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  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Braveneworld started a good thread on P-Waves and I would like to hear about your experiences with Dry-O's.

    What does Dry-O mean to you? Can you describe your experience?

  • I've been using my Helix Syn for a little over two months now. Each session is a little different as I experiment with various time periods between sessions and stimulus before and during, also factoring in time of day etc. 

    As for Dry-O's, of which I don't believe I have had the pleasure yet. I interpreted from my reading that they essentially felt the same as penile orgasms just without ejaculating. I've come relatively close to this around 80-90% there, but I get too excited and lose it at the last second. 

    Pleasure waves, I would say I have more frequently. My sessions have general orgasmic feeling throughout with peaks of pleasure during. This evening I actually had a rectal orgasm which was a very incredible feeling, I haven't *quite* got to the points of involuntary moans but a very real "oh" did escape my lips during the rectal orgasm. Also accompanying this is a very significant "head rush" where my eyes roll back up in my head and I feel a very cool wave of pleasure wash over me while having some involuntaries.

    I also associate Dry-O's with a chain of orgasms which I have not experienced yet.

    I do believe the rewiring is processing all be it at baby steps. Also this evening i think I was able to "forget" my penis and focus on the prostate and rectum as the source of orgasm rather than having them being the source for a "penile orgasm"
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    My "dry-O" is more a feeling of slight rhythmic contraction deep within, triggering a tingle that spreads from that area and causes a rush. They can come in various intensities, some so subtle that if you were not attuned to them you'd miss them.

    Sometimes the rush doesn't fade, the rhythmic sensation continues, and that's getting towards Super-O territory.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    twlltin, my dry-Os are like yours.  I think it is the PC muscle that does a slight to major, involuntary contraction, and the prostate responds by sending out the sensations that spread.  The rushes you describe make me breathe faster, and I get hot. The muscles in my abdomen vibrate, and sometimes I get the leg shaking, or other muscle shaking/vibration. Continuous dry-Os are wonderful, and others have suggested these are moving toward Super-O territory, as you describe.  I have no firm views on whether this is the case, I just enjoy them - lol.

    What a dry-O is NOT for me, is exactly like a wet-O, but without the cum.

    • I know others have described having contractions that feel like they are cuming, but mine are definitely one contraction rapidly followed by the rush (my current experience, which doesn't mean however, that they won't feel differently in the future). These can follow each other very rapidly, but there is nearly always a fresh sense of a rush between each contraction that shows they are separate dry-Os, unless they merge to become continuous.  In this last case, the contractions are so frequent that the rush, to all intents and purposes, is continuous.
    • There is no sense of building to a crescendo that will then "send you over the top".  I don't think there is a dry-O equivalent of the "point of no return", since this is the start of the process that traditionally leads to ejaculation and then on to the refractory period and the end of any more dry-Os. There is a mounting sense of extreme arousal however, and with our aneros and anerosless experiences/practices, this can seem supra-normal, and sometimes like we are going to cum. I have recently pulled back from this sensation fearing that I would cum, and am trying to get around this by thinking that it doesn't matter if I do cum.
    • There is no sense of relief that comes from the onset of the refractory period, since there isn't a refractory period, but after a while for me, there is a sense of well being, and an ability to be able to stop when I want to (and start again, as the case may be).

    The point about dry-Os is that they can go on and on, with or without the aneros for me.  They don't seem equivalent in terms of sensations with an ejaculatory orgasm for all the reasons I have described, but they are little treasures, and in their own way even more intense.  It is like being suspended between agony and pure bliss.  Sometimes it is SO intense, that I do feel the need to end it with an ejaculation - but THEN I get the best of both worlds.
  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    Who am I to say - but at this point I agree with twilting and Linum. Tingles and rushes are both abundant for me. There is no "point of no return", no steep cliff to drop off at the end, therefore (theoretically) there is no end. For me there is a crescendo but not a climax. It is so gratifying to go through a great orgasm (without ejaculation) have it peak out then taper off and then nearly immediately start climbing the slope back to the next. No cum, no delays. I do not doubt that I will soon be able to link one to the next with nearly no tapering off.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i would add (being, i believe, the coiner of "dry-O" many years ago), that as i think about it now, there are two distinct kinds of dry orgasms:
       - Dry-O (prostate, ie, feels like cumming but no cum)
       - Anal-O (anal orgasm.  just your ass muscles but not your ejaculatory muscles)

    over the years i have kind of used dry-O for both, but Emancipation hinted at the distinction i am making above.

    most of my dry orgasms are Anal-Os, and boy do i love them.

    while i am making fine points about "nomenclature" i will add that i always wished that "Super-T" had been coined  "Super-E" instead, for "super ejaculation" as the ejaculatory parallel to Super-O.   That would cleanly make the distinction between an orgasm and ejaculation.   to me "Orgasm" and "Ejaculation" are parallel terms but "Orgasm" and "Traditional" are like apples and oranges.

    but, alas, I am sure that super-T is here to stay.


  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    For me there has always been a slope, something to climb, but the funny thing with aneros is that no matter how much you climb i never ever seem to reach the top..that in traditional terms is the 'point of no return',....I've been climbing the slope of hope for three years *trying* to reach the pink fluffy magic land of unicorns and dry-o's, but i haven't succeed in that task quite yet...

    I was always curious what the T was in the super-T, and now darwin spilled the beans...super traditional..=)
    Yea, i totally agree that a super-E as in super ejaculation would be a much better word for it, but like everything else, nomenclature have a habit of getting *sticky*, so once its there it aint going away..
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    I will be very happy to have those anal-Os, at some point darwin - thanks for adding to the potential repertoire.  This journey is full of surprises.  One thing I am very cautious of, is saying this is how things are, when a few sessions down the line, things may be very different.  In the end we can only speak of our personal experience up until the date of posting.  It does make it exciting though.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    This has helped a great deal. I have had difficulty determining where on the journey spectrum I reside. I did not associate a Dry-O with anal orgasms. Now I have to determine which one is occuring.

    Linum really helped me out as well. When he stated that his Dry-Os started running together into one continuous Dry-O, it rang a bell, it kind of put me on the map.

    My experience with what I think are Dry-Os:

    1. I start out with discrete Dry-O (I think) events.
    2. Events may include erections, always include milking and lots of precum and conclude with male spurting.
    3. Each event has a buildup, a PONR, total body muscle contraction, a let down, and a refractory period. I have tried to breathe through the PONR without much success. I experience regular involuntaries now, these are fairly new. I also experience strong sucking-in of the Eupho and occasional clamping.
    4. Events do not include a sense of ejaculation. Pwaves are intense, but below the waist and hands only.
    5. The refractory period may only last 45 seconds before it starts again. When distractions are not present, they can continue indefinitely.
    6. After an hour or so, the Dry-Os begin to run together into one continuous O. This is a total erotic engagement of the entire body. It seems like a fine line between agony and ecstasy.
    7. Twice, I have entered into a state where all external senses are shut off. It feels like only internal energy. Very pure, very singular, no shakes, no mental noise. It lasts for only 15-20 seconds maybe. I have no idea what this is.
    8. It all changes every so often.

    Does this sound like anal or prostate? After a year at this, I should kind of know by now. Thanks for your answers!


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think you are experiencing more than sequential dry-O's.

    "6. After an hour or so, the Dry-Os begin to run together into one continuous O. This is a total erotic engagement of the entire body. It seems like a fine line between agony and ecstasy." This sounds like a full body orgasm to me! I suspect this is out of your normal frame of reference, Yes?

    "7. Twice, I have entered into a state where all external senses are shut off. It feels like only internal energy. Very pure, very singular, no shakes, no mental noise. It lasts for only 15-20 seconds maybe. I have no idea what this is." I have a very good idea about what this is, it is a Super-O or more specifically a 'Calm Seas Orgasm' variety (also see 'Calm seas of orgasm' bliss-out>. Even though it may have lasted only 15-20 seconds, this is still longer than a typical ejaculatory orgasm, again something out of your normal frame of reference, Yes?

    It might help to go back and re-read the definition for a Super-O. I think it is important to not discount the experience as something less than or other than a Super-O just because you think the Super-O is some other mythic event in your mind.

    While those two Anerosessions may have been of short duration or low perceived intensity, it is important you acknowledge them consciously. This is the platform upon which future Super-O's will build.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    It's also important to remember that things rarely go to a set schedule. Although I consider myself to be reasonably experienced, there are sensations that others have described that I haven't noticed yet. Some of these I hadn't been experiencing have slowly come to me, often when I've noticed a tiny new sensation and shifted my mental focus onto it, which has caused it to become more prominent.

    Yesterday, I got a "numb from the waist down" feeling in a PS-New session. It wasn't like a pins-and-needles numbness, more a gradual loss of sensation. (Aneros epidural anyone? ;) ) I'm wondering if it's the start of a new and exciting experience, but I'll not force it.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @Xileh and all. Seeing as my handle was mentioned in the top post I thought I should say something or nothing....... you be the judge!

    Although a lot of the sensations mentioned in the above posts I can relate to I am still no closer to knowing if I have had a dry O. Everyones descriptions are so different.
    I have had a buildup to what feels like I am going to cum but then it just disappears always.
    I have had sessions where the pwaves and pleasure peak then stop and then after awhile start over again in a building fashion.
    My second go with the eupho may have been dry Os all together. Dont know all I know is that the eupho was going crazy all by itself and It was just like mentioned above. In between agony and ecstasy. I dont know how long it lasted because all I could concentrate on was trying not to moan out loud. I also dont remember the end of the session as I went to sleep? The agony part was the eupho was flicking my prostate quite hard and fast. This felt great and sort of hurt at the same time??????

    I have had many more sessions since and never got close to the feelings again.
    I am in a weird place at the moment, not many pwaves or anything much at all but these little tickling feelings in the penis and more precum dribble than before.
    Maybe I have upset things by introducing a eupho into the mix. I still use miss helix too.

    Oh and I have had numb penis and numb legs like above mentioned too.
    Well enough said.  :D
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    just want to add that Dry-Os and Anal-Os in my mind are discrete events.  When they start blending into each other and involving the whole body, eclipsed senses, etc, that is Super-O territory.

  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    Braveneworld - I have to say that it took me some months before I realised I was NOT having strong p-waves, but dry-Os instead.  For me, this is because they are quite different to wet-Os, and they started off as mini-Os, which whilst pleasurable, didn't seem as intense as a wet-O.  It was only when I came to dry-Os from a different direction, from practising temporal abstinence and Taoist techniques (anerosless), that I realised I'd been having them for months with my helix and eupho.  All of these terms are relative to me, a large p-wave is also a mini-O, and an intense mini-O is also a dry-O etc etc.  They seem only to be convenient concepts that allow us to get a grip on what is otherwise a continuum.  I am sure there will be plenty of guys out there that would disagree with this view, but it is how I seem to experience things at the moment.

    If I had a feeling like I was going to cum, that means that I am at least experiencing dry-Os as well, and possibly more, as Rumel indicated in his response to comments made by xileh.

    In my experience, being caught between agony and ecstasy for me, is to do with the powerful urges that make me want to cum, whilst experiencing incredible dry-orgasmic sensations, but not getting the relief that a wet orgasm would bring.  There is no end - it is at the same time wonderful and agony.

    I cannot comment on your numb and tickling sensations that you describe, because I haven't had them yet, and may never have them.  This is all part of what makes our journeys unique.  I'd say you were doing well from your description.  Apparent lulls in activity are usually the start of something bigger for me.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    @rumel - thank you, you've certainly given me plenty to think about, goodness. I think a big problem for me is after a year and so many new experiences, my "normal frame of reference" has been rewritten along with everything else. It's hard to remember where I started from, and not too sure where I am now, just enjoying it. You've all helped me considerably with your responses.

    The Calm Seas Orgasm is fascinating, I get it now. I think this is the sensation of something powerful, and almost frightening that I have had several times in the past. It seems like a door opened just a bit, giving a peek of what could be.

    One thing I have learned during this last year is to not discount new sensory events. Because of this new awareness, I'm more aware of my health and senses than ever before. In spite of this, I sometimes have difficulty equating new events to what has been written because new experiences take me some processing time to acknowledge. The pattern that seems to have developed follows something like this:

    1. Something new occurs - "did that really happen??"
    2. It happens again - "pay attention"
    3. Wonderment - "an addictive quality of the Aneros"
    4. Enjoyment - "it can be repeated regularly"
    5. Repeat when something new happens...

    This can take months. To comment on "Lulls", I went through almost a four month dry-spell this summer. Just a few weeks ago things picked up again when the involuntaries started for the first time. I agree that a lull can end with a start of bigger things.

    Wow, thanks!