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Mind noise. States of relaxation and the awesome power of the mind & body
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    My sessions have grown intensely lately and more frequent.

    This morning I came to a realization about my state of relaxation during sessions.

    It is obvious that I can relax because of where I am in my journey but there is always something holding me back slightly and is allusive to me.

    There seems to be three states to my relaxation that I can see on the surface but I am sure there will be more under the surface.

    1. Relaxed so the aneros starts moving on its own and some well placed contraction can aid in arousal. Can have hours of fun just at this level (with practice) for any of the newbies reading.

    2.Relax and letting go  Not only will the aneros get moving but the feelings get intense real quick. Erection after erection, buildup to orgasm over and over.
    All kinds of sensations heaps and heaps of fun. Go as long as your body can take it.

    3.Deep relaxation let go to the point as if you were unconscious almost. If you can drop to this level then it only takes a few seconds and the aneros movement start to get real strong and the intensity of the feelings of movement are so so powerful.(it is like a huge black menacing cloud rumbling ready to unleash its fury when your not ready) 
    To get to this stage 3 I must be at stage 2 of course and then take the mind of the prostate area and focus the mind on something sexual and sweet.
    (Naked on a tropical island with a naked angel showering under a water fall) type of focus. I say angel so whatever your preference is(insert male or female) :)>-

    I mention above that something is holding me back.

    In state 2. I am constantly trying stop the muscles opposing the natural movement. That is constantly telling the body with my mind let it go very hard to do. This is why I believe I have never had a dry O to the the point after buildup. (no release)

    Just inside state 3. It starts and just gets going but the feelings build so quickly and in a intensity that is beyond comprehension that I think the body is scared and slams the bakes on using the muscles to swish the feelings.

    I am sure this will get better with time. Control is a learnt thing.
    Maybe it will just happen when the body and mind are ready. Time will tell.
    I just keep plodding along.
    Any thoughts or suggestion or links to relevant help treads on control of stopping the body from opposing progress would be great.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I've been Anerosing for about a year now.

    I agree with your description of states. Trying to relax seems to take a LOT of effort. Mind noise is pervasive. For me, I know when I am approaching relaxation. That's when the involuntaries really start to pick up.

    Often, in your state 2, I would get a glimpse of something very strong and almost frightening. When I finally reached total relaxation, exerting no effort to maintain it, I briefly, twice, visited the Calm Seas version of Super O as pointed out by Mr. Rumel. It was a powerful experience void of external senses and mind noise. I am not at a point to recreate it at will. It is something absolutely worth aspiring to however.

    My progression to this point ramped up following a dry-spell. During the dry-spell, I felt kind of stuck. Stuck in a good way, but sessions just sort of repeated with little new. Plus, a few more dud sessions than usual. Then this September things changed. Why?

    Plodding is OK in my journey. This is not an experience to rush. So many wonderful things have happened, enjoyed briefly, and not repeated. Don't take a single sensation for granted. Explore them all.

    Happy travels!

  • Damn, I think I am right where you are Brave.

    I can get to stage 2 rather easily, and spend most of my sessions focussing on the contractions, and trying to relax the voluntary and let go of the involuntary. It is often difficult to determine which is which.

    I have been to stage 3 a few times, but the sensations ultimately jolt me back to reality rather quickly and unfortunately.

  • FloatFloat
    Posts: 1
    Do not tell your what to do when you are close, when you are near try Imaging or recall you was strolling in a wide open glass land with clear blue sky, clear blue water beyond the glass field in a very pleasant and joyful mood (or anything else that bring you joyful mood), nothing else in your mind.
    That will help you to 'forget' to tell your mind body to relax as that is counter productive,  as doing that is trying to fight with your mind body doing their own thing. A
    lso try not to feel what the aneros is doing down under.

    Switch off the voluntary neuro system that control your muscle is real relaxation.
    When you forgotten to try to relax and fall into the strolling joyful mood, you will unknowingly bring yourself into that blissful Super O land.

    It worked for me and few sessions bring me to to a blackout Super O, hope it help and works for some.

    My 2
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    @imp: LSD? No thanks.
  • To try to control the process, and to think we have control over the process of the body is counter productive. Which perhaps relates to state 2. As soon as you let go of the 'mind noise' which is probably your mental processes trying to exert control over the body, you may soon move into deeper relaxation.

    Real(Deep) relaxation is perhaps the giving up of all 'our' control over 'our' body, and that's when you reach stage 3 where the bodies' natural response is allowed to flow on..bringing about new 'sensations' and 'experiences'..

    Perhaps the mind is slamming the breaks part is due to an unconscious 'fear' of the unknown, and of losing control(mostly this), moving back to state 2..

    This tends to create a vicious cycle of not being to relax..I would recommend focusing on the sensations of the breathing processes, focusing on particular aspects in the beginning to cut through the mind noise, and as whole when you are more relaxed.

    Perhaps something to ponder on is that most of us in modern culture tend to separate the body & mind..why can't it be body in mind & mind in body? For that question to be answered, a lot of our current and personal concepts have to be challenged.

    @twlltin : LSD and many entheogens have been given a bad name due to unsupervised usage, and abuse, which has to do more with the users state of mind, rather than the entheogen itself. I've tried it personally and it spurred me into other deeper aspects of exploration of the mind, and meditation(as many other folks that I have met went through the similar paths). =D