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REIKI - Aneros - some thoughts
  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    First sorry for my bad english... It is not my mothertongue

    As Artform could say...  i am energy  sensible.... and practice Reiki....

    I never thought that the approach could be in a certain way the same or help the other beetween a journey and a journey

    A journey in the aneros perspective is a long way where you discover a lot of things, sensations ... and be patient
    A journey in Reiki perspective is a long way where you discover a lot of things, sensations ... and be patient

    I never had a super-o  but it is not so important , i feel good in this journey
    I don't know if i am a good Reiki-man but i feel good too and the intention is to give and love

    Since i do Reiki, i am full aware of my body, more relaxed, more energized and i thing it make me easier  to "just let it go" ..
    Just a coincidence ? I don't know but is it important ? No i just take time for me and only for me without any sentiment to be guilty...

    Since I "do" aneros... i think i take in thought that ther is something  upper our daily life,,, a coincidence ? may be but is it important ?

    But it could be interesting to have some testimonials from guys in the same situation

    Thank you all  for your effort to understand what is supposed to be english...


  • Phil,

    Welcome my friend!  This is a topic that I am highly interested in.  I am currently doing research in tantra practices, and there seems to be some overlap between tantra and Reiki.  I am hoping we can contribute to one another's learning and journeys.  I currently know little of Reiki specifically, but would love to learn and expand my own knowledge base.  

    This might not seem like much help to you.  What I really want to do right now is say once again: Welcome!  Please continue your very interesting topic.  I wish you much success and insight.  Fear not about your use of the language.  You're reaching out and trying.  That speaks volumes.  I will further my own research and perhaps we can speak once again soon.  In the meantime, I will be staying around quite often to see what develops.  If you're having specific questions about Aneros techniques or practices, please feel free to browse the forum for topics or PM me.  

  • mcgphil,

    Great post! Here is my two cents...

    I feel the same flow of energy, specifically in my palms when having a deep Aneros session (no super o yet) as I do when practicing Reiki (I am very very new to it). But as I see come up more and more in my searching, all energy is one energy. Sexual energy (Aneros) is the same, albeit "colored" differently, as Spiritual energy (Reiki). It is my hope and belief that they are beneficial to each other. I feel meditation helps Aneros practice as well. Hope this made sense.. This has been on my mind as well.

    Laughing Hawk
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome mcgphil with your great observations/experiences of the vast common ground of energies awareness and astounding vitality!! And fellow explorer rikaaim!! and welcome to you LaughingHawk!!

    I agree LH, both that mcgphil's post is great, and that "all energy is one energy."!!! So many varied disciplines in so many cultures, arising millennia apart and yet all feeling this same astounding vitality. My own first traditional portal into this was Taoist Qigong and sexual kung fu in the early 1990s, using Mantak Chia's books for male and female in our couples practices (married 43 yrs).

    Qigong, with some Tantric yeast now work with KSMO (Key Sound Multiple Orgasms and Aneros mixed practice, with more complementary practices are where I am at. With permanent background energies "buzz" now, and rewired to the point that full blown "less" sessions can arise whenever, I am now focused as much on the healing gifts of these energies and have been helping widening circles of friends and acquaintances needing help. I have been analyzing and studying all this via Spring Forest Qigong for the past couple of years and developing my capacities ever more fully, quietly and gratefully.

    The Taoist mapping of the full spectrum of these energies seems right to me based personal experiences to date. It is three part: Jing (semen, life essence, sexual orgasmic) >>> Qi/Chi (life force, martial arts, whole being health) >>> Shen (spiritual orgasms, universal union, encountering presence, bliss, grace, profound peace... beyond)...

    Indeed, full disclosure, I began my solo prostate massage practice at age 13, and by 14 was experiencing long astounding after effects of "through-the-body travel" into a time/space fly over/through vast vistas and sensuality that were life-changing and spiritually revelatory and deeply deeply energizing.

    So yes LH and mcgphil and rika, I believe that these are the same energies in varied manifestations along a whole spectrum and thus very beneficial to each other and the whole spectrum, in each of us and all. I hope we four, and more, can gather in twlltin's UnOfficial Chat room here and really get into this subject!!!! Or Skype or Yahoo Messenger or....

    all the very best energies openings and expansions and prostate awakenings to them all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    Welcome all

    I didn't thought that just a little post like mine should recieve such great commentaries...

    Thank you all

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Some thought on the topic.
    The energy field and the flow of energy is critical to our well being. Reiki and Healing Touch work to clear blockages and increase the flow of the subtle energy in the body. Many practitioners find that the base and the second chakra are often weak or out of balance. Some suggest that because we deny the presence of the base chakra (sexual hangups and shame etc) we lack the fullness of energy that could enhance our health. It is my strong feeling that the prostate nurture that we do strengthens the flow of energy into our bodies. So most of us feel so much more whole, connected, and enjoy life.
    The base chakra is not the prostate or G-spot but is in the vicinity. It it interesting that it is in such a place that it cannot be easily worked on - Some one has a sense of humour!
  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    Indeed isvara ... ;-)


  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Some topical thoughts.
    The first chakra located between the spine and the pubic but encompassing the whole pelvic region has its own view point, its own personality. It cares about contact. It cares about survival and sensuality, pleasure and power. It cares about proving whether or not we are alive and it does not care about how it goes about doing this. Being and staying alive is its prime object. Because of the nature of the base chakra, cultures that are puritanical or 'sexphobic' displace this chakra by moving it away from the genital area. According to some Reiki and HT practitioners this pushes all the lower chakras out of alignment. Briefly: good health, good relationships, good sexual energy, and good life force depend on getting this primary chakra back into place, energized, and balanced in relation to the other chakras. I think the Aneros for males and Evi for females will do this in a new, unexpected and very positive way. The posts on stillness, do nothing, and meditation show the need to work to modify the primary energy and integrate it in our personality. Each successive chakra modifies the energy that is flowing up the body. Not everyone will be happy with the idea of chakras, but energy practitioners will be.
  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    I think you are right abou that....
    why I say that ?
    sometimes i ask myself as i do my aneros if i am doing a self-healing Reiki session and no... i'don't   and in the other way too  as i do a Reiki session I often feel the same sensations...

    So everithing is linked as soon as you really take care ans listen to your body. 
    And what  is really super is that i feel that every practicing become better in quality with this way of thinking
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I've also been enjoying reading this thread. Thank you for everyone who has posted.

    My experience with this has been that in short, my Aneros journey is what woke me up to experiencing energy sensations and movements in my body. Such that prior to starting with the Aneros many, many years ago, I had a few Reiki sessions that I thought were fraudulent. As I felt nothing during the treatment, and didn't observe any results. But several years into my Aneros journey, a friend who is a Reiki master, did some work on me. And I very distinctly felt the flow of energy from her into me and the positive result on how I felt. I was blown away! A few weeks later she generously gave me my level one Reiki attunement, and the bit of practice I did on her and some other people I could feel the energy in the palms of my hands.

    If what isvara is saying is correct. Then us males, and now possibly the females to with the EVI, have much to be thankful for in the much larger benefit of what these Aneros devices do for us.
  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    In Reiki, you recieve a lot  if you think you'll recieve a lot ... it is a question of trust beetween you and your healer if i can say like this..
    What has brought me the aneros... the way of disocvering...  and in a lot of domains..  :-))

  • mcgphilmcgphil
    Posts: 11
    Walking my journey....

    Breathing slowly at the beginning of a Reiki session and concentrating on every sensation and flow of energy coming....

    is quite the same as .....

    Beginning an Aneros session and slowly relaxing and take care of yourself...  :-)