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New user experiences
  • hek69hek69
    Posts: 1
    I just started using Aneros a couple of weeks ago out of curiosity.  I purchased the Helix Syn and shortly thereafter the Progasm Ice.  I am gay and a bottom and my main purpose in trying the Aneros was to see if I could get to a point where I could orgasm from just being anally stimulated during sex.  I read a lot about the "Super-O" and of course have been intrigued about reaching that point if such a thing really exists.  I figured I would share my early experiences and see what others had to say about what I am feeling.

    I received the Helix Syn first.  I had read the instructions that had come with it before starting as well as some of the advice on the Aneros Wiki.  I used a water-based gel-style lubricant both inside and on the Helix and then laid on my back and inserted the Aneros.  Following the directions, I rolled over on my side (my left side is more comfortable for me) and relaxed and did some moderate anal contractions trying to think of doing a wave motion as described in the Wiki, anal contractions to PC contractions, back and forth.  I noticed that due to my excitement, I did have an erection and was leaking a little fluid.  Being erect helped with the PC contractions.  I really didn't know what to expect so I just kept up with the steady contractions, taking breaks every now and then and seeing what I was feeling.  I did notice an occasional involuntary mild anal contraction.  I continued with my voluntary contractions focusing on trying to stimulate my prostate.  I could feel the Helix moving back and forth, although I do not know exactly if it was in the correct spot or not.  After about 35 or 40 minutes, I noticed I started getting an increase of involuntary contractions and then I started getting some shaking and contractions in my legs.  My erection was coming and going but I was continuing to leak fluid.  After about 10 minutes or so of leg shaking the involuntary anal contractions increased and I found myself thrusting my hips wildly due to very strong contractions that felt very good.  I was erect most of this time.  The sensations would build I would thrust for several seconds and then the contractions would ease off and I would relax.  This cycle continued for at least half an hour.  The contractions were very strong and would almost take my breath away.  I also found my abs to be very tight and most of my muscle would tense up and I would shake a little.  I was also vocalizing some during these contractions.  Eventually I got to a point where I needed some release so I finished the session with a "super-T".    The whole experience was very different and quite a ride, although I don't know if I was really reaching a "super-O" or not

    I have tried the Helix about four times since then with mixed results.  I had two sessions that were far less dramatic and then another that was just as strong as my first session.  Since that first session, however, I have not had any erections during my use of the Helix.  I may have one at the start of the sessions just from anticipation but it quickly fades and I stay flaccid during the remainder of my session, although I will leak precum throughout most of the session. For these follow up sessions with the Helix, I laid on my back with legs bent.  I had read about the "do nothing" technique and found this effective for me.  If my body said to contract, I would but mostly I just laid there and did nothing but focus on any little feelings I was having in my anal area.  For good session that happened, I did notice some very minute twitches and pulses, very faint ones that happened as I relaxed.  It took at least 30-40 minutes before I noticed anything else.  The first thing that I did notice in this position was twitching in my legs, which would start moving slightly side to side or twitching from the glutes and then tensing up the hamstrings.  This increased and then I noticed my abs getting tight and some twitching of my arms and even my face a little.  As the twitching increased, my hips started to move and sway side-to-side and then after about 20 minutes or so of this, I started getting strong contractions and hip thrusting.  The contractions were associated with pulling the Aneros deeper and then were followed by involuntary contractions that felt like I was having sex with the Aneros going in and out on its own.  After my body relaxed, I was twitching all over and there was a sensation that I was "buzzing".  I continued on this cycle of contractions, relaxation, twitching for at least a half hour or more.  Again, not sure what type of orgasms these were but they were very strong sensations.  I did not get a sense of warmth radiating throughout my body or anything like that.  All the sensations were pleasurable but not some kind of out-of-this-world experience that several people have discussed.  They were just different experiences, almost a different way of having an orgasm, not necessarily a better way.

    I have tried using the Progasm as well.  I will relate my experience from yesterday.  I was feeling somewhat aroused and had some free time so I thought I would experiment with the Prograsm.  It is larger than the Helix, obviously, but I did not have any difficulty inserting it.  There is a definite feeling of fullness and pressure from the Progasm, but I personally liked that extra pressure and fullness.  Again, I laid on my back with knees bent and did nothing.  I did happen to be erect when I started I had a need or a feeling to flex my erection so whenever I felt that need I just did it.  That draws the Progasm deeper and does feel good.  That is all the voluntary contracting I did.  After the typical 35 minutes or so, I did start to get some mild leg twitching but nothing as strong as I had been getting previously.  I had found during a couple of my other sessions that if I stretched my legs straight out, the Aneros would get positioned a little bit better, so since my legs were starting to feel tired, I did this.  Given the Progasm's size, this did push it more firmly into the prostate area. I just laid there, feeling relaxed not anticipating anything.  I then started to get involuntary contractions in my glutes.  First the right side then the left side, like my butt was dancing back and forth, up and down.  After a few minutes of this, I got a moderate involuntary contraction and my hips were pushed down into the carpet and then I had another contraction which pulled my hips slightly up off the carpet and more toward my stomach.  These contractions became more frequent and stronger until they were quite strong and I was writhing on the floor vocalizing.  I did not have of a lot of strong hip thrusting but the contractions were very strong and drew the Progasm deeper and it was held tightly by anal contractions for several seconds.  My whole body would get tense during these contractions and then after several seconds I would relax and the cycle would start again.  I think I had at least 12 of these cycles and I think I could have kept going but I need a release so I decided to pull out the Progasm and finish myself off the traditional way.  As I was masturbating, I did experience another of the full-body contractions without the Progasm which really intensified the final penile orgasm.

    Anyway, I just thought I would share what my experiences have been.  I don't know if any of what I've experienced is a "super-O" or not.  I honestly am not sure I like that idea of "super-O" because it tends to give people unrealistic expectations.  The sensations I had were very pleasurable.  As I said it was like having a different kind of an orgasm.  Perhaps it was more the kind of an orgasm that a woman has or perhaps I just need to have more sessions to reach a higher plateau of sensation.  Either way, I think for people who are frustrated, they should read some information on line about what a female orgasm feels like.  I think that in many ways is what is happening with the Aneros, it is stimulating those parts of the anatomy that are shared by men and women.

    I will update my experiences from time-to-time as things change (or don't change).
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, from your very nicely detailed descriptions of your sessions, I'd surmise that you did have a Super-O, so congratulations on your early success. Attaboy

    "I honestly am not sure I like that idea of "super-O" because it tends to give people unrealistic expectations." I agree, many men infer much more from the term than they perhaps should. 'B Mayfield' coined that term, it is defined in the Aneros WIKI. Owing to the great variability of men's orgasmic responses, there will probably be continuing discussion about what constitutes a Super-O.

    Please read 'Buster's thread What exactly is a Super-O to get a wider perspective of what a Super-O is in reality. Also, you may wish to read 'B Mayfield's response in Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O
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