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Magic spark
  • Today's session was basically a bust. Work problems kept entering my head and really put a damp cloth over the whole thing. However, at one point there was almost an electric shock that was almost dead center between pleasure and pain. My eyes shot WIDE open. It was almost the most brief of glimpses of what could be in store.. I mean it was STRONG. If that was in fact how strong they can get, theres no way my brain could handle it at this point. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    Quite often, actually. Sometimes it will be as I'm focusing on the area without anything inserted, sometimes it will be as I'm coming down from a particularly active session. Either way, this sudden jolt scares the living daylights out of me for a quick moment, and I never seem to be able to relax into it. It does excite me further after the fact, but the shock of it definitely reigns in my excitement and mellows out the session after it happens. To me, this is a sure sign that your prostate is awakening and the rewiring is going well. Just try to enjoy it, I know I do!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    I've been at it for about 12 months. Around 6 months, I would get these. It was a "shock" the first time. It seemed like the Aneros would hit that spot, then dive in and really target it without any help. Just magic. It was pretty intense for a while and like many Aneros experiances, has tappered off, replaced by new sensations. It's a joy when it chooses to revisit!

    Enjoy your gift!