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Feedback Orgie loop. Help! No not really Just let it RIDE!!!!!! Oh my god!
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Its been going on for almost a week now.
    I have a helix and euhpo.
    They are feeding off each other!
    I have a clean out before bed and start of with miss helix.
    The p-waves start strongly as I put lube on my butt with my finger. at around 10:30pm then inject lube.
    In goes miss helix and off I go until around 1am.
    Then I swap to miss Eupho and as soon as she goes in, new life is brought to the party..
    I may listen to The Aneros challange tracks or not but I am so tired I fall asleep by 2 or 3 am.
    If I dream it is the same as any dream but all the while in the dream the aneros is in me in the dream.
    I can feel it working. If I am completely dead asleep and the aneros stops moving which has only happen a couple of times then as soon as I wake miss eupho starts moving again and off I go again for however long I am awake! 
    In the morning she starts again if she is not still going. after a hour or so I take her out just so I can go pee.
    This is hard to do,  the p-waves keep happening as I try to push the pee out but as soon as I am finished. Back to bed, relube and in goes Miss helix.
    New life again off I go for hours. maybe 10 or 12 am. If things dull the a listen to The anero challenge and or a change of toy again.
    By 12am I force myself to take it out and have a shower and then do some house work or what ever to pass the time until 10:30pm when it starts over.
    However all this time  there is a party going on in my pants p-waves, sitting, standing, on the quad bike, and driving the car it just does not stop............
    !0:30 comes around and it is like it has never stopped.
    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe! I has been going on since monday night last week.
    I had been abstaining from ejaculation for a couple of days and still am but It is driving the feed back loop even more.

    It is agony and ecstasy 24/7, I have started taking vitamins to try and keep everything happy body wise as I dont know what toll it is taking on the body.

    In fact I have had to do a lot of editing of this post a the the p-waves and orgasms make it hard to type.
    The stangest things make Orgasms strartttttttt oh! the word orgasm for one :))
    Precum flows gently all the time , erections come in waves every few hours or so, orgasms in waves and the p-waves for a hour and then orgasms again.
    Shaking slightly all the time but every now and then full body shakes for a short time. It feels like bubbling like on the top of a coke down in my perineum.
    I dont thing I am actually dry O ing when I orgasm but then maybe I just dont get the the release like some others. my dick does do bobbing  but never seems to coincide with a orgasm build up. Ohhhuuhhhh! there I go again.
    My legs are hurting from clenching.
    I am being self torchered with ecstasy. Will it ever stop! I dont know it II can break free.
    Wednesday could get real interesting quickly as me and my wife have been booked in for a full body massage form months. I will not be riding the aneros during the massage but you can bet your bottom dollar that the neros-less session will be happening all thhhhhe while. ohhhhhh shit there I go just thinking about it..... (stop typing while shaking subsides)
    If you think this post if a joke, Think again while typing it just keeps going I have listened to the aneros challange Dubstep about six times so I know when the orgasms will roughly cum.... So I can type.
    Has anyone else been here? great fun but I am well and truly out of control.
    Shit I have to sttttoppp typing it s gettiing too intenseee  bye.

    Oh I need a doctor , I need a doctor The aneros session Dubstep is just going round and round. hmmmmohh.
  • r u complaining?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100 Hell No! :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @braveneworld -  Amazing! Glad to hear you've reached such an amazing state. Oddly enough your typing was difficult to read even with the editing. LOL 

    If you really want it to stop, I believe from what I've read around here, that the trick is to ejaculate, and temporarily stop using the Aneros until you have it under control.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Love_is That is a yes but also a no?
    @ 12pm yesterday I ended with a super-T. I did not mean to I touched my dick while it was arect and well that was that.
    Through the day I got some relief from p-waves (at times) but they were still there every now and then.
    I managed to goto bed and resist the urge as it was not as strong even though as soon as my head hit the pillow a aneros-less session started. It was not to strong so was able to stop it after a while.
    Slept all night and in the morning the urge is back   so I cleaned out and in with miss helix.
    I would have to say the body is not as frantic today but it is still real hungry if you know what I mean.
    Still non stop action. I am noticing more and more that my insides are sore.
    1 week with only small breaks is taking its toll.
    I am going to ride it out so to speak until I can not take it any more as there are heaps of new sensations the body is learning. I reached what I believe others call long stroke auto fuck yesterday after my post.

    Of course now I know how to slow my sessions down with a ejaculation maybe I will be able to keep the sessions under some sort of control.
    You can have too much of a good thing!
    I may too slow it down to relive the soreness. :((
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Well night after my last post was flat. The super-t in the morning slowed things right down.
    I still slept all night with miss helix and had the occasional p-wave action in the early morning although brief.

    That morning we went for our full body massage it was fine while the massuse was touching me there was no p-waves but as soon as she took her hands off they would start. They were not too strong so all was well.

    Last night about 9:30pm I felt a little sick in the gut but by 10:30 my body has started shaking, Like very slight shivering and then p-waves started to become on stronger and stronger.
    Well I know what that means!

    Off for a cleanout and to bed. In with miss helix.Instant action until about 1am when I fell asleep.
    I was awoken a couple of times during the night. Miss helix was playing.
    I was dreaming about picking up lemons off the ground in the nude in a orchard and every time I bent over there would be several pleasant jolts up my rear! ? lemons orchard dont know where that comes from but the butt thing I do.

    Spare you the detail of the dreams of other times I woke but none the less miss helix was at it.
    I was dosing from about 5:30 to 8:30 as miss helix constantly was going at it real hard.
    8:30 it stopped dead.
    I got out of bed and removed her and found why so had a clean out and went back to the bed to put miss eupho in. I looked at the bed and there was a 10cm round wet spot! 
    This has never happened before so miss helix must have been working while lying on my font part of the night.
    Miss eupho has been a great investment.If anything she has help train my body to move the helix non stop.
    Eupho starts moving straight away and never stops but helix used to start and stop all the time so I used to sleep with miss eupho because she kept going but now I have started sleeping with  miss helix because she now does not stop either. They make a great pair.
    Miss eupho is in and working hard this morning and it raining and cold so It might be a long session today.
    Its been great so far. 
    If you stop ejaculating all your session magnify and feed of each other. The hunger is far greater!
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I am following your comments avidly.  I agree that "if you stop ejaculating all your sessions magnify and feed of each other. The hunger is far greater!".  I wake up with aneros-less mini-and dry orgasms now, without an erection initially, and this is down to ejaculatory abstinence, and the rewiring and internal sensitivity that the aneros (helix and eupho models) have given me. Ultimately, I have a raging hard-on, that feels incredibly powerful,and makes me want to masturbate, which I do.  I produce masses of precum, and occasionally have non-ejaculatory ejaculations (mostly of precum) that cover my torso up to my left shoulder (I don't get a refractory period, because I don't orgasm with these ejaculations, but I have been having loads of dry orgasms, and even without the wet orgasm, the sensation of this precum moving out of your body and being ejected so far, is fantastic).

    Life is getting more and more weird. Nothing occurs where I used to think it always would.  It is all divinely mixed up.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Linum That far and strong! Wow that is aussome.
    Normally it is just a patch on my leg. I must have been on my belly for a long time last night.
    I kept miss eupho in until 1pm when things slowed down.
    I left her in and walked around doing house work for a hour.
    I could not believe it but my body actually kept sucking on her as I walked. I went back to bed and things were revitalised for another hour and a half. Unfortunately I ended with a super-T. I could not resist.
    I am giving it a rest to night as I am a bit sore inside tonight and my gut is upset. Damned baked beans :))
    But as soon as my head hit the pillow a aneros-less session started. Hope I get good sleep I am knackered!
    I wish I had better will power and could resist the super-t more often. :-t
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @Linum and anyone else who is interested.

    Well I got a good nights sleep and I slept through most of the morning too.If I had not been awaken by a loud knock at the door who knows,It was dazed and confused as I was deep asleep.

    Anyway last night was something new altogether. I am a little scared as I have had a first sign of what I believe is real addiction behavior.

    What is addiction really. My understanding is it is when the body craves something so much as it is reliant on it to function correctly. If you deny the body/brain what it wants it cracks the shits and does all kinds off stuff to make you give it what it wants.

    Well I had a the normal p-waves through the day but nothing too eventful as I was busy but when night fell things got actually ugly!

    I was working on a replacement laptop and things were not working so I was getting bad tempered.
    Then I had some p-wave action but then this caused me to feel sick in the stomach, It also started to give me a head ache.
    Ok your thinking I just could have been feeling like this and blamed it on the p-waves correct?

    Well this is where it started looking back.
    I got the laptop working after I went to bed, a few tweaks here and there but while I was doing this a aneros-less session had started. It started as soon as I had lay down.
    I was going to have a clean out but decided that I should give it a rest for another night in a row, as I put the head ache down to being a tired head ache.
    So I turned the light off and tried to go to sleep.
    This was 11:00pm.

    The aneros-less session ramped up as soon as the light went off 
    It grew and grew and I think I had my first two mini O's. I am not quite sure as they were both slightly different. Anyway the waves just kept coming and the sick feeling would get worse when I would build to a orgasm. By 1am I was not enjoying my self . The feelings were great except for the sick feeling but it was not letting up.
    I tried everything to stop the waves but they kept going and going and I was being kept wide awake and not feeling the best, I was tired but awake had a head ache and a sickly feeling in the stomach and being pleasured constantly. 

    The truth is I just wanted it to stop!

    3:30am came along and It still was not letting up!
    I started to masturbate and got some relief from the p-waves but did not want to ejaculate as I am trying to reframe from doing that. 
    As soon as I stopped the waves came back. This aneros-less session was more intense than any others I have had, I was dribbling precum which had not happened before in a aneros-less session before.
    I got up had a clean out, lubed up with some silicone and water based lube and put in miss eupho.

    Ok well things were strange, different? My body munched on it a few times and then it seemed to stop.
    As I lay there I realized that it had not stopped but was moving still at about 100 times less speed than normal. It  was if it was feeling every micro millimeter of the surface of the eupho to check it was what it  was really after. Making sure I had not tricked it or something like it!

    It had a few more quick bites and then slow again and so on for 5 minutes.
    After that it started to move freely and at normal pace and produced waves and a buildup to orgasm.
    At the point of orgasm I noticed the stomach ache was gone, so too the head ache and not long after that I felt very tired and then went to sleep. !?????????????
    I woke at 7:30am with dreams of the aneros pounding me while I was in a crowded street.
    It has kept going and I have been enjoying it, I even believe I have had another min-O this morning.
    At 9AM I swapped over to the helix for a change and things are still going at 10:30.
    Once I stop typing and concentrate I feel sure things will escalate again.

    So there you go my body was craving the aneros and was not going to behave until it got what it wanted.
    I cant say it was a good experience at all and it worries me a bit as it could be a problem sometime in the future if I cant have a session.
    If it happen I will have to try ejaculation and see if that shuts it down. 

    I dont know what anyone else thinks but it sounds very much like addiction to me.
    There is one other older gentelman on this forum who says he cant sleep well unless he has his aneros in, so maybe I am not alone.
    I cant remember his name but would love to know if he experiences the same symptoms?
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Bravenewworld - thanks for your honesty and communication on this.

    I am now on day 12 of ejaculatory abstinence.  This is the longest I have ever gone without a wet orgasm since puberty.  Before I started practising Taoist techniques, I would masturbate every day, for a duration of half an hour to 3 hours, and ejaculate each time.  I am 50 years old.

    It all started after I read Chia's "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" (reference, courtesy of Rumel), which details Taoist sexual practices.  The gist of the techniques as I think the authors describe them, is that one builds sexual energy using ejaculatory abstinence, instead of constantly losing it from ejaculation.  Masturbation and sex are fine - and I do have a lot of dry orgasms and mini-Os now with both of these (although my aneros sessions have been reduced by a temporary lack of time/opportunity), but the main thing that fuels this is not to ejaculate too often.

    The other side of this however, is that sexual energy is a crude energy, that will wreak havoc in one's body if there isn't some way of controlling it, or redirecting it.  Taoists believe that one has to learn to circulate excess sexual energy around your body, converting it to more predictable and beneficial "Chi", which is essentially "life energy", as opposed to sexual.  In so doing, we apparently learn to be masters of that sexual energy, rather than it always controlling us.  I am not sure how this works, but there is something here that seems to work, although at this 12-day stage of my current ejaculatory abstinence, my confidence in being able to control, or redirect my sexual energy is not as good as it could be, and I recognise the feelings you describe to a certain extent.

    Irritability is a function of sexual frustration for me.  I sometimes don't think I am horny at all, because I am getting worked up, whilst not realising that it is the sexual frustration that is causing it.  I am getting better at recognising this.  A few minutes of meditation using the "cold draw technique" and I feel almost human again, but having never got to 12 days before, I am realising that I still have a way to go to be fully in control up to the 20 day ejaculatory frequency that is supposed to be the maximum for men in my decade of life.

    This reduced ejaculatory frequency is yielding dividends.  My PC muscles are now constantly moving, and focussing on that movement, even without the aneros in, can give me mini- or dry-Os.  Last night for the first time, I had anal quivering (almost vibration) just whilst sitting watching TV, and this caused me to have an immensely hard erection (I don't normally have hard erections with the aneros in).  I am wondering if this is the lead into anal orgasms?  The thought that I could eventually have anal and prostate orgasms together is itself stimulating.  Like all good aneros practices - enjoying what happens for its own sake, seems to amplify the sensation and make it easier to regain it as some future time.

    Today, I am cheating in a sense, because I am going to meet a long-term "friend with benefits", and I know that this will lead to ejaculation eventually, and therefore some additional relief from all this sexual energy.  I have so much sexual energy, I am going to have to be careful not to ejaculate too soon.  In a sense, I am slightly frightened of this sexual energy, but I am sure that I will have lots of dry orgasms whilst with my friend, and maybe more.  He'll start with a massage, and I think that alone will get me into high ecstasy.

    I think the addiction for me is to the building up of my sexual energy - it does give me a tremendous sense of well being and vitality, but like a child who has just learnt to ride a bike, I am still a bit wobbly with the technique. It might be a good idea to look at Chia's book, for guidance on how to redirect excess sexual energy, when these sexual peaks become inconvenient.  This doesn't mean you cannot call on your ample stores of sexual energy when you want it, but it does at least put you in control, rather than it controlling you.

    I think that needing to ejaculate everyday was a bit of an addiction, and the whilst the refractory period does give a sense of relief, it does deplete sexual energy, which itself has negative implications on health and the sense of well-being.

    Thanks again for your honesty.  Good luck.

  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I am in this same state now. xtasy 24/7 I'm not complaining just never knew my body could feel this good.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @BigOluver well ten months on from the beginning of this discussion and I have it under control.
    Some days I crave the aneros and others I dont. You will get it under control just hang in there.
    Sometimes the body just wants what it wants and you just have to go with it.
    Every single night without fail when I lay down in bed my prostate goes boonta but after 5 minutes it usually settles down. Some nights I give in and feed it my helix and some nights it wants the progasm, sometimes both. The funny thing is it has gone off the eupho all together for the last 4 months. It was my favorite but not now. Who knows what it will want in a few months time. Never throw away a aneros as it may come to good use in the future. 
    I went off sleeping with the aneros all together but surprise surprise my body just has gone off to sleep recently a number of times and I have enjoyed it. Even with the progasm in!
    Xtasy 24/7 might be taxing even while being enjoying but it will slow down when your body is ready. Hang in there dude.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Thank you @braveneworld