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P Tab Mods

  • I am very sorry as I can tell that this question has no
    doubt been asked before. However after looking for 3 days for an answer that
    will satisfy me I have not been completely answered. I am new to the journey but after several tries what I have
    learned about myself is that the P tab is not hitting my sweet spot. I have
    read the mod blogs and I can see that the answer might be to try to modify the
    tab. This is a terrifying prospect because it took a long time to be able to
    buy the helix. I did my research and I can’t afford to try every model to find
    one that works. I am afraid of breaking my investment. Should I continue to try
    with the original setup until I am positive? I feel at this point I might not
    be using my time wisely. Some background: I have used the helix about a dozen
    times, I get small involuntary reactions, independent movement, but it stops
    just shy of where it feels it needs to be. The only position I get strong
    reactions is on my stomach with my hips forced downward where my hips force the
    position of the P Tab farther up my perineum. I have even thought I might be too
    heavy but I am 5’9 190lbs and just on the large side of my ideal weight, I don’t
    think it is my body fat. Please help.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I would strongly suspect that it is far too early in your journey to suspect the P-tab is not hitting your sweet spot. Besides the fact that the P-tab tends to move around a bit during a session. My suggestion is, give yourself a whole bunch more times of practice, relax, don't make expectations about the results of the session, and just allow what happens in the sessions to be. For some of us it takes longer to achieve any sort of pleasurable results than others.

    If after several months you still feel the same way, then reference user "isvara" posts in the following thread for how he modified his Aneros with a heat gun.
  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    I second Love_is's advice. It took a LONG time to even find my sweet spot, and the only reason I was able to was by purchasing the MGX. I love the p-tab on the Helix compared to the MGX (I've grown accustomed to it) as it is present without digging in too much. However, I find that I don't get the necessary pressure, even if it's on the right spot. Once I started using  the MGX and was hitting my sweet spot a bit more consistently, I realized the Helix was always on the right spot, but that it required conscious effort on my part (voluntary contractions) to get the right amount of pressure to get any noticeable effect. 

    My suggestion is to keep at it, and set aside some time (maybe once or twice a week) to explore the area without the Helix. Seriously, just use your hands to explore your pelvic region, putting pressure on all different spots below your navel, and being sure to keep your hands off your penis. Give yourself an external prostate massage by deeply rubbing on either side and just below the pubic bone, try different levels of pressure on your perineum to really get a feel for where your sweet spot is and how much pressure is necessary, play with your balls and tickle the skin/hair all over. If you aren't getting any sort of response, make sure you're aroused. The BC (the bulbous region just below the scrotum, you should feel it when thoroughly aroused) is one of my favorite areas to stimulate without any Aneros inserted, and I actually use it as a metric for finding my sweet spot (where the bulb ends, index finger's width towards the anus, and another finger's width off to the side). The goal of this exercise isn't to ejaculate or masturbate, just to get your body revved up and to explore the new erogenous areas that are being awakened.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    From my experience with the Helix and p-tabs in general Love_is and spyeg are 'spot on'

    I'd add four thoughts:

    -- your perineum is going to 'muscle up' quite a bit during the forthcoming months.  Speed this along with regular Kegel exercises.  You will probably find that your opinion of p-tab contact and sweet spot character will change.

    -- Before any modifications, 'pad' the p-tab with a medicine dropper bulb.  that will cushion the tab, spread the point of contact and tilt the head of the helix a bit forward.

    -- the fact that you are getting small involuntary feelings is excellent.  cherish each one of those and mentally nurture them to improve your relaxation.

    -- if you desire to do Kegel exercises with the Helix inserted, try to keep those exercise sessions separated from your more loving and relaxed sessions that are aimed at orgasm.

    blessings and enjoy...   rook
  • It took some searching but I found a suitable dropper bulb. It did make a huge difference. I also changed a few things and last night was very different. Small contractions were causing a big response. I also was shaking and had the pressure my prostate begin to raidiate into other areas. It felt great, but I couldnt figure out what I should to push me that tiny bit. I was on the edge of something big and the closer I got the more my body would respond. But after 2 hours I had to call it quits. The good news is that I figured out how to get to that point fairly quickly and I think I should be able to recreate the sesson in short order.