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Need some advice
  • I just started using my Progasm 1 week ago, and I am new to this. The progasm seems to be a little large for me right now.

    I would like to order a smaller Aneros to start my sessions with.What would be a good choice? When I do the contractions

    with the progasm it seems to put to much pressure on the prostate.  

  • I started with the MGX (still all I have) and it was absolutely perfect for me. It barely touches my prostate at all... unless I contract my muscles or push / pull on it with my hand.  I eventually want to move up to something bigger, but after using the MGX for 9 months... I still feel like I could explore it for another year.
  • PrograProgra
    Posts: 34
    recommend getting a smaller one like the Helix or MGX just for variety.

    When proficient, some days you'll want small and agile....others fuller and more pressure.

    I definitely advise going smaller first for the rewiring and then use the Progasm when you are starting to master it.