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Ladies I Would Love to Hear Reviews of the Evi...
  • My wife just purchased one and unfortunately its that time of the month and doesn't want to use it right now. She has started kegels about a couple of months ago using the Gyne-flex, and her strength has definitely improved. So basically I was hoping to hear encouragement and reviews of the product here by all you women out there!
  • I will second that! I'm stoked my wife might be able to get to enjoy the hands free pleasure I get from the Aneros! I really liked reading that many of the testers in the article by Doolittle had extreme pleasure and brought many to a squirting, vagina based orgasm(s). I cannot get the EVI yet but will post a second hand review as soon as possible.

    Overall: the EVI sounds completely unique and effective from experienced sex experts that have reviewed it.

    Looking forward to female input and perspective as we all travel this Journey!

    Much love!

    Laughing Hawk
  • AztecAztec
    Posts: 47
    I'll second this!
    What would also be nice is to have a sticky post where users can leave feedback like we did for the Syn.
  • So the Pink Fairy (EVI) is on the way! The Wife is stoked! We are looking forward to "practicing" together, hopefully racheting up the arousal together seeing each other in pleasure. Sounds rad to me! 

    Aneros Staff: Are there plans for a different Forum for the EVI, like a seperate line? Or will it be a part of Aneros? Are there reviews or testimonials you have recieved from customers that you could share. Also I would be interested in anything on using the EVI, positions, technique, comparison to the Aneros for a man, Rewire if any, exe. Thanks! You guys are awesome, do what you love!

    Really looking forward to seeing how this relates to the experince I have had so far with the various Aneroses (sp?) I have. Does anyone know if there is a G-Spot "Awakening" phase like the prostate awakening (rewire) with us? 

    Life is what you say it is... Make it a Rad one!

    Laughing Hawk
  • My wife tried her EVI last night and it did not do much for her.  She used my MGX and had orgasm after orgasm.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Greatstuff, where did she put the MGX and where did the P-tab make contact. This would be very helpful if you can get the information. Perhaps we underestimate the MGX.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Mrs. rook isn't into posting in general and this wonderful group is well outside her 'comfort zone.'  So, a dedicated EVI forum or ancillary group would be helpful.   Meanwhile, here is where we are after two sessions.

    -- Mrs. rook was 'clit' dominate on both sessions but found positions where she could enjoy an intense balance of sensation.   
    -- We've shared p-wave experiences and compared our sensations and feelings.   

    I see two distinct benefits from the EVI:
    -- Females can find body positions and postures for hands-off stim that are superior to any they've found during partnered foreplay, copulation or personal fingering.   Watching some new 'bumps and grinds' was a real 'eye opener.'
    -- Couples may find the EVI as a superb experience to foster communication about sensations and feelings that they have in common.   This may be a Godsend for guys who have difficulty communicating their Aneros pleasures to the females in their lives.
  • isvara, The P-Tab was resting on her clitoris.
  • My wife REALLY liked the EVI! It seems to need a awakening period like the Aneros models for men. She very subtly rotated her hips while lying on her side. She had eyes closed for most of the time. From my standpoint it seemed like an incredibly erotic meditation. She said subtle movements stimulate the whole g spot area but was a bit light on the clit area. Was a very nice way to warm up for g spot focused sex! Looking forward to seeing where this will go. She says it's building to something big!

    Laughing Hawk