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  • I have purchased an aneros sgx and have used it a number of times without satisfaction. When inserted I can hardly tell anything is thereand there are no pleasure sensations. But when I apply a little inward pressure (like sitting on it) the pleasure begins. The problem I have with that is my legs get tired of the balancing act so I give up. Is this particular model too short? I am not a big guy at 5'4" and 160lbs so am I not doing something right or is the sgx too small for me?
  • Newguy50,

    I read that the SGX was designed for "smaller" men in the Asian market.

    I have the MGX which looks similar in size, and I definitely have to push it, tap it, or do muscle contractions to get it to rub the prostate in a way that makes me glow.

    I have a feeling that the bigger models like the Helix and Progasm push on the prostate more aggressively, but I haven't tried them yet... so I'll let a more experienced member comment on the other models.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Patience,when I first started it took a month of using a SGX daily before there was the slightest responsive connection with my prostate. Even now I am still in the adjusting to a new experience stage. There are a lot of post from beginners who don't have a quick response. I will look forward to the replies you get. I all helps. Cheers
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    High Patience,

    Agree with Isvara.  I was different from him though.  It took me over three months to 'awaken' the nerve connections to my prostate.

    The 5'7" 'height guidance' that divides the choice between SGX and MGX toys seems based on a nominal ratio between height and anal canal length.  It also assumes that we all have the same ratio of leg length to trunk length.  Clearly there are differences between people and we aren't all 'nominal.'  So, you might have a lightly longer anal canal than other males your height.

    I'm probably at the other extreme and am a good fit for the loner toys.  However, at 6ft tall the SGX (tailless) provides very nice stimulation along the lower margin of my prostate. One other variable comes into play for me.  I have a larger than average prostate.   So I can choose between the SGX and a longer toy to tailor the kind of session I desire.   

    My suggestion would be that you hang in there for a month or two then consider trying a Helix.  With the advanced design, it tends to automatically compensate for differences in canal length.  Don't pitch your SGX.  Consider removing the tail in short steps, perhaps just leaving a polished nub.   

    hth & blessings..... rook

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I recently tried the SGX for the first time in several years and it suddenly awakened things I hadn't felt since my very first ventures with it.
    I'm glad I saved it!