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  • Last night I had my progasm in and after about 45 min of contracting my muscles until they were spasming involuntarily nothing was happening. I did have precum leaking out of the head of my penis but couldn't really feel the progasm hitting my prostate. Should I have went longer or what should I b doing differently to get stuff to happen?
  • rumelrumel
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    Perhaps it is time to chill Smiley and do a little reading.

    Have you read the PM I sent you with some hints and tips to get you started here ?

    Have you read the Helpful Links for New Members thread above ?

    Have you read The Aneros WIKI ?

    Have you read the Identifying Obstacles to Progress thread ?

    Have you visited the Aneros Learning Center and read about A Prostate Awakening ?

    You asked - "Should I have went longer or what should I b doing differently to get stuff to happen?" Patience, experiment, patience, experiment, patience, experiment! You have embarked upon a potentially life altering journey/adventure. There are so many variables involved in this journey it is impossible for anyone to lay out a formula for you to follow. This forum is full of techniques which have been helpful for some men while proving ineffective for others. There are techniques which seem diametrically opposed, they are successful for some men but not for others.

    You can't force "...stuff to happen" in this practice like you can in traditional masturbation, you need to allow the experience to unfold at a pace your body dictates, not your ego.
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  • isvaraisvara
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    You don't say how long you have been using the Aneros.
  • Chull, Rumel speaks the truth... I'm only 2 and half months in and I'm still learning. Each session is different but with a definite sense of progression.

    What you have is a tool, it's a means to an end, not the end itself. Best advice you will ever get on this forum is to just stick with it. You're building something. You're brain is being rewired to process sensations it has likely never experienced before.

    There was a story about a girl who was deaf from birth, eventually she got an implant that basically was able to send signals to her brain. I can't remember exactly how she described it, but what she experienced when she started to hear again wasn't even sound.. It was a vibration or something like it. Her brain had absolutely no frame of reference for what she was experiencing. She literally had to learn how to hear.

    That's what you're doing. You're learning how to feel an orgasm in your prostate and in your rectum. Each experience will likely be different from the last so there's no real "repeating" things over and over.. some sensations will return, others will show up that are brand new. Your progasm is a paintbrush, these new feelings are your paints, you have to let yourself combine them into something beautiful. Even the great masters started out as children struggling to create a controlled line, but look at what they could produce in the end.