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  • i don't care about super o or big o i just want to know how to do the p waves

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    My thought on P Waves is that they are like a chill or shiver that flows through your body. Sometimes you might get one from a really deep yawn. Sometimes you might get one when you pee (the so-called piss shiver). It's something along those lines.

    You can't force these things though -- they're just one of the many sensations you may come across on your journey.
  • I'm female, but I've had urination orgasms from my prostate being enlarged/aroused when I'm going to the bathroom... BTW, they're AMAZING. :-)

  • @darrenmynameis, P-waves will come naturally as you using the Aneros. As twlltin said, you cannot force them. Just relax and enjoy the Aneros! Mine came three weeks after using my Helix Syn for the first time last June.

    @Lava, you learn something new every day.  Women do indeed have a prostate. It is also called the Skene's gland. See the Wikipedia article on the prostate for more information.

  • @BigGlansDC Thanks for the mention. However, the female prostate IS the "female prostate." As I explain in this post, "The Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology voted to
    officially change the name of the gland from Skene‚Äôs to the Female Prostate."  My main reason for not calling it by a man's name is because it is a part of my female body -- hence, my aversion to the term "G-spot," also named after a man. This is perpetuated misogyny toward the female body. I base my writings on my own research, both scientific and personal/orgasmic. So I'm a female with an actual female prostate... and I know how to use it. :-)

  • @Lava, Yes, this was brought out in the Wikipedia article. I am glad that you are a part of this Forum, and as a lady, you can give us men many valuable insights.