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why so hard
  • why is it so hard to get any pleasure out of the aneros. i have the helix and the progasm
  • Hi @darrenmynameis,

    I have found that my working with the various Aneros models is an acquired skill.

    Patience and relaxing is very helpful. Also letting go and just being open in each session to each model. The Aneros Wiki is very helpful as a source of information.

    You may want to get the Aneros Helix Syn which is a good model for beginners. The Progasm Ice is easier to use than the Progasm Classic because Ice has a smoother feel and is easier to insert.

    Hope this helps.

  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    Aneros is different from most male toys.  No immediate big pleasure for most, more sublime.  Something you have to work at.

    Some tips:
    1. Make sure you're nice and aroused prior to insertion
    2. Do kegels - squeeze sphincter 10-20 sec, release, repeat
    3. Relax! 
    4. Don't focus on pleasure, focus on nice feeling in your prostate area.  Let it grow.
    5. Read blogs, watch some aneros vids, chat with users

  • And @darrenmynameis, be patient, results with the Aneros will come for sure!

    I certainly agree with @varmint, the Kegels and relaxation with the Aneros are absolutely wonderful! Just let the pleasure build :)