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Blogs (and forum layout) suggestion
  • This is more of a suggestion than anything.  When posting a new thread/topic, it automatically defaults the category to "blogs" unless one takes action to change the category to "general discussion" or the like.  Also, it defaults to "ask a question" instead of "start a new discussion".  This may have been asked/suggested before, but is there a way to re-create what the old blogs felt like?  I truly enjoyed that space for each person's own, unique journey without the muck up of regular forum/topic posts.  I love the questions and materials that are being asked as that category, but I would also like to see a more dedicated blog space return.

    Also, this goes along the line of general forum setup.  I feel like the overall "All Discussion" part might be a bit too much.  With everything running together so much, it becomes just a touch more difficult to sort stuff out.  It's not a total hassle to do some self-filtering/searching, but I thought it might make the initial viewing more pleasant.

    I know much time and energy has been spent in redoing the forum, and much more time and effort is currently being spent with the "chat".  I am deeply grateful for all the hard work that has made this forum such a grand and triumphant return.  The feel of the forum is generally sleek and very visually appealing.  I just always felt the way the blogs had their own space made them more personal and somehow more sacred.  Just my two cents.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Blogs are at

    At some point the admins should change the forum header to put in a link.
  • Twl, I didn't even know.  Thanks.  When I saw the thread "Blogs are back!" I thought it just meant the side bar that currently exists.  I didn't even realize there was a separate aspect altogether.