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Sensation of Peeing
  • After using my new Aneros MGX for the third time, I'm now experiencing hours later a strange sensation that I'm peeing a steady stream! The feeling lasts for about 15 seconds and has been happening over the last hour or so. It's an interesting sensation but I would like to know what's happening and what caused it? I have to say that I honestly believe (well I know) that I somehow achieved a super-o because I experienced all the feeling in my body that I read here on this site. I wish I had bought an Aneros years ago!!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Through the rewiring process you'll feel all sorts of interesting sensations in your penis you never felt before, even hours or days after a session.  Most of the feelings I had along this line were funny light buzzing feelings while flaccid and not even thinking about it while distracted with other things during the day.  I think this is the result of stimulating the penile nerves inside that overlie the front of the prostate gland with Aneros sessions.  Super-O's come in different flavors, but for me it's like an intense hot feeling orgasm focused in my penis that feels like semen is slowly flowing out lasting for 10 to 20 minutes at the time, but after it's over and you'd swear you're wet and need to clean up, you're completely dry, or at most only a drop or so of pre-ejaculate has come out.