... I have been in situations where I am not grounded for days and was told by KSMO regulars that in order to come back to Earth or to be "grounded" again I should try: (you guessed it!) hot baths/showers, large meals, meditation, movies and TV, and yes traditional masturbation (culminating in an ejaculation)! LOL!

    Actually, I came down from an "ungrounding" experience (the longest I have ever experienced) by, believe it or not, using an Aneros! Fighting fire with fire, I guess??? Within 20 minutes of inserting my Helix, I was completely grounded again! An amazing 3 or so days though!

    Hang in there, I now love being in that state!

    Later, Hlaser

  • After experiencing my first Super-O a few months ago I believe I have "awakened" something inside me. Now even without the Aneros inserted I am able to achieve Mini-Os at anytime. It is very erotic to experience this and quite interesting that it happens.
    I'm looking forward to whatever new pleasurable experiences are next...

  • Hello can you explain I am new and i seem to be able to have pleasure without my aneros
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I believe that once one is rewired, he is capable of experiencing the feelings he has when an Aneros device is installed, even though there is no Aneros tool there. At least that is my experience.

    I now find that when sitting on my office chair, I have feelings deep in my pelvis, that tell me that at least a small Aneros tool is in there, even though there clearly isn't. I believe that, given sufficient time and experience, it would be possible to receive anal orgasms from this and that (at least in some people) it would be possible to experience the occasional super-O this way.
  • Hi guys,

    I believe it was in early July that I began to experience chairgasms out of the blue on a day off from Anerosing. Would that qualify for dry orgasms without the Aneros?

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I believe it was in early July that I began to experience chairgasms out of the blue on a day off from Anerosing. Would that qualify for dry orgasms without the Aneros?

    Oh yes. I'd definitely say so. I just had a chairgasm myself whilst chatting online with two other Anerosians. I'm still feeling the afterglow.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    They get me when I am not paying attention. There not strong yet but will be great when they are.
    I just notice my heart racing all of a sudden and then the next thing I can feel the movement as if the aneros was there but it is not. Sometimes my left inner lower thigh starts to tremble and then my heart starts racing.
    I believe these are signs of orgasm although I only get a little pleasure from them at the moment  they still have made me smile a number of times.
    My mind and body has been reprogrammed, before when my head hits the pillow I would get a erection within a short time and I would masturbate before going to sleep almost every night but now that aneros is in my life ( or should I say taken over my life) when my head hits the pillow aneros-less orgasms start 99% of the time. If I can resist the urge to insert the aneros for the night then I go freestyle if not then I end up with eupho in all night long.

    I no longer can just sit in peace in the moment. I always have this thump,thump,thump in my lower body and in my brain.
    Although I miss the quiet of the silent moment I still like the thump thump.
    The only thing that concerns me is that on occasion I have found myself swaying back and forth to the thumping like you see people in the asylums.
    A bit scary but then at least I notice this is happening so I know I have not gone crazy just yet! :x
    If I want to have the aneros feelings stop for a short time maybe a day then I must ejaculate as many times in a row as I can with the aneros inside.
    This gives me some quit time with only the occasional aneros-less feeling for a second or two during the day.
    I am hopelessly addicted I am affraid! Its been a 8 month addiction but I believe I was addicted within the first two months and just got stronger as time went on. 
    If I was told to stop it would be like telling a smoker to stop smoking. It is not going to happen....