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Hi guys! Another Post-Skepetical Newbie.
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Hey guys. I'm a newbie and a bit of a lurker, so I thought I'd introduce myself!

    I'm a younger guy (23) who was initially intrigued with the videos I'd found of the Aneros sending guys into fits of pleasure.

    I'm a huge skeptic at heart, and like many others, I wondered if some videos/posts were fabricated marketing hype.
    I also have to admit, that some of the language used by members/wiki also turned my skeptical brain away (either vague or pseudo-sciencey) .

    After a lot of internal debate and skepticism I bit the bullet and got
    an Aneros Syn about 5 weeks ago. I've had maybe 8-12 sessions since.

    My first session brought about an instant increase in heart rate which was interesting and mildly pleasurable. It didn't go much further, but it was more than I was expecting. Since then I've had different sensations every session, moments of extreme heart-rate (which actually scared me a few times), and more recently more body shaking/rocking/movement. I've also had my fair share of completely DUD sessions where I felt next to nothing, had no p-tab initiation, etc no matter what I did.

    One recent session finally brought me to a point where I felt like I was actually going to orgasm, slowly squeezing and rocking against my prostate. Very much like the guy in this post. It kept building in my prostate, but then as the pleasure got more intense, it would fade and these soft waves of pleasure would wash up my rectum which were nice, but obviously wasn't what the prostate-focused build-up was building to (they were pleasure-waves or maybe rectal orgasms?). Frustrating as it felt like I was being orgasm denied for over an hour, but also one of the most incredible experiences I've had so far.

    The night after, I decided to cut the loop off the tail (As I posted about here), and experienced a very intense moment of pleasure, unfortunately also discovering I was a little sore still, and had to stop D:
    I gave myself the next day to recover, and then attempted sessions yesterday and today. Unfortunately, both attempts were duds asides from a few moments of pleasure. This was a little heartbreaking coming from such intense pleasure. I'm pretty sure I just need to give myself more time to recover though. I'm going to give myself about a week maybe before I try again.

    Anyways, although I haven't achieved an orgasm (or much of one?) the feelings and pleasure built up I've felt so far have convinced me this thing actually works. The feeling I was getting of just-before-orgasm was so intense and straining that I can't wait to feel what lies beyond there. Don't worry, I do know that I can't force this to happen and I should just let it happen on its own, when my body is better wired. But hooo baby :\">

    EDIT: A couple Questions

    • Does anyone else have trouble with the Aneros not going in far enough in to engage the perineum? I have had sessions where my body does bring it forwards more and engage, and then sessions where no matter what, I can't bring and keep it in close enough or at a forward angle. I think clipping the loop off the handle has increased mobility a little bit though. Maybe its just an issue of developing more muscle strength and control.
    • Something "growing" on the Aneros? I always wash with soap and hot water before and after, but once or twice after days of non-use, I've seen a consistent covering of white-specs develop on the silicone surface of the aneros. Not sure if its leftover dried oil (I used Coconut Oil) or mold/fungus/bacteria or what. I might have a yeast infection and maybe that's what it is. Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    When washing after using try using a nail brush with normal block soap. Then rinse in clear water. Is should have a raw feel. IMO the brush won't hurt the silicone but will remove the oil.  I have heard that Vaseline leaves a residue when washed without a brush. 
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    It's going well Zoop! I think you know the answers already. I would say don't force and be very patient. Good luck.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It is always nice when the skeptical man has that first "AhHa" moment WOW2 with his new Aneros massager. When he truly knows there is a mystery waiting to be discovered in his own body.

    "... I do know that I can't force this to happen and I should just let it happen on its own, when my body is better wired." That is an important concept to grasp. Many 'dud' sessions can be avoided by understanding that concept and understanding the importance of knowing when your body is really ready to take these journeys.

    All too often we read of the frustration of newbies, having gotten some pleasure from their early Anerosessions, who proceed to try and push the process forward by having frequent sessions or longer sessions in hopes of more quickly replicating those good feelings. This is a formula for frustration and may actually slow your rewiring progress.

    It is important to remember your Aneros massager acts best as an arousal amplifier, not as an arousal generator. Your best sessions are likely to occur when you are already highly aroused, so that is something you also need to ponder before starting your next Anerosession.

    Re: Perineum engagement - Your body's individual characteristics may make this an ongoing problem. Some men have found the P-tap too aggressive as it seems to dig in and others have found they hardly get any contact at all. It just goes to show that one size can't really fit all.

    Re: I've noticed that the silicone surface of both my VICE and Helix SYN tend to attract small dust particles that could be mistaken for mold/fungus growth but I don't think they are. If you wash your massager before use I don't think you will have anything to worry about. After use, you should wash it again and then perhaps finish by wiping with rubbing alcohol or a mild bleach solution to see if that helps. As 'isvara' noted, oil based lubes can be a bit more difficult to thoroughly clean.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Dealing with surface scum:

    My current lube combinations include Vaseline, Crisco and Shea Butter (compounded with Coconut Oil.)

    Agree that hand or body soap with a brush and washcloth doesn't really do the job.

    I find a slow accumulation of greasy residue on all my toys, not just the silicone ones.  However, it seems more obvious and tenacious on the Vice, -syn and a silicone explorer/dildo.  A finger, rubbed along the surface encounters a greasy coating that beads as finger pressure is increased.  On the white Acetal toys, this is more of a pale yellowish-tan stain that tends to accumulate in the surface texture.

    My solution is to load a handful of Aneros toys and into the upper rack of the dishwasher, set it on "Normal." (with the high temperature, "Sani-wash" option turned OFF).  I use old-fashioned Finish or Cascade powder detergent in preference to the newer pellets.  When the second wash cycle is complete I remove the toys and hand rinse them rather than exposing them to the higher-temperature final rinse.

    (Somewhere I read that Delrin, similar to Acetal, shouldn't be exposed to Chlorine solutions above 150 deg. F.)

    Remember to remove the Muze vibe capsule from Vice and drop the Vice's center cavity over one of the spikes in the upper rack.

    "Everyone" comes out of this looking very spic-and-span... stains are gone, residue cleaned off and one is GTG.  

    Yes, at first there were some shocked looks from the distaff side of the household but she seems OK if I do some sort of "cleaning cycle" before the next load of cooking and dining ware.

  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Wow thanks for all the replies and words of encouragement guys! I really appreciate it :)
    "Re: Perineum engagement - Your body's individual characteristics may make this an ongoing problem."
    I worry about this, but when things really start going, my body DOES seem to engage fully and adequately, It just seems like something I have less voluntary control over at the moment. Sometimes the ptab can often be floating half an inch away, and its harder to initiate that contact. Maybe I wont ever have full control over it, but at least I know I'm not completely screwed.
    "I've noticed that the silicone surface of both my VICE and Helix SYN
    tend to attract small dust particles that could be mistaken for
    mold/fungus growth but I don't think they are."
    It's possible, it does look a bit like dust particles. But I keep the unit in its red box, so it seemed odd that It would collect much dust in there. I'm just glad its not just me. Rook, I don't think I'll be going the dish-washer route much, but thanks for the suggestions!