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  • CT October 2012
  • rook October 2012
"PS 3 Fin"
  • Does anyone have any experience or information regarding High Island Health's "PS 3"?  They no longer sell it, but I was able to see a photo and availability (for a hefty price!) on a 3rd party website.  Seems like its ADJUSTABLE p-tab and tail would be ideal!  Any thoughts on why it was discontinued?  Does anyone have any experience with this unit?

    Thanks in advance.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi fortwayne,

    iirc, <muscleman> has one and published a photo of it about a year ago.

    Brian F. Mayfield,  is an excellent resource on Aneros history and has expressed some personal knowledge of that toy.

    blessings...  rook
  • CTCT
    Posts: 75
    The PS 3 FIN was the original model and predecessor to the MGX and SGX.  It was actually handcrafted and came with a price tag of $160!

    It was discontinued because we simply could not keep up with the demand and still offer a quality product.