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Can even the SGX Classic be too big (too long) for a person?
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    is it possible for even the SGX Classic to be too large (meaning too long) for a person? With my finger I can only insert about 2 knuckles' worth in my anus before hitting resistance (that being a very small and tight opening which I assume is my rectum and through, with some effort, I can then get just the tip of my finger into). To give additional perspective, I have never even been able to get a little, standard-size vibrating egg all the way into my anus so the SGX seems to me anyway to be too long as well.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    Hi WTS & welcome to the Aneros Forum.

    Although any Aneros toy may look a bit 'daunting' at first glance, the SGX should be an OK toy for 99.9% of adult males.

    Please review the Getting Started information in the Forum 'sticky.' -- --

    I'd guess you are penetrating only into your anal canal and your inner sphincter is, involuntarily, going into spasm.  Your rectum and prostate lies beyond the inner sphincter.  Here are some 'average' measurements  -- --.   

    Remember that while you can voluntarily contract your outer sphincter, the inner sphincter actions are involuntary (not under your conscious control).

    If your rectum is full wait for a bowel movement before you attempt rectal penetration.  Getting into a "feces fight" won't be productive.

    Key to penetration is generously lubing the inner sphincter and proceeding gently and slowly so as to not trigger a muscular spasm.  Once you have penetrated with a finger and can sense the ring-like margin of the inner sphincter, crook your fingertip and lube the inner surface of the ring.

    Then try gentle massaging/teasing of the inner sphincter with the tip of the SGX using a sort of 'rocking' action.  If spasm happens, stop and take a break, perhaps returning another day.

    Two rules of anal play:

    -- Stop when you feel distinct or sharp pain !
    -- Lube, relax, lube, relax, and don't forget to breathe.

    blessings & hth... rook.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I understand exactly where you are coming from. Before commencing Aneros use, I too found it almost impossible to penetrate my anus with anything, including another make of prostate massager that I wont name.

    The SGX was my first Aneros model I followed the instructions given in the Aneros Wiki and the advice mentioned by rook here. I soon found, just at the second attempt, that I had no problems and have since been able to progress even to the Progasm (although this is still not my favourite model.

    I agree with every wise word that rook has given above.

    Good luck!