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Peridise progress
  • I just started re-using my Classic MGX in July and have had very pleasant feelings but nothing orgasmic yet. I had read several glowing reports on the Peridise and since I thought they might help my hemorroids as well as be fun, I ordered the set of 4. 

    In 2 weeks of use, I have had sessions of about 2 hours each just like the Aneros sessions I have had, private, lubricated, relaxed, deep breathing, aroused, no difference. I started with the largest 22mm Peridise for 2 sessions then down to the 20mm model for 2 sessions then down to 18mm. Both my sessions with that smaller size gave me what I am calling dry-O's (I felt like I was about to leak something but didn't) as well as very nice anal centered orgasms and a lot of good P-waves all around. These sensations were much more intense than anything I have felt so far. A couple of nights ago I tried the smallest 16mm Peridise and everything was even more intense. I had a hard time making myself stand down after 3 hours. Last night I had another great session. I felt like I could have as many orgasms as I wanted to, fatigue was the only limit. I am obviously very impressed and looking forward to even better.

    These orgasmic sessions were not while I was laying down or kneeling like I normally do but standing up moving and dancing to music with a really strong beat variously described as tantric, trance dance, tribal, etc. Any other dancers out there?  I have just begun to have some involuntary movements of the Peridise but at this time it is so nice to be able to voluntarily manipulate this device for such pleasure.

    Now the nice predicament is deciding what to use next. Should I stay with the small Peridise or start over with the biggest to further train the muscles down there? I don't know that I have ever stimulated my prostate yet. When should I go back to try the Aneros? 
  • I thought it might be interesting to other beginners that the Peridise has been the key to unlocking the orgasms for me. Hopefully some of you at my stage are following this thread.

    I stayed with the smallest Peridise again last night and it was the best session ever. I spent about an hour mostly kneeling with my torso draped over the bed. I was getting some feelings that have been pre-cursors to orgasm while standing so i think there is starting to be some spill over effect (re-wiring?). That is relaxing and mediative, but the real excitement starts when I stand up and feel the music. Sometimes it is like an ember starts smoking down there around my anus or scrotum then spreads out to envelope my whole body, exquisite feeling. A new trick I learned is to lightly flick my nipples up and down which causes the device to vibrate up and down in sympathy and invariably turns into a very intense O, much more than a mini.

    I'm still not sure what to do with the other 3 Peridise sizes or the MGX now that I am in the groove with this one so much.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I started with the Helix and after a couple of months things went quiet. I switched to the small Peridise and things really took off. This is the one that for me, causes the break the bed, full body shakes. Violent shakes. I eventually learned to control the shakes somewhat and it continued to deliver very pleasant sessions and lots of precum. I have since moved to the Eupho which is my current favorite. I revisited the Peridise recently and the shakes were back with a vengeance. An interesting little unit.

  • I have determined the use for the other 3 Peridise sizes now!

    I was using again last night similar to what I have already described with the smallest 16mm unit. After an hour or so I got the idea to change it out for a bigger unit. I replaced it with the next to largest 20mm unit and wow was that a good idea. 

    I had previously noticed that towards the end of my sessions everything feels very relaxed and the devices move around more easily. So, the smaller unit gets me very lubricated and the muscles and surrounding tissues are maximally loose, responsive and sensitive. Putting in the larger unit at that time is analogous to a tighter pussy or a larger cock in the context of hetero sex. More friction, more filling, more pleasure. Starting with the smaller unit is what preps me for that. Try it, you'll like it.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Chuck N wrote: "...standing up moving and dancing to music with a really strong beat variously described as tantric, trance dance, tribal, etc. Any other dancers out there? ..."

    I've also got some "off label" practices. 

    Most Saturday mornings I'm at TaiChi in the park and I always 'pack' the 22mm toy.  Our Master stresses the "Meditation in Motion" aspects of TaiChi and a little anal squeeze during each form transition synchronizes my breath to the form.  I've also tried the SGX and the 18mm Peridise with TaiChi but 22mm rocks for me !

    Although SGX is my fave toy during sexual foreplay, the 22mm toy has it's own virtues one of which is a good flow of pre-cum to support brief penetrations.

    And, the 22mm Peridise enhances stand-up masturbation in the shower.

    ... enjoy,   rook
  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    Sorry this is such a one-sided discussion but if you can't tell I am excited by these developments. And, I am not making this up!

    I decided to take a chance and start my session last night with my Aneros Classic, thinking I could swap it out for one of the Peridises if I couldn't get off. I learned a lot from that. My muscles are much more skilled than the last time I had an Aneros inserted nearly a month ago. I was able to maneuver the unit much more easily and put it exactly where it would do the most good. Orgasms were more difficult to initiate but once I got going were numerous. They also feel different; deeper inside, more serious, grittier (more masculine?). 

    I easily could have stopped with that but after a couple of hours I felt the need to experiment with a Peridise just for scientific purposes. I swapped the Aneros out for the 18mm Peridise and now I know the difference. I had no problem generating orgasms with it but they are different; more tingly/electric, more external effecting my scrotum, penis shaft and anus and primarily more soaring and inspiring. 

    The two types of orgasms are like a diesel locomotive compared to a rocket ship. I will continue to explore.
  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    The Peridise units have been very friendly to my anus so I thought the Tempo would be a good fit for me. The stainless steel beauty came in the mail today and I am excited. My first impression was how heavy it is. I have an accurate scale so weighed it and the largest Peridise (22mm). The Tempo is 4.7oz and the Peridse is 0.7 oz. That is nearly 7 times as heavy. It should have plenty of momentum when it gets up to speed!